The Best Tent Stove: A Complete Guide

Having a camp tent stove can make all the difference during winter, but where do you begin when you want to find the best hot tent stoves? 

This guide will take you through all you need to know about equipping the best winter tents with a stove, so you can enjoy the outdoor life no matter how cold it gets outside. You can also cook and make hot drinks on this kind of stove, ensuring you’re warmed up from the inside out too.  

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Winter Camping Gear You Need Tent Stoves
Tent Stove Buying Guide FAQs and Reviews

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You’ll need a tent with a stove jack to accommodate your new stove.  Read my detailed reviews of all the best tents that have stove jacks to find the best tent for your new stove.

If you’re looking for a canvas tent, read more FAQs and reviews of the best canvas tents with stove jacks.

15 of the best hot stoves for tents of all types are detailed here, so whatever sort of camping trips you take this guide has you covered. Meaning you can camp out for far longer during the colder months of the year. 

Read on to discover the ideal tent stove for your next outdoor adventure during winter. For a quick answer, check out the top pick overall above, or take a glance at the quick reference comparison chart below.  

The Best Hot Tent Stove Overall  

Our top pick is the Winnerwell Woodlander, from a brand who produce some of the best camping stoves around. See it here 

Why buy the Winnerwell Woodlander? 

With ultra-stylish looks, a large firebox and a tough, corrosion resistant finish, the Winnerwell Woodlander is a versatile and highly rated stove suitable for canvas tents, tipis, yurts, bell tents, log cabins and tiny homes alike.  

Click here to view the Winnerwell Woodlander 

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Best Winter Tent Stove Comparison Table 

Here are all the top picks for best hot tent stove to make comparing the different options easier:

NameImageMaterialWeightFuelKey FeaturesOur Rating (/5)Price
hot tent stove


Alloy steel22 lbsWoodGreat price,
steady burn,
use with tipi,
yurt or bell tent
camp stove


Alloy steel22 lbsWoodVery efficient,
good value,
cabin compatible


Alloy steel22 lbsWoodMultiple uses,
stylish looks,
durable coating


Stainless steel30 lbsWoodRustproof finish,
great looks,
sturdy build


Stainless steel &
ceramic glass
18.74 lbsWood3 sizes,
ceramic glass,
contemporary looks


Alloy steel 15 lbsWoodGood value,
compact &
1 year warrant


Stainless steel20 lbsWoodCompact design,
easy to carry


Stainless steel14.5 ozForagedFree fuel,
weighs under 1lb,
very sturdy


Titanium5 lbs WoodTitanium,
very lightweight,
decent tote included


Titanium4 lbsWoodLightweight,
use as stove
or firepan


Cast iron &
alloy steel
88 lbsWoodRugged looks,
nesting design,
warming shelf


Metal8.2 lbsPropanePortable,
adjustable flame,
360° heat
Camp Chef


Alloy steel74 lbsWoodGreat value,
well built,
compatible with
water heater
tent stove


Stainless steel24 lbsWoodGood value,
very portable,


Stainless steel21.16 lbsWoodQuality build,
easy assembly,
matches tents

The Best Tent Stoves 

We’ve split the stoves into categories for ease of reference, but it’s worth checking out similar sections too. As we’ve covered as many great value and top quality products as possible, there are inevitably some crossovers. 

Best Canvas Tent Stove 

PMNY hot tent stove 

At the time of writing this is an Amazon US bestseller in the ‘wood burning stoves’ category – no mean feat. It also attracts great reviews. A contender as best hot tent wood stove around, its modest price tag may come as a pleasant surprise too. 

The complete package weighs 22lbs and folds down so it can be carried a little like a suitcase, with the chimney tucked snugly inside. At night, you can fill it with wood and set it up to burn evenly throughout the night, ensuring you stay warm rather than too hot or cold. 

A saucepan or skillet can be placed on the top for cooking and there are shelves to each side for drying small garments or keeping items to hand. This stove can be used in a bell tent, tipi, yurt or even a wooden shed. 


  • Affordable price 
  • Even overnight burning mode 
  • Compatible with bell tent, yurt or tipi


  • Should be used outside once before taking indoors

>> Click here to view this PMNY tent stove

Best Wall Tent Stove 

Fltom camp tent stove 

This Fltom product can be used as a cabin or tent stove, and the collapsible design means it can also be carried fairly easily. It’s one of the most popular wood stoves for tents around. 

A space saving build means it’s compact, yet throws out a pretty impressive amount of heat for the size. The package includes a spark arrestor for fire safety and the pieces to put together as a 6 foot flue. A bottom air intake method is also more effective and efficient than the horizontal equivalent. 

For the price, this is a pretty solid camping tent wood stove that is also compatible with suitable log cabins. 


  • Great value price 
  • Compact & efficient 
  • Compatible with cabins


  • Not the most robust option

>> Click here to view this Fltom camp wood stove

>> Click here to view this Fltom camp wood stove on Desertcart

Best Bell Tent Stove

Tovini bell tent stove 

Designed to be fitted inside a bell tent, yurt, tipi or even a tiny home, this multipurpose camping stove is highly versatile. All parts can be kept inside the stove when it’s being stored and carried, and at 18lbs it’s lighter than many other models. 

A range of accessories is included, so you get all the plates and pipes you need as well as a spark arrestor and even a pair of gloves. You can also choose between two styles, with or without a BBQ grill, depending on your requirements. 

As well as cooking hot meals and keeping you warm, this stove can also rapidly dry out any small items that have gotten wet during the day, such as gloves or socks. It’s a reliable option at a good value price.


  • Stylish appearance 
  • Durable rustproof coating 
  • Buy with or without BBQ grill


  • Not ideal for large families

>> Click here to view this Tovini tent stove

Best Tipi Tent Stove

Winnerwell Woodlander tent stove 

If you want cool, Scandi-style looks to complement your canvas tent, tipi, yurt or even a tiny home, the Winnerwell Woodlander is one of the best wood stoves for tents of all types.  

The Woodlander can also stand up to the harshest outdoor conditions, and is corrosion proof to ensure longevity. Made from stainless steel, it weighs 30lbs and comes complete with an ash scraper in addition to the pipe sections and spark arrestor. 

Surely no one would deny that the spring loaded tripod legs look good, and they also fold flat for carrying or storing the stove. With decorative twisted handles and a viewing window, there’s no doubt that this stove will give your outdoor adventures that hygge feel.


  • Corrosion proof stainless steel 
  • Well made & attractive 
  • Fire viewing window 


  • Higher price range than some

>> Click here to view this Winnerwell Woodlander tent stove on Amazon

>> Click here to view this Winnerwell Woodlander tent stove on Winnerwell

Best Luxe Tent Stove

Russian-Bear camping stove 

If you want a relatively lightweight camping stove for a tipi, yurt or tent, take a look at this one from Russian-Bear. It’s a stylish looking stove, and at under 19lbs it’s a little lighter than average too. 

Creating that fireside ambience in your tipi is easy with this stove, as it has large viewing windows through which you can see the crackling fire. The glass in these is ceramic for improved strength and heat emission, and is manufactured in Germany. 

This is one attractive stove, and in addition it attracts very positive ratings and reviews. As long as you’re not put off by the price – which is admittedly steeper than some – this is a great investment. 


  • Ceramic glass panels 
  • Contemporary styling  
  • 3 sizes available


  • A pricier option

>> Click here to view this Russian-Bear camp stove on Amazon

>> Click here to view this Russian-Bear camp stove on RBM Outdoors

Best Light Weight Tent Stove

Yumibuy tent stove

While this is not the most ultralight tent stove listed in this guide, it’s probably the best wood burning tent stove when you want something fairly substantial. At 15 lbs, it’s lighter than all but the smallest stoves on the market. 

Existing owners rate this stove very highly, saying it’s highly portable and offers very good value for money. A one-year guarantee is provided, and reports state that Yumibuy do honor this without fuss or delay when required. 

Its features include air vent control, an adjustable fan, an anti-scald handle and folding feet. At this price, it’s possibly the best wood stove for a tent, tipi, yurt, bell tent or other tiny home.


  • Weighs just 15 lbs 
  • Simple to store 
  • 1 year warranty


  • Not the most solid stove

>> Click here to view this Yumibuy camp stove

Best Small Tent Stove

Winnerwell Nomad large stove

If you actually want the smallest tent stove money can buy then we recommend taking a peek at the mini tent stove by Danchel Outdoor, featured below under the backpacking category. 

If you’re seeking a heavier duty mini tent wood stove for a medium sized tent, though, this one could be perfect. It’s a relatively compact tiny tent stove that doesn’t take up much space in the tent or when in storage. At 20lbs, it’s also lighter than many. 

The tough stainless steel construction is rustproof and the legs can be folded flat to ‘nest’ beneath its main body. The pipe can be packed away inside too. Like the Woodlander, this is a good looking Winnerwell stove, but more compact than the model featured in the tipi category.


  • Easy to carry 
  • Rustproof stainless steel 
  • Legs fold beneath for storage


  • May not suit bigger tents

>> Click here to view this Winnerwell Nomad stove on Amazon

>> Click here to view this Winnerwell Nomad stove on Winnerwell

Best Collapsible Tent Stove

überleben Stoker flatpack stove

This truly is a tiny folding tent stove. As such it’s not for those who want something heavy duty; rather, it’s ideal for hikers and backpackers heading into the wilderness who want to carry as little as possible. It may not be ideal for heating a tent, but is perfect for building a fire or cooking on outdoors.  

The true beauty of this stove is that it can use various kinds of fuel that can be foraged along the way, such as twigs, moss, sticks, charcoal, bark or even pine needles. Made from anti-corrosion stainless steel, it can be packed flat, is simple to put together and weighs only 14.5 ounces. 

Due to its size, the output is limited, but if you need to something small to cook on or warm yourself by it’s incredible. It even looks uber cool too. 


  • Weighs under 1lb 
  • Uses foraged fuel 
  • Ultra sturdy


  • Designed more for outdoor use

>> Click here to view the überleben Stoker folding stove on Amazon

>> Click here to view the überleben Stoker folding stove überleben

Best Backpacking Tent Stove

Danchel Outdoor backpacking stove

If you want a backpacking hot tent stove, it’s a toss up between this Danchel Outdoor portable titanium tent tiny stove and the Winnerwell model – also in titanium – detailed below. Both are very lightweight, with this one being around a pound heavier. It’s quite a bit cheaper, though, so it’s really a question of priorities. 

This portable tent stove is ideal for heating a small to medium tent and comes with a decent tote bag that everything can be stored and carried in. It has 2 wider legs rather than 4 thin ones, which assists with stability. 

Titanium is a great choice as it’s lighter yet more durable than steel, and can also resist corrosion and stand up to cold weather more effectively.


  • Very lightweight 
  • Titanium construction 
  • Complete with tote bag


  • Requires care when assembling chimney

>> Click here to view this Danchel Outdoor titanium stove on Amazon

>> Click here to view this Danchel Outdoor titanium stove on Walmart

Best Titanium Tent Stove

Winnerwell Fastfold titanium tent stove

Camping wood stoves for tents made from titanium are some of the lightest options around. They are thus ideal for backpacking, as they’re not heavy to carry and also designed to be more packable than a heavier stove. 

As well as being lightweight, titanium also has high heat transfer efficiency, so it’s good for heating spaces even when it’s bitterly cold. It all folds down into a slimline, flat and compact package and has a carry bag for storage and transportation too. 

This wood burning tent stove comes complete with a tent protector as well as a 9-foot chimney pipe and is also compatible with teepees. It’s great for hikers, backpackers and cross-country skiers who need a stove or firepan.


  • Ultra lightweight & compact 
  • Use as stove or firepan 
  • Teepee compatible


  • Relatively expensive

>> Click here to view the Winnerwell Fastfold on Amazon

>> Click here to view the Winnerwell Fastfold on Winnerwell

Best Cast Iron Tent Stove

Guide Gear tent stove

If you want the look and feel of a cast iron wood tent stove, this one from Guide Gear should fit the bill. The door is made from cast iron, while to save weight alloy steel is also used in the construction. 

At 88lbs it’s not the lightest choice, but it’s a reassuringly solid pick if you don’t mind transporting it now and then. For a longer term outdoor home, it’s a great option. Despite the weight, it’s designed for portability and easy set-up. 

There’s an adjustable damper to regulate the airflow so you can achieve a steady burn, and you can keep food or hot drinks warm on the top platform. Even a poker and cool touch door handle are included.


  • Cast iron door 
  • Warming shelf on top 
  • Components nest inside for storage


  • One of heaviest options

>> Click here to view the Guide Gear outdoor stove on Amazon

>> Click here to view the Guide Gear outdoor stove on Sportsmans Guide

Best Propane Tent Stove

Campy Gear Wiry 2 in 1 propane stove

If you want a compact, portable tent stove that runs on gas rather than wood, check out the Campy Gear 2 in 1 model. It’s designed with 2 modes, so you can put it on ‘heat only’ to warm your tent or ‘cook and heat’ for preparing hot food and drinks. 

The 360° radiant heating is efficient and capable of warming up a space quickly without the need for wood. An adjustable flame makes it easy to control both ambient and cooking temperatures. As long as you have a propane tank to connect it to with the hose supplied, you’re good to go.  

An integral tip-over switch means you can leave the stove on without worrying about it being knocked over by the kids or the dog.


  • Propane fueled 
  • 360° radiant heat 
  • Adjustable flame control


  • LPG bottle required

>> Click here to view this Campy Gear propane stove on Amazon

>> Click here to view this Campy Gear propane stove on Walmart

Best Tent Wood Stoves 

Best Wall Tent Wood Stove 

Camp Chef wood stove 

This Camp Chef alpine stove is quite possibly the best camping wood stove for tents out there – as long as you don’t mind the weight. At 74 lbs it’s not exactly the most lightweight wood stove for a tent, but it’s a winner on every other level. 

You only need to glance at the reviews to see that this Camp Chef tent stove is an incredibly well-built piece of equipment. It’s ideal for cooking on, keeping the tent warm and can even accommodate the kind of water heater that’s designed for wood stoves.   

Existing Camp Chef wall tent stove owners cannot praise this product enough, highlighting in particular the build quality and value for money offered. All sorts of useful features are included, such as adjustable legs for uneven surfaces, a drying rack, a pipe damper hole and a log grate. All of which can be stored inside the stove.  


  • Solid build quality 
  • Incredible value for money 
  • Compatible with stove water heaters


  • Heavy to carry

>> Click here to view the Camp Chef Alpine stove on Amazon

>> Click here to view the Camp Chef Alpine stove on Sportsmans Warehouse

Best Portable Tent Wood Stove

Danchel Outdoor portable stove

If you’re seeking a small tent wood stove that’s simple to carry and store, this backpacking tent wood stove from Danchel Outdoor is a sound option. Crafted from titanium, it’s also very lightweight. 

This product made the grade in the backpacking category, and frankly we cannot find a better option as best portable wood burning tent stove either. The twin folding legs are a great feature, offering improved stability and ease of use, and are pretty unique to this particular medium to small tent wood burning stove. 

A good, strong carry bag is provided with this, and it has a neat, sturdy, industrial style look to it.


  • Lightweight titanium 
  • Tote bag included 
  • Rust resistant


  • Watch out for sharp pipe edges

>> Click here to view this Danchel Outdoor portable stove

Best Canvas Tent Wood Stove

Goture Camping tent stove

Made with heat-resistant glass from Germany, this is a very impressive stove for the price. It can be used in a tipi, yurt or canvas tent, or also in a cabin or other type of tiny home. It all packs down into the included carry bag, and weighs 24lbs. 

For cooking and heating your tent at an affordable price, this stove is one of the best tent wood burning stove options out there. Useful and safety conscious accessories include removable racks, the damper tool, a spark arrestor and the pipe supplied in sections.

This stove could also be used on the beach or in your backyard as well as when camping, and the air intake is adjustable so you can set it to whatever suits your needs.


  • Multipurpose stove 
  • Portable & compact 
  • Good value price


  • Legs could be a trip hazard

>> Click here to view this Goture tent stove

>> Click here to view this Goture tent stove on Fado

Best Titanium Tent Wood Stove

Winnerwell Fastfold titanium tent wood stove

Titanium wood stoves have the sometimes huge advantage of being the lightest products to transport. A titanium tent stove is thus a great choice when you need to move frequently or carry your gear often. 

This Winnerwell stove is one of three featured in this guide, as well as being the chosen product in the overall titanium category. A titanium hot tent stove offers highly efficient high heat transfer to ensure it provides plenty of heat, and this one also packs down into flat, slimline carry bag. 

If your priorities include portability and quality, it’s hard to go wrong with the Winnerwell Fastfold titanium stove. It can also be used as an outdoor firepan. 


  • Folds flat into carry bag 
  • Doubles up as firepan 
  • High quality build


  • Not the cheapest small stove

>> Click here to view the Winnerwell Fastfold 

Best Bell Tent Wood Stove

OneTigris Tiger Roar stove

OneTigris make some of the finest stove tents around, so they’ve got to be a go-to brand when it comes to the stove itself. If you like the industrial look, this surely has to be the one for you. 

With German-made Schott heat resistant glass, this is made with high quality components. If you own or plan to buy a OneTigris hot tent, then you can be assured of compatibility too.

This stove is easy to assemble, and all the pieces fit inside for storage. It’s solidly built and offers great quality at an affordable price.


  • Simple assembly 
  • Top quality components 
  • Highly compatible with OneTigris hot tents


  • Heavier & bulkier than some

>> Click here to view this OneTigris Tiger Roar tent stove on Amazon

>> Click here to view this OneTigris Tiger Roar tent stove on Walmart

Choosing the best winter camping tent stove – Frequently Asked Questions 

How well do tent stoves work? 

A tent stove is far more efficient that an open fire, as the heat is retained within the firebox and used to stimulate further burning. Tent stoves are specifically designed for this purpose, so as long as you pick a good one it should work very well indeed. 

What fuel do tent stoves run on?

The vast majority of tent stoves use wood for fuel, though we have also included a small, portable propane model in this guide.  

Are stoves in tents safe?

As long as you follow the instructions carefully, a tent stove is perfectly safe to use for cooking as well as heating. A pipe is provided for ventilation and most are also fitted with spark arrestors for further safety. 

What materials are tent stoves made from?

The stoves featured here are all made from some sort of metal. Alloy steel, titanium and stainless steel are most common. Titanium is ultra-lightweight, so it’s a good choice if you want something that’s easy to carry.  

How do you use a wood burning tent stove?

Again, follow provided instructions to the letter when installing a tent stove. It should not be too close to the canvas so it doesn’t pose a fire risk, and placing it fairly near the door will help when loading up with firewood. Making sure you install the supplied pipe correctly is absolutely vital. 

Which of these stoves for tents will you pick? 

We hope this guide has helped you pin down the right outdoor stove for your trips. Whether it’s camping in a US National Park during winter or taking a trip into the Canadian wilderness, having the right stove to cook on and heat your tent with can extend your season by as much as several months.  

You’ll need a tent with a stove jack to accommodate your new stove.  Read my detailed reviews of all the best tents that have stove jacks to find the best tent for your new stove.

If you’re looking for a canvas tent, read more FAQs and reviews of the best canvas tents with stove jacks.

Do you have any other stove tents you highly recommend? Join my private Facebook group National Parks Collectors and comment and let me know.

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Tent Stove Buying Guide FAQs and Reviews
Winter Camping Gear You Need Tent Stoves

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