The Best Winter Tent with Stove Jack: A Complete Guide

If you want to spend time living outdoors during the colder months, then you need a winter tent with wood stove – but you can’t use just any tent in this way. Rather, you need a stove tent complete with an outlet for the pipe to ensure the efficient operation and heat retention. 

Sometimes known as a hot tent, a winter tent with stove jack opens up hiking, fishing and camping possibilities when otherwise it would be much too cold for this to be realistic. A stove also allows you to cook meals indoors and can even be used for drying out small items of clothing.  

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Find the Best Stove Tent With This Comprehensive Guide
Winter Tent Camping You Need One of These Winter Tents With Stoves

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You’ll need a stove to go inside your tent with stove jack.  Read my detailed reviews of all the best tent stoves to find the best stove for your new winter tent.  

The Best Winter Tent with Stove Jack Overall 

Our best tent with stove jack overall is the Whiteduck Regatta 

We’ve tried all the top options when it comes to hot tents. Whether you’re backpacking alone or travel as a family or group of friends, there are products detailed here to suit up to 8 people.  

Features found on these stove tents include a snow skirt, compatibility with hammocks, a double layered construction and even a pop up design. All tents listed are suitable for 4 season use. If you want to get out there, read on to find your best winter camping tent with stove jack.   

Why buy the Whiteduck Regatta? 

The Regatta from Whiteduck comes in 3 sizes for up to 5 people. It’s super strong, featuring tough water and UV resistant canvas, and is made to last. There’s also more space inside than found with the average hot tent.   

Click here to view the Whiteduck Regatta hot tent 

Best Winter Camping Tent With Stove Jack Comparison Table

You may need to scroll across if you can’t see all of the columns.

NameImageSizeStyleMaterialKey FeaturesOur Rating


3, 4 or 5
4 season,
Canvas Tough build,
UV & water


1 - 2 personBackpackingCoated nylon Ultra lightweight,
4 season,


4 - 6 personBell tentCanvasSnow &
water resistant,
very warm
Rock Fortress


4 - 6 personTipiCoated nylon4 season,
snow skirt,
snag-free zippers


2, 4, 6 or 8 personYurtCanvasStove & cable jacks,
4 season,
12 month warranty
Russian-Bear 5 person


5 personArctic,
Oxford clothDouble layered,
water & windproof,
stove included


3 - 4 personCabinCoated nylonHammock compatible,
2 stove holes
Russian-Bear 3 person


3 personArctic,
Oxford clothPop up design,
wall pockets,
4 season

The Best Cold Weather Tent With Stove Products 

Best 4 Season Tent With Stove Jac

Whiteduck Regatta 4 season tent

The Whiteduck Regatta is a top quality tent made using army-style canvas.  It’s available in several sizes sleeping 3, 4 or 5 people. You can also pick between beige, brown and olive, and opt for a fire retardant finish is you want to. 

Whichever one you go for, the tough canvas is UV and water resistant. It has been treated with an innovative ‘weightless water coating’ to retain cotton’s natural breathable properties. If you want a cheap or lightweight tent with stove jack this may not be the right one, but otherwise it’s a very impressive product.  

With higher walls than the average yurt, there’s more space inside this tent too. It also boasts double layered doors and windows, a strong sewn-in groundsheet, heavy duty zippers and reinforced seams. 


  • Built to last 
  • ‘Weightless water’ coating 
  • Higher walls mean more inside space


  • Relatively expensive

>> Click here to view this Whiteduck yurt on Amazon

>> Click here to view this Whiteduck yurt on Whiteduck Outdoors

Best Backpack Tent With Stove 

Onetigris Smokey Hut Backpacking Tent 

If you want a tent that’s light enough to backpack with, this is the first of several OneTigris stove tents featured in this guide. It’s waterproof, lightweight, can cope with 4 season use – and has that all-important stove jack too. 

At just 2.6 pounds, this ultralight tent with stove jack has a 2000mm waterproof rating and comes with a stuff sack for storage and carrying. Made from silicon coated nylon, it also has waterproof zippers and seams. 

This is one of the best wood stove tents around, with the added bonus of a lightweight design that’s ideal for 1 or 2 people who are hiking or backpacking. 


  • 4 season use 
  • Ultra lightweight 
  • Waterproof seams, zippers & coating
  • Cons: 
  • Only fits 1 to 2 people

>> Click here to view this OneTigris backpacking tent on Amazon

>> Click here to view this OneTigris backpacking tent on Desertcart

Best Bell Tent With Stove Jack

Outop Yurtent Bell Tent

Made from canvas, this bell tent with stove jack has space for a Queen bed plus two air mattresses inside. The stove hole is located on the top rather than the side, making it more space-efficient. 

The door and four windows provide plenty of ventilation for summer use, but can be closed during winter to retain the heat. There are mesh screens on these to keep bugs at bay. 

The canvas fabric is snow as well as rain resistant, while the thick groundsheet is durable and helps to ward off chills. A carry bag is provided, and it should take two people around 20 minutes to set up this bell tent.


  • Snow & water-resistant canvas 
  • Spacious interior for 4 to 6 
  • Very warm in winter


  • Bunting pictured is not supplied

>> Click here to view this Outop bell tent

Best Teepee Tent With Stove Jack

Onetigris Rock Fortress Teepee With Snow Skirt 

You know you’ve found a winter teepee tent with stove hole when the product concerned comes complete with a snow skirt. This 4 to 6 person tent is suitable for all 4 seasons, and folds down neatly into its own carry bag for carrying or storage. 

Our pick of the best tipi hot tents also has a double door, and the superior ventilation ensures it’s cool in summer and warm in winter. The tipi shape also means adults can stand up inside.  

This teepee tent with wood stove jack comes with tough, snag-free zippers plus all the tent pegs, guy ropes and poles you need for a winter camping expedition with your partner, family or friends.


  • 4 season tipi 
  • Snow skirt & double door 
  • Strong, snag-free zipper


  • Stove jack could be bigger

>> Click here to view this OneTigris teepee on Amazon

>> Click here to view this OneTigris teepee on AliExpress

Best Yurt Tent With Stove

Danchel Outdoor Canvas Yurt

When you want to use a 4 season tent with a wood stove, this product from Danchel Outdoor is a good all-rounder, not least because it comes in an assortment of sizes sleeping 2 to 8 people. 

With back-up provided by a 12 month warranty, this yurt is made using thick 285 gsm canvas fabric. The large doorway makes it easy to come and go, and is also helpful when moving items in and out. 

As well as the stove jack, there is a vent in the side wall so you can run an electrical extension cable from here to access mains power. This is what is meant when the product description refers to it having 2 jacks.  


  • 4 season yurt 
  • 12-month warranty 
  • 2 jacks for stove & cabling


  • Zippers not the best

>> Click here to view this Danchel Outdoor yurt on Amazon

>> Click here to view this Danchel Outdoor yurt on Alibaba

Best Arctic Tent With Stove

Russian-bear Arctic Tent

If you want to spend time living outdoors in arctic conditions, then you need a hot tent with wood stove that can cope with extreme temperatures and challenging weather. Though it costs more, this tent actually comes with a stove, so you have everything you need from the start. 

The pop up design all means that it’s far easier to install than your average heavy duty or lightweight stove tent. There is even an extra warm floor included for additional insulation against freezing conditions. The body, meanwhile, consists of two layers for the same reason.

A Caminus M stove is included and this features heat-resistant ceramic glass as well as all the parts you require to get set up. 


  • Caminus M stove included 
  • Double layer construction  
  • Wind and waterproof
  • Cons: 
  • You may already have a stove

>> Click here to view this Russian-Bear winter tent on Amazon

>> Click here to view this Russian-Bear winter tent RBM Outdoors

Best Cabin Tent With Stove

Onetigris Tegimen Hammock Tent

It’s surprisingly not that common to find a cabin tent with a stove jack, but this one from OneTigris is a solid choice. It’s good for 4 season use and is also one of the more lightweight options around.  

The tent has the straight sides and higher roof that cabin tents are prized for. There is the option to sleep in hammocks rather than on the ground, which is ideal during winter as you stay off the cold ground while benefiting from the fact that heat rises.

Another option is to use camping cots plus hammocks to make the most of the capacity. The tent also has stove pipe openings in the ceiling and the wall, so you can place the stove wherever suits you best.  


  • Compatible with hammocks 
  • 2 stove pipe openings 
  • Spacious yet lightweight


  • No floor supplied

>> Click here to view this OneTigris cabin tent

>> Click here to view this OneTigris cabin tent on Walmart

Best Dome Tent With Stove Jack

Russian-bear Dome Tent

The bigger version of this tent is listed above as one of the best tents with stove jack for arctic conditions, and this smaller one is also extremely impressive. Suited to sleeping 2 or 3 people, this one doesn’t come with a stove included.  

Again it has that pop up design for easy assembly and is designed to resist wind and rain. Bug are also kept out by the mosquito nets on the windows and doors. There are some handy pockets on the side walls for storage. 

Lots of pegs are provided so you can secure the tent anywhere, and it can be used during all 4 seasons. If you want to get out into the winter wilderness alone, as a couple or with up to 2 others this could be the one for you. 


  • Pop up assembly 
  • Interior wall pockets 
  • Resistant to wind & water


  • Not the biggest tent

>> Click here to view this Russian-Bear dome tent on Amazon

>> Click here to view this Russian-Bear dome tent RBM Outdoors

Choosing Cold Weather Tents With Stoves – Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I put a stove jack in any tent?

It’s a bad idea to try and install a stove in a tent that isn’t designed for the purpose.  There is a very real danger that it burst into flames or melt.  Specific hot tents are made for a reason, with safety first and foremost. 

What kind of tent can you put a stove jack in? 

We wouldn’t recommend trying to put a stove jack into a tent yourself. Making a hole could potentially ruin your tent anyway, and there’s no guarantee of safety. If you want to camp in winter with a stove, then you need to invest in the right equipment and get a tent that is specifically designed for stoves. 

What kind of stove can I put in a tent?

Just as there are tents specifically designed to have stoves in them, there are stoves that are specifically designed to go inside tents.  Read my Guide To The Best Stove Tents to find a stove for your new tent.  

What Is The Warmest Tent For Winter Camping?

Winter camping tents have various features to help keep you warm inside. These may include double layers to the doors, windows, walls and floor, as well as thicker, more weather-resistant material. So, the warmest tent for winter camping is one that’s designed for exactly that.  

What’s the difference between yurt, bell and teepee tents?

While the terms bell tent, teepee (or tipi) and yurt are often used interchangeably, there is a subtle difference. A teepee is the simplest in design, as the canvas creates a cone shape by means of poles that cross over in the center. 

A bell tent is held up by a single pole in the middle, and a yurt differs because it tends to have separate walls as well as a roof. Yurts are a little more permanent, and as such are used widely on glamping sites. They also take longer to put up than tipis or bell tents due to the more complex design.  

What’s the difference between wall and outfitter tents? 

A wall or outfitter tent with stove is the same thing – basically a tent with vertical walls.  Cabin tents tend to be more square or rectangular in shape than other kinds of tent. A cabin tent is a type of wall tent, as it has a roof plus walls around the sides.   

Are tents with stoves safe?

As long as your tent is designed to take a stove then yes it should be very safe. Just make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions fully – and never, ever leave the stove burning when the tent is unattended. 

Which camping tent with stove vent is best for you? 

We hope this guide helps you track down just the right tent for all your winter camping adventures. Whether it’s a trip into one of our national parks, fishing in the Canadian wilderness during winter or a relaxed, local weekend away with a few friends, having a proper 4 season camping tent and stove opens up a whole realm of exciting possibilities – whatever the weather.  

You’ll need a stove to go inside your tent with stove jack.  Read my detailed reviews of all the best tent stoves to find the best stove for your new winter tent.  

Do you have any other stove tents you highly recommend? Join my private Facebook group National Parks Collectors and comment and let me know.

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Winter Tent Camping You Need One of These Winter Tents With Stoves
Find the Best Stove Tent With This Comprehensive Guide

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