Product Creation Guidelines

I sell itineraries for several of the major national parks on my website. 

I’ve chosen those national parks that are typically the most challenging for people to plan for and visit. 

I start by conducting detailed research or my own trip. This involves pulling information from multiple sources including other blogs, Facebook groups, the National Park Service’s website for the park, Google maps, guidebooks, hiking guides, park maps, etc. I compile all that information into a working itinerary for my trip. As I’m doing this, I am consciously thinking about different things to do that are more strenuous and things that I can do without hiking at all. 

Then I go on my trip. I verify all the information. I visit the Visitor Center. I test out timing of hikes, visits and drives. I try multiple activities. I check for parking and delays at different times of the day. I speak to rangers and ask them questions. I visit local businesses and get more recommendations. 

Then, armed with all that personal knowledge, I go back and start to create a final version of an itinerary that includes all that information, with timed activities for different activity levels.  

And then, I put it all together in a designed package, proofreading, editing, etc. 

This all literally takes weeks. 

Then, I give the itinerary to a couple of people and ask them to try it out and give me feedback so I can make tweaks before they become available for sale. 

Of course, some things do change, so I include an Updates page that everyone who purchased an itinerary can access at any time. I check the NPS news releases at least weekly and update the Updates page for any significant changes that can affect the itinerary, and provide alternatives on that page if needed, so the itinerary can always be used. 

And then I always like to go back to the national parks and do some hikes and stay there so I can check if there is anything that needs to be permanently updated or changed.  

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