Investing in the best inflatable camping mattress for your needs can make so much difference.  More comfortable camping trips are likely to mean you’ll want to spend more time living outdoors, as a restful night’s sleep becomes a realistic expectation.  

In this guide we list all the best airbed for camping options.  Categories covered include queen and twin mattresses plus those for couples, car or tent camping.  We also include backpacking and self-inflating mattresses.  For those in a hurry, the following section gives details of our overall best air mattress bed.         

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The Best Air Mattress for Camping
The Best Camping Air Mattress

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See the Best Camping Mattress Here

The best blow up mattress for camping we’ve found is the Wellax Ultra Thick, UltraFlex sleeping pad. This is because of its great reviews – and the fact that it is suited to a wide variety of uses.

> See the Wellax FlexFoam Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

Why buy the Wellax Sleeping Pad?

Why is the Wellax sleeping pad the best air bed for camping?  The best air mattress on Amazon overall, this Wellax product is the top rated air mattress for camping we’ve discovered.  

If you want a one-size-fits-all air memory foam mattress, buy one for each member of the family.  Then everyone can simply and comfortably go car or tent camping, easily able to inflate their own bed.  

This one would also make a great overnight guest bed for home use.

>> Check prices for the Wellax FlexFoam Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

Best Mattress for Camping Comparison Table

Check out this table when looking for the best air beds for camping and you can see price guides and our ratings at a glance. Sizes, features and whether or not each mattress is self-inflating can be seen here clearly and quickly.

If you are reading this on a mobile device, you might need to swipe to scroll across.

NameImageSizeSpecial featuresInflationScorePrice
Wellax FlexFoamSingleMemory foamSelf-inflating10CHECK NOW
Hikenture DoubleCompactFoot pump9.4CHECK NOW
Coleman Double Height QueenQueenDouble heightSold separately9.6CHECK NOW
Qomotop Ultra ThickSingle or DoubleExtra thick; 4 seasonsSelf-inflating9.9CHECK NOW
Coleman SupportRest EliteQueenDouble heightSwiftRise pump9.8CHECK NOW
Intex Dura-BeamSingle or QueenDouble heightInternal pump9.7CHECK NOW
ZaltanaSingleBudgetHand pump9.2CHECK NOW
Coleman Double Height TwinSingleDouble heightSold separately9.5CHECK NOW
SableSingleDouble heightElectric internal pump9.3CHECK NOW
Iswees CarDoubleCar mattressElectric pump 8.7CHECK NOW
KingCamp CarDoubleCar mattressElectric pump8.6CHECK NOW
Sibosen CarDoubleCar mattressElectric pump9.0CHECK NOW
Sleepingo PadSingleUltra lightManual8.9CHECK NOW
Apollo AirSingleUltra lightPump sack9.1CHECK NOW
Ecotek OutdoorsSingleUltra lightOne-way valve8.8CHECK NOW

Best Camping Bed Categories

Best Camping Mattress for Couples

The best double camping mattress options in the couples category include a Coleman double height air mattress, a lightweight Hikenture product and a highly regarded Qomotop self-inflating model.

Click here to see the best camping mattress for couples, the Qomotop Self-Inflating Camping Mattress

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Best Queen Camping Mattress

Are you a couple looking for the best air mattress? Queen sized options are spacious and comfortable. Our top picks include two superb Coleman products and a sturdy, great value Intex mattress.

Click here to see the best queen camping mattress, the Coleman SupportRest Elite with Quilted Top

Read more options and detailed reviews here

Best Single Air Mattress

While buying a double air mattress can save money, a pair of single air beds can open up your options a little more. The three we’ve chosen include a luxury Coleman product, a great value Zaltana air bed and a Sable model with built-in pump.

Click here to see the best single camping mattress, the Coleman Double-High Air Bed

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Best Car Camping Mattress

You may not have heard of Iswees, Sibosen or KingCamp, but their products are tailor-made for car camping. Suitable for the back seat or trunk of a car, truck or SUV, these clever car camping mattresses are worth a look.

Click here to see the best car camping mattress, the Sibosen Car and Truck Air Mattress

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The Best Mattress for Tent Camping

The best tent air mattress will depend on your priorities. You may prefer a more compact size such as the Hikenture product with built-in pump or Wellax memory foam sleeping pad. If comfort is key, you may prefer a deluxe, double height model like the Coleman SupportRest Elite.

Click here to see the best mattress for tent camping, the Wellax FlexFoam Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

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The Best Hiking Air Mattress

If you’re heading off on a backpacking trip, then you need something lightweight yet serviceable. There are some incredible sleeping pads on the market for this, and we particularly like those from Apollo Air, Ecotek Outdoors and Sleepingo.

Click here to see the best hiking air mattress, the Apollo Air Camping Sleeping Pad

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The Best Self Inflating Camping Mattress

Options in this category include the Index Dura-Beam with internal pump, a Qomotop extra thick self-inflating mattress and the Wellax sleeping pad.

Click here to see the best self-inflating camping mattress, the Wellax FlexFoam Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

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FAQs When Choosing the Best Rated Air Mattress for Camping 

Best air mattress for camping

What does ‘Queen size’ mean?

A queen-sized air mattress will easily sleep two adults.  Many tent makers stay how many queen-sized air beds their tent can take, so using this size can mean you’re certain about how many people can comfortably fit in.

What size should I buy?

A double or queen sized air mattress will probably be cheaper, and it saves carrying, storing or transporting two separate items.  A twin or single size can offer more flexibility, however, especially when it will often be used to sleep just one person.

What features should I look for?

It depends on your plans – and budget.  Hikers or backpackers will fare best with a lightweight option, while those who love luxury or more comfort might prefer something more like their bed at home.  Also, consider whether you want a self-inflating model.  Double height can make it easier to get on and off the air bed, but may not fit in smaller tents with sloping sides.

Do I need an all-season air bed?

Some of the air mattresses featured here can be used all-year round, as they retain heat better. This is a useful feature if you plan to camp during the winter months.

What does the user weigh?

Again, some products listed here can support more weight than others.  So if the user is on the heavier side, it’s wise to check the recommended maximum weight capacity of your chosen air mattress before buying.

Is an air mattress comfortable?

Many products include features to enhance user comfort.  These include memory foam or quilted toppings, a soft sleeping surface, and supportive or double height construction.

What else might I need?

Most air beds are sold with either a built-in or electric pump – but not all, so do check.  You will need a pump if not.  Standard single, double or queen-sized bedding usually fits fine – it not always as snugly as on your bed at home.  Carrying a repair kit can also be a good idea.

Best Camping Air Mattress for Couples

Qomotop Self-Inflating Camping Mattress

Investing in a self-inflating air mattress makes setting up camp so much easier.

This Qomotop product offers all sorts of other practical features too. It is the best camping mattress for side sleepers, and offers warmth even at very cold, sub-zero temperatures. Satisfied owners say is is comfortable and well-made, and it attracts top ratings.

Read additional reviews for the Qomotop Camping Mattress for Couples

Hikenture Double Sleeping Pad

This is the best camping mattress for two when you’re seeking a lightweight product.

While it’s not quite as light as the sleeping pads listed under the backpacking category, it is a durable, comfortable option. Quick inflation and deflation valves make blowing this one up a breeze, with no other equipment needed. It comes with a carry bag, too.

Read additional reviews for the Hikenture Double Sleeping Pad

Coleman Double Height Air Mattress

When comfort is your top priority, this is the best Coleman air mattress for two.

This waterproof, Queen-sized mattress is twice as high, making it much easier to get out of bed in the morning. A reinforced coil construction offers a good level of support, while the velvety top layer is super soft to sleep on. Airtight dual sealed valves also ensure there’s no air leakage during the night.

Read additional reviews for the Coleman Double Height Air Mattress

Best Queen Air Mattress for Camping

Coleman SupportRest Elite with Quilted Top

Coleman are one of the best-known outdoor brands around, and this Queen sized air mattress looks and feels a lot like the bed you’d sleep in at home.

This mattress can be inflated to double height in just 3 minutes. If you want the best air mattress for a heavy person, then this could fit the bill as it can support up to 600lbs. A quilted top makes it ultra comfortable too.

Read additional reviews for the Coleman SupportRest Elite with Quilted Top

Intex Dura-Beam Raised Airbed with Internal Pump

This great value product is one of the best Intex air mattress options.

Like the Coleman SupportRest Elite, it inflates in around 3 minutes. It can also support 600lb maximum, making this another winner for those seeking the best air mattress for heavy people. Sturdy, ‘Fiber-Tech’ construction offers support and comfort, and there is even a built-in raised pillow.

Read additional reviews for the Intex Dura-Beam Queen Air Mattress

Coleman Double Height Queen Mattress

The Coleman product listed previously also makes list of the best queen size air mattress for camping options.

Comfort and support are assured by the double-height, coil construction and velvet-like sleeping surface.   A standard queen-sized sheet fits this perfectly.   As this can support up to 600lbs, it is also among the best air mattress for plus size people products.

Read additional reviews for the Coleman Double Height Queen Mattress

Best Twin Air Mattress for Camping

Coleman Double-High Air Bed

If you want comfort, then this Coleman mattress might just be the best single air bed for camping.

It can support up to 300 pounds, so is ideal for those searching for the best camping air mattress for a heavy person.  Dual-sealed valves prevent air leakage, while the cozy velvety top and strong, supportive coil construction complement this double height Coleman air mattress.

Read additional reviews for the Coleman Double Height Twin Air Mattress

Zaltana Single Air Mattress with Hand Pump

This single air mattress from Zaltana offers great value for money.

It comes complete with a dual action hand pump for fast inflation. Aircoil support and a plush surface ensure a high level of comfort, while leak-proof valves prevent overnight air loss.  As it can support 300lbs, this air bed is also suitable for those wanting the best air mattress for a big guy or gal.

Read additional reviews for the Zaltana Twin Air Mattress with pump

Sable Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

This Sable air bed for one comes with a built-in pump and inflates in just 3 minutes.

It can be deflated down to a compact size for transportation and a carry bag comes with it. A wave beam construction and soft flocked surface ensure all-night comfort and support. The added height ramps up the comfort level further – and makes it easier to get into and out of, too.

Read additional reviews for the Sable Twin Size Air Mattress with pump

Best Air Mattress for Car Camping

Sibosen Car and Truck Air Mattress

Those seeking the best back seat air mattress for a truck, car or SUV should like this Sibosen mattress.

It has a generously-sized sleeping area, so is also perhaps the best car camping mattress for couples or children. The included electric pump inflates it quickly via the cigarette lighter socket, and it also features an anti-drop, anti-collision design for safety.

Read additional reviews for the Sibosen Car Air Mattress

Iswees Car Bed Air Mattress

This is among your best mattress for car camping options.

Designed to be used over the back seat or even in the trunk, this mattress can be folded over to fit the available space. It can also be used as an outdoor camping air bed. An air pump, backseat filler and tote bag come with it. The mattress is big and robust enough to sleep up to 3 people, or support 650lbs in weight.

Read additional reviews for the Iswees Car Camping Air Bed

KingCamp Back Seat Air Mattress

Whether you want the best SUV air mattress or one for the family car, this model is compatible with 99% of vehicle back seats.

It can be inflated in a couple of minutes via the included electric air pump. A stuff bag and two inflatable pillows also come with it. The flocked surface is cozy and comfortable and you can even choose between 2 colors.

Read additional reviews for the KingCamp Back Seat Air Bed

Best Air Mattress for Tent Camping

Wellax Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

This sleeping pad from Wellax ensures happy campers – it has rave reviews for both comfort and practicality.

The UltraFlex mattress is made from memory foam for a smooth and uninterrupted sleep. A strong, waterproof and virtually silent air bed, this Wellax product can be used during all seasons and features innovative self-inflating technology.

Read additional reviews for the Wellax FlexFoam Sleeping Pad

Hikenture Double Air Mattress

If you want a compact, lightweight product then this might be the best travel air mattress for your camping trips.

This sturdy, comfortable double air bed has a built-in foot pump plus inflation and deflation valves to make setting up camp quick and easy, and for transportation there is a carry bag included. The manufacturer says it suits back, side or stomach sleepers too.

Read additional reviews for the Hikenture Double Air Mattress

Coleman SupportRest Elite Quilted Top Air Mattress

If you like your home comforts, then a double height air bed like this one might be just right.

A quilted top makes this product feel ultra luxurious, while the built-in ‘SwiftRise’ pump makes easy work of inflation. A Queen sized airbed can also be a good camping option as many tents will state how many air beds of these dimensions they can accommodate.

Read additional reviews for the Coleman SupportRest Elite with Quilted Top

Best Air Mattress for Backpacking

Apollo Air Camping Sleeping Pad

This one also packs down to the size of a water bottle. While it’s slightly heavier than the Sleepingo at 17 ounces, it offers some impressive extra features.

The Apollo Air is water resistant, and in the interests of comfort has an ergonomic design. It can also stop the ground from taking your body heat, making it suitable for all-season use.

Read additional reviews for the Apollo Air Camping Sleeping Pad

Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad

Anyone seeking the best lightweight air mattress for camping surely must take a look at the Sleepingo.

This ultra light camping pad weights just 14.5 ounces. When packed down into the included carry bag, its dimensions are comparable to a water bottle. This heavy duty, super durable mattress has a lifetime guarantee and offers the sleeper 2.2 inches of comfort. 

Read additional reviews for the Sleepingo backpacking air mattress

Ecotek Outdoors Inflatable Sleeping Pad

The third option for those seeking the best air mattress for hiking or backpacking is one from Ecotek Outdoors.

A unique feature of this one is the quick and easy inflation, made possible by the one-way valve system. This one can also be used all year round, and is wear and weather-proof. You can even use this sleeping pad with a hammock.

Read additional reviews for the Ecotek Outdoor Sleeping Pad

Best Self Inflating Air Mattress for Camping

Wellax Ultra Thick Sleeping Pad

This Wellax sleeping pad scores highly on comfort as well as practicality.

The memory foam mattress ensures a great night’s rest, and the self-inflating feature makes it super quick to set up. This air bed is also waterproof, whisper-quiet, flexible and strong. It is suitable for all season use and comes complete with carry bag.

Read additional reviews for the Wellax FlexFoam Sleeping Pad

Qomotop Extra Thick Self-Inflating Mattress

Anyone who wants the best self inflating mattress for camping would surely be happy with this Qomotop product. 

You can choose between single and double sizes, and it is a great all-season option. While it’s not the cheapest or lightest camping mattress around, this one offers the ultimate in comfort and convenience. It’s also the best backpacking air mattress for side sleepers.

Read additional reviews for the Qomotop Self-Inflating Mattress

Intex Dura-Beam Air Mattress with Internal Pump

If you want the best air mattress with built in pump at a great price, this sturdy Intex product is difficult to beat.

This mattress inflates in just over three minutes and even features an integral pillow.  Queen or Twin sizes are available.  The larger version is capable of supporting up to 600lbs in weight, and it also comes complete with a carry bag.

Read additional reviews for the Intex Dura-Beam Queen Air Mattress

You Might Also Need …

The Best Air Mattress Pump for Camping

If you don’t get a self-inflating mattress or one with a built-in pump, then you will also want to get a pump, as blowing an air mattress up with your own breath is a horrible task.  Here is our pick for the best air pump for camping.

Pumteck Electric Air Mattress Pump

If your chosen air bed doesn’t come with a pump, or you’d like invest in a better one, look no further than this Pumteck product.   It has incredible ratings and reviews.   This is the best camping air pump we can find, with rapid inflation or deflation powered by a 4000mAh rechargeable battery.

The powerful little pump can be charged in the car or via a mobile power pack as well as at home, and a USB cable is included too.

Read additional reviews for the Pumteck Electric Rechargable Inflator

Best Air Mattress Repair Kit

Air mattresses can tear and it is always best to be prepared just in case. 

Tear Aid Fabric Repair Kit

If the worst does happen and your air mattress develops a tear, all may not be lost.

This US made Tear Aid Fabric Repair Kit is ultra tough and can fix holes in canvas, nylon, plastics, rubber, neoprene, polyester and more. T he clear patch is barely visible, has a matte finish and is UV resistant. Within each pack are several differently-sized patches, reinforcement filament, alcohol prep pads and full instructions.

Read additional reviews for the Tear Aid Fabric Repair Kit

Which is the Best Air Mattress for Camping for You?

I rate all the air mattresses listed here very highly – as do numerous satisfied owners. To read more reviews, click on the links below each product listing. What the best camping air mattress for you is will depend on factors such as the size you need, whether you are using it for car, tent or hiking camping and what additional features such as self-inflation you want. 

No matter what type of camping trip you are buying your air mattress for, we hope this guide makes the selection process simpler and faster.

Happy camping!

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The Best Camping Air Mattress
The Best Air Mattress for Camping

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