Why plow through all those RV generator reviews when this guide lists all the best gas generator products – as well as some solar and dual fuel generators. When you want the best inverter for RV use, check out our list of the top 12 RV power generators.

If you want to use propane or LPG we can also help. From generators for RVs that are quiet to ultra powerful models, this guide has got the lot.  

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Find the Right RV Generator_ Complete Buyers Guide
Complete Buyers Guide to the Best RV Generators

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See the best camper generator here 

Our top pick is the Honda EB5000X. Offering 5,00 watts of power in a reliable, portable package, this premium Honda generator’s engine should see you through many years of RV trips.  

Why buy the Honda EB5000X? 

This is the best portable RV generator overall. From a reliable, premium brand, its superior engine can produce plenty of power for most needs. Anyone seeking super quiet, portable RV generators should take a look at this.  

>> Click here to see the Honda 5000 watt generator  

Best RV inverter generator comparison guide 

This at-a-glance table acts as a quick guide to help you compare all the compact or quiet generators for RV use we’ve discovered. From the best 3,000 watt inverter generator than runs on solar panels to the best 5000 watt generator, we’ve listed all products here in order of output. 

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NameImageFuel TypeMax OutputOur Rating (/5)Price
Jackery Explorer 1000 Solar (panels included) 1,000 W 4.8 CHECK NOW
Bluetti solar generator Solar, mains or car 2,000 W 4.6CHECK NOW
Honda EU2200iTAG Gasoline 2,200 W 4.8CHECK NOW
EF Ecoflow Delta Solar, mains or car 3,300 W 4.5CHECK NOW
WEN 56380i Gasoline 3,800 W 4.7CHECK NOW
Champion dual fuel Propane or Gasoline 3,800 W 4.6CHECK NOW
Honda EB5000X Gasoline 5,000 W 5.0CHECK NOW
Generac GP8000E Gasoline 8,000 W 4.5CHECK NOW
DuroMax XP8500EH Propane or Gasoline 8,500 W 4.5CHECK NOW
Powermate PM9400E Gasoline 9,400 W 4.6CHECK NOW
Westinghouse WGen9500DF Propane or Gasoline 12,500 W 4.6CHECK NOW
Pulsar G12KBN LPG or Gasoline 12,500 W 4.5CHECK NOW

Finding the best inverter generator for RV use – Frequently Asked Questions 

What size generator should I buy?  

Normally the size of a generator will reflect the power output. Thus a larger generator will tend to be heavier and bigger than a less powerful one, although sometimes manufacturers can harness technology to pack extra power into a smaller machine. 

How much power will I require? 

If you’re not using many high drain appliances, a smaller generator might do. More compact, quiet models will power smartphones, tablets and even laptops easily, but could struggle to cope with heavy demand. As a general rule, anything that heats or cools – such as with kettles, coffee makers, fridges or air-conditioning units – will use the most power.  

How are RV generators powered?  

The RV generators list may run on gasoline, LPG, propane gas or solar power. Some solar generators include a lithium battery that is chargeable via mains power or a car socket. This can be used instead, or as back-up. 

How do I find the best quiet generator for RV use? 

How much power do you really need when using your RV? Every additional electrical appliances means more power – and more output usually equals more noise. It’s a question of weighing up your priorities and budget. As well how many people there are. 

The best generator for camper recommendations 

Jackery solar generator with 2 solar panels 

If you want the cheapest, cleanest energy possible, this Jackery pack uses solar power to supply electricity.

The pack comprises 1000 watt Explorer generator plus 2 compatible solar panels. Pure sine wave outlets protect your sensitive devices, and this clever machine can also charge larger items like a coffee maker or fridge. This Californian brand really have nailed quiet, environmentally responsible energy supply for RV owners. 

>> Click here to see more details and the latest price for this super quiet portable generator 

BLUETTI portable solar generator 

The majority of appliances can be powered via this solar generator, including a fridge, hairdryer air conditioner, microwave, coffee maker, heater or even an electric drill.

An eco mode prevents the loss of electricity, while the LCD touch screen allows you to monitor performance and charging requirements. It can be charged from the car, mains or via solar panels. This one also comes with the reassuring back-up of a 24-month warranty. 

>> Click here to see more details and the latest price for this battery generator for camping 

Honda quiet generator for camper EU2200iTAG 

Looking for a Honda 2000 watt generator? This one gives you a little more. As Honda RV generator products go, this one is a relatively small Honda generator, yet it offers10% extra power when compared to the previous portable Honda generator.

Cutting-edge technology includes bluetooth and even a smartphone app for control and monitoring.

This Honda generator for your RV weighs just 47 pounds, and its compact design and carry handle make it easy to store and transport.  

>> Click here to see more details and the latest price for this Honda RV generator  

EF Ecoflow Delta solar generator  

If you want to reap the benefits of that free solar power, take a look at this solar powered generator.

With a maximum output of 3,300 watts, it can power up to 13 devices at the same time. The lithium battery pack can also be charged via mains or a car socket. A 24-month warranty comes with this product and it has a sleek, slimline design.

This is one of the best RV generator quiet options out there.  

>> Click here to see more details and the latest price for this most quiet generator for RV use  

WEN 56380i quiet portable generator for RV use 

If you want something with low noise that can protect your sensitive devices, check out this WEN generator. Quiet and reliable, this compact portable generator is ideal for RV use.

Ease of use is enabled by the electric start, and for efficiency and protection there’s a fuel shut-off. It can run for up to 8.5 hours on half load. The fuel display helps you to accurately gauge when you’ll need to refuel too. 

>> Click here to see more details and the latest price for this portable gasoline generator 

Champion RV generator dual fuel  

Want a propane portable generator for your RV? The Champion duel fuel product can run on propane or gasoline, giving you more flexibility. This RV propane generator also features electric start, making it simple to get going once you want to set up on site.

An RV ready generator, this can provide up to 3,800 watts of power, so if you wanted a 3500 watt generator this one can do a little better. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty and a clever ‘intelliguage’ to track output, maintenance requirements and voltage.  

>> Click here to see more details and the latest price for this small RV generator  

Honda generator inverter EB5000X 

If you want the quietest inverter generator from Honda but need a little more power, take a look at the EB5000X. This machine has a larger output, so it’s ideal for powering multiple appliances in your RV.

This quiet 5000 watt generator has sturdy wheels and a handle to make it easy to move around, and is powered by an engine from one of the world’s leading manufacturers. Considering its capabilities, this is one of the quietest generator for RV camping products on the market.  

>> Click here to see more details and the latest price for this quiet RV generator  

Generac GP8000E RV portable generator 

This 8000 watt generator features ‘power rush’ technology – the idea being that you can do more while using less.

It has a durable Generac splash lubricated engine and large capacity fuel tank. By using at 50% capacity, it can run for up to 11 hours, while a fuel gauge lets you keep an eye on whether it needs topping up.

An electric start is powered by the included battery. Although it’s not really a small or silent generator, heavy duty wheels and a fold down handle make it easy to transport.  

>> Click here to see more details and the latest price for this portable generator inverter for RV use  

DuroMax Dual Fuel Portable Generator XP8500EH 

Looking for the best portable propane generator? This dual fuel model from DuroMax can run on either propane or gasoline.

It’s one of the best portable generator for RV camping options – especially where there is high demand or you want that dual fuel flexibility. It works as a 7000 watt generator once running, powered by a four stroke engine. Capable of supplying electricity for power tools, air conditioning units and fridges, this is one of the most heavy duty portable camping generators available. 

>> Click here to see more details and the latest price for this power generator for camping in an RV 

Powermate gas powered portable generator PM9400E 

Another winner along gas portable generators, the Powermate PM9400E has a Generac engine.

It’s not exactly a small gas generator, but moves easily thanks to its ‘never flat’ wheels.  It can run for up to 13 hours on a quarter load and has a one touch electric start for stress-free operation. A fuel gauge lets you check gasoline levels and a low oil cut-off protects the engine. The outlets are covered and it comes with a generous 20-foot cord.  

>> Click here to see more details and the latest price for this RV camping power inverter  

Westinghouse Dual Fuel Generator WGen9500DF 

If you think you might need a 10000 watt generator – or even a 15kw generator – then take a look at this Westinghouse product. It’s a serious powerhouse.

Whether you had a gasoline generator in mind or would prefer a propane generator for your RV, this one can run on either. So you can use it as you wish – as a portable gas generator or a propane electric generator. On gasoline it can run for up to 12 hours on a full tank. It has remote start, a heavy duty four stroke engine and a limited three year warranty. 

>> Click here to see more details and the latest price for this dual fuel generator 

Pulsar Dual Fuel LPG generator G12KBN 

It’s not that easy to find a top rated natural gas portable generator, but this dual fuel one can run on LPG or gasoline. What’s more, it can provide up to 12,500 watts of power. The dual fuel design and power level makes this one of the best portable inverter generator for RV products out there.

A drop down handle and wheels make it simple to move around, and a tough powder coated frame protects the four stroke, air cooled engine. For safety, there’s automatic voltage regulation and a low oil shut-off. 

>> Click here to see more details and the latest price for this portable natural gas generator  

Which is the best generator for your RV? 

Whether you’re searching for a quiet propane generator or are after a 5500 watt generator or more, we hope this guide is useful in helping you choose the best power generator for your RV travels.  

Happy camping!    

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Complete Buyers Guide to the Best RV Generators
Find the Right RV Generator_ Complete Buyers Guide

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