The Best Canvas Tent with Stove Jack: A Complete Guide

Many of those who love spending time under canvas are missing out on doing this quite as much as they could. It’s too cold in winter to camp, right? Especially, perhaps, if you live in the colder states or countries of the world. 

Investing in a good camping stove can change all that. Not only can you cook hot meals to keep you warm as well as nourished, you can also benefit from the heat your stove generates. Buying a winter canvas tent with stove really can open up so many options – but you do need to take care when choosing them.  

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Best Canvas Winter Tents With Stoves_ Buyers Guide
Top Canvas Winter Tents With Stoves

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When you’re choosing a stove, you’ll also need to purchase a suitable, compatible tent to use it in. Whether you go for a bell tent, teepee or canvas wall tent with stove, you have to look for a tent that’s safe to use with a heating system. 

You’ll need a stove to go inside your tent with stove jack.  Read my detailed reviews of all the best tent stoves to find the best stove for your new winter tent.  

Available in all sizes from a 1- or 2-person canvas tent with stove hole to one that can accommodate a large family, these tents are already fitted with the stove vent that you’ll need for the chimney. 

If you want to find out more or need help choosing the right canvas stove tent for your needs, we have you covered. Simply read on to discover everything you need to know.   

Top Pick For the Best Canvas Tent With Stove Jack 

For those in a hurry, the top canvas tent with stove vent is the Whiteduck Regatta 

Why buy the Whiteduck Regatta? 

This canvas bell tent has so much going for it, and you can pick between 3 sizes and 3 colors too. It’s tall and spacious with good weatherproofing, and is made for use during all 4 seasons.   

>> Click here to view the Whiteduck Regatta 

Best Canvas Tent With Wood Stove Jack Comparison Table 

NameImageSizeKey FeaturesOur Rating
Danchel Outdoor


6 or 8 person10 feet high
Bathtub floor
12 month warranty


6 or 8 personRain cap & taped seams
Roll-back panels,
Whiteduck Avalon


6 or 10 personWeatherproof
Shock absorption
Glam looks
Outop Yurtent


4 - 6 person Detachable groundsheet
Good ventilation
Snow proof
KingCamp Torino


1 - 2 personFlameproof canvas
Snow skirt
Lighter than most
Whiteduck Regatta


3, 4 or 5 personReinforced seams & corners
Good height
Water & UV resistant

The Best Canvas Tent With Stove Jack Products 

Best Overall Canvas Tents With Stove Jack 

Danchel Outdoor 6 or 8 person yurt 

Danchel Outdoor make some of the best stove tents around and this one is available in 2 sizes to sleep 6 or 8 persons. As it’s 10 feet high, there’s also plenty of standing room inside. 

The seams have double stitching and the floor has a bathtub design to ward off water. For good ventilation there are 4 vents on the roof, plus 4 windows to the sides. The groundsheet is also removable for cooler summer camping. 

A great all-rounder, this yurt from Danchel Outdoor comes with a 12-month warranty, and all packs down tidily into the included carry bag. 


  • The bathtub floor keeps the tent dry – important when you’ll often be camping in snowy conditions 
  • 10-foot height is comfortable to stand in and move around 
  • 12-month warranty


  • Plain looks

>> Click here to view this Danchel Outdoor yurt Amazon

>> Click here to view this Danchel Outdoor yurt on Desertcart

PlayDo 6 to 8 person waterproof tent

With enough space inside for up to 4 double air mattresses (find an air mattress here if you need one), this 6 to 8 person bell tent from PlayDo is suitable for 4-season use. The 5-inch stove hole can be hidden away by straps when not in use.  
The walls are made from 3,000 gsm canvas, while the floor features a tough 540 gsm wear- proof material, which help make it one of the more durable options. An entire side wall can be rolled back for summer ventilation – or simply so you can enjoy the view. 

There are taped seams, a rain cap and mesh-covered windows to protect further against rain and bugs respectively, as well as 4 top vents for added ventilation. The lower side walls can also be rolled up, converting the tent to a canopy.


  • Water & wear proof floor 
  • Rain cap & taped seams 
  • Side wall & lower panels can be rolled back


  • Not the lightest in weight

>> Click here to view this PlayDo bell tent Amazon

>> Click here to view this PlayDo bell tent on Ubuy

Best Large Canvas Tent With Stove Jack

Whiteduck Avalon 10-person tent 

Also available as a 6-person tent, the huge Whiteduck Avalon is just the kind of tent you want when setting up a glamping site. It looks good, it’s solidly built and is can accommodate 6 or 10 people, depending on which size you choose. 

It’s made using an army grade waterproof canvas, so rain is like ‘water off a duck’s back’ – an old saying that references the way duck feathers effectively repel water. For windy weather, the shock absorbing grounding system ensures you’re adequately protected during a storm. 

The heat resistant stove jack is pre-installed and silicone coated, and there are integral roof vents to make sure good ventilation is maintained. If you don’t mind the weight and flexing your budget, this is a high quality and very attractive tent to invest in.


  • Glampsite looks 
  • Shock-absorbing grounding 
  • ‘Dynaduck’ weatherproof canvas


  • Higher price range

>> Click here to view this large Whiteduck bell tent on Amazon

>> Click here to view this large Whiteduck bell tent on Whiteduck Outdoors

Best 4 Season Canvas Tent With Stove Hole 

Outop Yurtent 6 person tent 

This Yurtent from Outop can withstand snow as well as rain and wind, and is said by satisfied customers to be very warm and cozy inside. It can sleep up to 6 and the built-in groundsheet can be detached during summer to cool things down.  

As well as the main door there are four windows with bug mesh, which allows for good airflow during hotter weather. The heavy-duty zippers also help to keep chills out when it’s winter. 

This is a highly regarded tent, and available at a great value price. When not in use, the integral stove jack can also be covered up with the flap provided for this purpose. A great 4 season tent for 4 to 6 people. 


  • Good ventilation 
  • Detachable groundsheet 
  • Snowproof canvas construction


  • Limited height

>> Click here to view this Outop Yurtent 4 season tent

Best Canvas Teepee Tent With Stove Vent

KingCamp Torino 2 person tipi 

However you spell it, this teepee – or tipi – from KingCamp is ideal for a solo traveler or couple who want a simple yet effective teepee with stove jack. Due to the shape, snow will not build up on the top of this tent, and it also has a snow skirt to ward off the white stuff. 

The poly-cotton canvas is flame-proof and also offers a good level of resistance to windy or stormy weather. A 3,000 mm waterproof floor mat also helps to keep you dry. 

This hot tent is quick and easy to set up and has a flame-retardant stove jack ready for use. Weighing under 12 lbs, it comes complete with a matching carry bag. There are also integral air vents to ensure good ventilation. 


  • Snow skirt 
  • Flame-proof canvas 
  • Lightweight & portable


  • Sleeps only 1 to 2 people

>> Click here to view this KingCamp Torino teepee on Amazon

>> Click here to view this KingCamp Torino teepee on BRoadout

Best Canvas Bell Tent With Stove Jack

Whiteduck Regatta 3, 4 or 5 person bell tent 

Having already listed the Whiteduck Avalon as the best large tent with stove hole, we’ve selected the Regatta model as the best canvas bell tent with a stove vent. This one comes in a 3, 4 or 5 person size, so it’s not quite so vast. 

Made from a fire retardant army style canvas, the Regatta comes complete with seen-in groundsheet, a 5-inch stove hole and everything else you need from the pegs to the rubber mallet. A carry bag is also provided to store it all in. 

From the weightless waterproofing to the UV-resistance, this tent available in beige, brown or olive is a highly rated find. To ensure longevity, it also comes with reinforced corners and double stitched seams. 


  • Generous height 
  • Water & UV resistant 
  • Double stitched seams & reinforced corners


  • Smaller than the Avalon 

>> Click here to view this Whiteduck Regatta bell tent

>> Click here to view this Whiteduck Regatta bell tent on Whiteduck Outdoors

Choosing the best canvas tents with stove – Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you heat a canvas tent? 

You can indeed heat a canvas tent – but you need the right equipment. A suitable stove and the right hot tent are necessary for safety reasons. Once you have these, you can keep warm inside and prepare hot meals on the stove too. 
>> Find the best tent stoves here

If you’re looking for other (non-canvas tents), read more stove tents here 

Can you have a wood stove in a tent? 

Most tent stoves are wood fueled, so yes you can. Again, it’s simply a matter of buying the right hot tent and stove so you’re all set up for chillier weather or even for snow. 
>> Read reviews of top stoves for your tent here 

Can I put a stove jack in any tent?

You should buy a tent with a stove jack fitted rather than trying to add one yourself. This ensures the hole is fitted in a place where it will be safe. The fabric around it will also be treated so it can stand the heat.  

How do you cover a stove jack in a canvas tent?

Most canvas tents with a stove vent come with some sort of cover, such as a flap, so you can cover over the hole when it’s not in use. Again, for safety reasons, you should use this rather than something you’ve added to the tent yourself.

Which canvas camping tent with stove jack do you prefer? 

It was a tough call here to pick between the Whiteduck Regatta and the Whiteduck Avalon, but the huge capacity and higher price of the latter made us plump for the former. Whether you choose one of those or another product, we hope this guide has helped you make sense of canvas tents with stove holes.  

You’ll need a stove to go inside your tent with stove jack.  Read my detailed reviews of all the best tent stoves to find the best stove for your new winter tent.  

Do you have any other stove tents you highly recommend? Join my private Facebook group National Parks Collectors and comment and let me know.

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Top Canvas Winter Tents With Stoves
Best Canvas Winter Tents With Stoves_ Buyers Guide

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