35 Best Gifts for Nature Lovers

Are you looking for a present for someone who loves nature?

Whether they would love a gift for getting out into nature or bringing nature into their home; a gift made from nature or one inspired by nature… Whether you are looking for Christmas gifts for nature lovers, birthday gifts for nature lovers, or fathers or mothers day gifts for nature lovers… This gift guide is here to help you find the perfect gift for nature lovers.   

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Find the Perfect Gift for the Nature Lover in Your Life
Best Gifts for Nature Lovers

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Gifts for Getting Out Into Nature 

Let’s start with presents for nature lovers that they can use in the great outdoors. 

1. LifeStraw

Life straws are good gifts for nature lovers who love to hike and camp. They take up almost space, so are easy to carry.  They filter out 99.9% of waterborn parasites and bacteria, so they can safely drink stream water that may not be safe otherwise.

2. Battery-Operated Blender

Just because they love getting out into nature doesn’t mean they have to skip their juice.  This handy battery-operated blender is perfect for people who love camping, but like some of the creature comforts from home too.

3. LifeStraw Water Bottle

This water bottle has a built-in life straw, so they can filter water and then carry it with them.  Perfect!

4. Roasting Forks and Skewers

If your nature lover enjoys sitting around a fire, then they will love these forks and skewers to roast hotdogs, marshmallows and other yummy goodies.

5. Multi-Purpose Survival Pocket Tool

This may be the size of a credit card, but couldn’t be more useful.  There are 43 (!) different tools, from screw driver to bottle opener, hex wrench, and even a money clip! Plus, it has a hole to be used as a key ring. It makes a great stocking stuffer.

6. Hands-Free Camera Harness Strap

If your nature lover likes to take photos (and let’s face it, most of us do), they will love this hands-free camera harness.  They can carry their camera safely and have their hands free, and the harness is comfortable to wear.

7. Camping Hammock

Hammocks make cool gifts for nature lovers who love to relax. This handy camping hammock comes with tree straps and can be double or single.  It comes in 15 different colors.

8. Hiking Solar Smartphone Charger

When I go hiking, I often take photos on my phone, which flattens the battery very quickly.  If your nature lover is the same, then they will love this portable solar charger for Smartphones.  It has four panels that can be strung on the back of their pack so they can charge while they walk, and comes in a handy water-, dust- and shock-proof case.

9. Headlamp

This headlamp is great for hiking and camping.  It’s super bright and has a long-life (8-hour) rechargeable battery. Compact and lightweight, it makes a great stocking stuffer.

10. Dry Sack

Being out in nature can mean that their stuff gets wet.  Whether it is on a lake, river or the ocean, or just rain, they will appreciate having a dry bag to put their gear to keep it safe.  This one also has a front zippered pocket for easy access and a separate waterproof smartphone case included.

11. aLokSak Waterproof Bags

On the theme of keeping their gear dry, these 12 bags provide multiple easy and convenient bags to keep all their gear dry.

12. Emergency Survival Kit

This survival kit has 60 items that will come in handy when out in nature.  It includes a flashlight, knife, paracord bracelet and more.  It also comes with an exclusive first aid kit!

13. Sleeping Pad

They will love you for giving them this.  This three-inch self-inflating FlexFoam sleep mat is super comfortable, and packs up into a tiny bag that it comes with.

14. Tent

A tent is an essential item for being out in nature. The North Face Wawona tent is my pick for the best 4-perosn tent on the market (they also have a 6-perosn model).

15. Portable Stove

This Coleman portable butane stove has a full-sized hot plate burner, so they will feel like they have the comforts and ease of cooking at home.  But, it is compact and packs up easily into its own carry case.

16. Camping Cookware

This 15-piece cookware set has everything they need, including a pot, kettle, plastic bowls, cutlery set, frying pan and more.  And it packs up into one small mesh bag, so it’s easy to carry!

17. Garmin Handheld GPS

Nature lovers who enjoy hiking will love this gift.  The handheld navigator will keep them on track. My top pick for best handheld GPS for hiking is this Garmin model.

18. Binoculars

Binoculars make great gifts for nature lovers.  The Vortex Optics Diamondback binoculars are my pick for the best binoculars for the money – high quality and not too expensive.

Nature-Inspired Gifts  

Not all gifts for nature enthusiasts need to be used outdoors.  There are also great gifts inspired by nature that you can wear or use indoors. 

19. Leaf Coasters

These six ceramic coasters have beautiful leaf designs.  They are also absorbent and come with cork bases.

20. Leaf-It Sticky Memo Pads

Chances are your nature lover works indoors.  These awesome stick notes look like leaves – how is that for bringing nature into their office setting?! 

21. Artificial Grass Table Runner

This is a fun and unique gift that truly brings nature inside.  This artificial grass table top runner makes a great décor for a dinner with a difference.

22. Forest Wall Mural

With this removeable wall mural, they will feel like they are living in a forest.  There are two sizes available (and other designs, including a river and the ocean).

23. Birth Month Flower Necklace

These beautiful 18K gold-plated pendant necklaces make perfect birthday presents.  Pick the flower for their birth month.

24. Animal Bracelet + Track a Sponsored Animal

Fahlo bracelet

Give a cool bracelet. It comes with a card about a specific animal that you can then track online as it roams around it’s habitat. You can track a sea turtle, a wild elephant, a polar bear or a real shark. part of the purchase price of each bracelet goes to a wildlife fund.


Gifts Made From Nature 

The following items are unique nature gifts that are actually made from nature – from wood, flowers, moss and stone.  

25. Real Pressed Flower Necklace

For nature Christmas gifts with a difference, this beautiful pendant necklace has a real pressed wild plum blossom inside. It comes with a 24” adjustable chain.

26. Rustic Wood Cheese Board

This gorgeous cheese board is a slice of an acacia tree trunk.  A simple, classic design that truly brings nature to a party.

27. Slate Slab Coasters

These four slate stone coasters are rustic and stylish at the same time. They have felt bases to protect furniture surfaces.

28. Walnut Phone Case

This slim and stylish wood case actually comes in 4 different colors/ woods.  Compatible with iPhone 14.

29. Wood Phone Docking Station and Organizer

This birch wood docking station and night stand organizer makes an awesome gift.  Not only is there a stand for a Smartphpne with capability for docking, there are spaces for a wallet, keys and a second phone.  It is hand crafted from sustainable wood, so your nature lover doesn’t need to worry that there was any harm to the environment.

30. Forest Flakes Ring

A truly unique gift, this gorgeous green ring is made of four species of moss and birch tree bark.

31. Wood Salt and Pepper Shakers

These adjustable wooden salt and pepper mills make a great gift for nature lovers who also love to entertain.  The set also includes a salt and pepper box and spoon.

Gifts to Bring Nature Indoors 

When they can’t get outside, here are some unique gift ideas nature lovers will love and use and feel like they are surrounded by nature. 

32. Hershey’s S’mores Maker Set

When they can’t get to a campfire, you can help bring the campfire to them. Or at least the ability to make S’mores!

This stylish six-piece set has an electric heater that sits in the middle of a tray with sections for marshmallows, chocolate and Graham Crackers, plus four skewers.  It’s light, compact and portable, so they can take it to any occasion.

33. Shiitake Mushroom Log Kit

If they can’t get out into nature to go mushroom picking, this is the next best thing.  They can grow their own organic shitake mushrooms on a log with this complete grow set.

34. Organic Aromatherapy Candle

They will feel like they are surrounded by nature in spring with this organic lavender, lemon, rosemary and sandalwood aromatherapy candle.  The hand-poured candle is made from soy, essential oils and organic hand-pressed flowers.

35. Growlight Frame Shelf

This makes a very cool gift.  It’s a frame with a built-in grow light, so they can put plants on it and they will grow healthy and lush, perfectly framed for display in their home.

36. Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

Another indoor gardening option, this gift will let them grow a herb garden in a mason jar.  There are several different ones to choose from, each with three different herbs.  There are various combinations of basil, cilantro, parsley, mint, dill, chives, oregano, thyme, sage, rosemary and lavender available.

More Gift Ideas

I hope your nature lover enjoys their gifts!

Do you have any other gift ideas for nature lovers? I’d love to hear what they are. Join my private Facebook group National Parks Collectors and comment and let me know.

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Best Gifts for Nature Lovers
Find the Perfect Gift for the Nature Lover in Your Life

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