Shenandoah National Park Guide

Shenandoah National Park lies along the ridge of a northern section of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The most famous feature in the park is the scenic Skyline Drive, whihc runs the entire length of the park.

However, there are also dozens of incredible hiking trails leading to stunning views, beautiful waterfalls and other points of interest. The national park also has the largest concentration of black bears on the east coast!

25% of the national park’s annual visitors go there in the month of October to see the incredible fall color. However, Shenandoah is always open, weather permitting, and is beautiful any time of the year.

Shenandoah National Park Travel Guide

Shenandoah National Park at a glance

  • State: Virginia
  • Main attractions: Scenic views, hikes, waterfalls, the scenic Skyline Drive
  • Best time to go: Fall
  • Accommodations: Inside the park at Skyland Resort (Mile 41.7 and 42.5) and Big Meadows (Mile 51.2)
  • Campgrounds: Mathews Arm Campground (Mile 22.1), Big Meadows Campground (Mile 51.2), Lewis Mountain Campground (Mile 57.5), Loft Mountain Campground (Mile 79.5), Dundo Group Campground (Mile 83.7)
  • Dining: Elkwallow Wayside (Mile 24.1), Skyland Resort (Mile 41.7 and 42.5), Big Meadows Lodge and Wayside (Mile 51.2), Loft Mountain Wayside (Mile 79.5)
  • Shuttle: No

Shenandoah National Park Guide

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Shenandoah Travel Guide

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