The Best Snowshoes for Beginners: A Complete Guide

If you’re looking for the best snowshoe for beginners, you’re in exactly the right place. We’ve taken our National Parks and backcountry exploration experience to create this snowshoe buying guide. Here you’ll find all the best rated snowshoes for beginners, and our snowshoes for beginners reviews of the top ten recommended products.  

Also covered is what to look for when choosing snowshoes, via the most commonly asked questions. Whether you want the best snowshoe for women, men or children, read on to find the right new pair of snowshoes to suit your needs. 

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Find the Best Snowshoes_ Complete Guide for Beginners
The Best Snowhoes_ For Women, Men and Kids

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See our top rated snowshoes here 

The best all around snowshoes overall are the TSL Symbioz Access, a unisex snowshoe with great form and function.  

Why buy the TSL Symbioz Access? 

The TSL Symbioz Access are our best rated snowshoes overall because they offer incredible grip, adapt to the terrain and are comfortable to wear. They even come with a carry bag, and are among the best lightweight snowshoes around. 

>> See the TSL Symbioz Access snowshoe here 

Best beginner snowshoes comparison guide 

This handy table will help you to compare all types of snowshoes, so you can see at a glance what to look for when buying snowshoes. Some of the best features of each is also included. 

If you are reading this on a mobile device, you might need to swipe to scroll across. 

NameImageTypeKey FeaturesRating (/10)Price
TSL Symbioz Access


AdultQuick fit, flexes to suit terrain, carry bag 10CHECK NOW
Atlas Elektra


Women Suspension, comfortable to wear, female fit 9.9CHECK NOW
MTN Trekker


Adult Lightweight, heel fit riser, carry bag included 9.2CHECK NOW
GV Bear Paw synthetic


Adult Very light & quiet, 10-year guarantee, great floatation 9.5CHECK NOW
Tubbs Flex STP


Men3D traction, quick pull binding, can shed snow 9.6CHECK NOW
Crescent Moon Gold 10


MenUltra-maneuverable, lifetime warranty 9.8CHECK NOW
GV Huron synthetic


Adult Lightweight, good flotation, 10-year warranty 9.4CHECK NOW
MSR Tyler


Kids3-year warranty, great grip, easy fastening 9.3CHECK NOW
Atlas Spark


KidsV-frame assists gait, easy binding, reliable grip 9.7CHECK NOW
Chinook Trekker


KidsGreat value, lightweight, bag included 9.1CHECK NOW

Best Snowshoes Overall 

TSL Symbioz Access snowshoes 

These TSL snowshoes are extremely technologically advanced – making them ideal for even the most demanding weather conditions.

Hyperflex technology assures wearers of superb grip, while the frame can adjust to fit the terrain. A quick pull system achieves the perfect fit, which is then secured by the ankle strap with a ratchet fastening.

They suit males or females weighing between 150 and 300 pounds, and come complete with their own storage bag. There are three sizes to choose from. 


  • Shoe flexes to fit the terrain 
  • Quick pull fit with ratchet fastening 
  • Carry bag included


Not a budget option

>> Click here to view these TSL snowshoes for men or women 

>> Click here to view these TSL snowshoes for men or women on Tradeinn

Best Women’s Snowshoes for Beginners 

Atlas Elektra snowshoes for women

Among the best rated women’s snowshoes, the Atlas Elektra is not a budget option – but are the best kind of snowshoes for backcountry or hiking wear in winter.

A particular feature is the spring-loaded suspension, which improves traction while allowing for more freedom of movement. The V-shape ensures you walk straight, which can reduce strain on joints and muscles, and can also help reduce fatigue – as can the comfortable padding. 

They’re also easy to fit, thanks to a toe locator and swift binding straps.


  • Female specific design 
  • Spring loaded suspension 
  • Easy to fit and walk in


  • Higher price tag

>> Click here to see the Atlas Elektra snowshoe for women on Amazon

>> Click here to see the Atlas Elektra snowshoe for women on Backcountry

SaphiRose snowshoes

These SaphiRose snowshoes are actually a unisex design, so they’re good for men or women. You can choose your size, and they come complete with a branded carry bag.

They are great for snowshoeing and hiking in snowy conditions. An aluminum alloy frame allows for flotation in deep snow. These are among the lightest snowshoes around and also some of the best snowshoes for hiking, as a steep incline riser gives added heel lift when required. 


  • Lightweight aluminum frame 
  • Integral incline riser boosts heel lift 
  • Carry bag included 


  • Not gender specific in shape

>> Click here to view these SaphiRose snowshoes for women and men

GV Bear Paw synthetic snowshoes

This GV footwear is a Canadian snowshoe made in the traditional style.

These light weight snowshoes are recommended for long distance hikes, and they offer superior flotation in deep snow. They are also stealthily silent in comparison with other types. If you want the best recreational snowshoes, this style is definitely worth a look.

Another GV option which is differently shaped is also detailed below in the men’s category.


  • Canadian snowshoes 
  • Good, silent flotation 
  • Ideal for long hikes


Bindings must be bought separately

>> Click here to see these Bear Paw snowshoes from GV on Amazon

>> Click here to see these Bear Paw snowshoes from GV on Sail

Best Snowshoes for Men Beginners 

Tubbs men’s Flex STP snowshoes

This pair of men’s Tubbs snowshoes are a great all-rounder, as they can be worn in various depths of snow.

Features placing them among the best rated men’s snowshoes include a one buckle, quick pull binding, plus the fact that even when on uneven ground, an advanced torsion deck increases user comfort. A rotating toe cord means the back end can drop to shed excess snow.

Even on packed ice, 3D traction rails provide great grip too.


  • 3D traction for superior grip 
  • Easy to shed excess snow 
  • Quick pull, one buckle fastening


Basic looks

>> Click here to see these Tubbs snowshoes for men on Amazon

>> Click here to see these Tubbs snowshoes for men on Skis

Crescent Moon Gold 10 snowshoes

These Crescent Moon snowshoes are the best type of snowshoes of backcountry wear, and they are also among the best snowshoes for big guys as they fit up to size 15.

The specially designed frame is teardrop-shaped for improved maneuverability, and they are certainly among the most stylish snowshoes around.

The back-up of a lifetime warranty is reassuring for purchasers, and the design makes them easy to fit with great grip.


  • Ultra-maneuverable frame 
  • Lifetime warranty 
  • Ideal for backcountry use
  • Cons: 
  • More expensive than some

>> Click here to see these Crescent Moon men’s snowshoes on Amazon

>> Click here to see these Crescent Moon men’s snowshoes on Backcountry

GV Huron synthetic snowshoes

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These GV snowshoes offer something completely different. Are they the best men’s snowshoes? GV must be pretty confident, as they offer a 10-year limited warranty.

These traditional snowshoes are made using Appalachian Ash wood, which is combined with synthetic laces for convenience. These laces are cleaner, quieter and stronger than their natural counterparts.

The shape encourages a straight pattern and they offer good flotation in deep snow.


  • Traditional style snowshoe 
  • 10-year limited warranty 
  • Good flotation over snow


Bindings sold separately

>> Click here to see these GV snowshoes for men or women on Amazon

>> Click here to get an authentic vintage paid of Huron snowshoes on Etsy

Best Kids’ Snowshoes for Beginners 

MSR Tyker children’s snowshoes

MSR snowshoes are one of the most sought-after brands, so this highly-rated pair for kids won’t disappoint.

This pair of 17-inch snowshoes from MSR are for boys or girls weighing up to 90 pounds.

To ensure great traction in all conditions, they feature molded traction bars and steel crampons, as well as a very durable deck. MSR have even added child-friendly bindings that are easy to fasten – even while wearing mittens.


  • 3-year warranty 
  • Easy fastening binding system 
  • Steel crampons and traction bars for grip


  • No other color options

>> Click here to see these MSR Tyker snowshoes for kids on Amazon

>> Click here to see these MSR Tyker snowshoes for kids on Backcountry

Atlas Spark snowshoes for kids

These children’s Atlas snowshoes are ideal for active kids. They have a lightweight frame, yet a cleat to the heel and crampon at the toe provide a great level of grip.

These are among the best snowshoes for deep snow as the frame assures the user of efficient flotation. 

A simple grom binding and silicone heel strap makes them easy to fit and comfortable to wear. While walking, the V-frame shape also helps to encourage a natural gait. 


  • Easy fit grom binding 
  • Toe crampon and heel cleat for grip 
  • Effective in deep snow


  • Not the most stylish design 

>> Click here to see the Atlas Spark snowshoe for kids on Amazon

>> Click here to see the Atlas Spark snowshoe for kids on The House

Chinook Trekker snowshoes for children

This pair of Chinook snowshoes comes from a respected brand in the field, yet they are very affordable.

A sturdy yet lightweight frame features an ergonomic design for walking comfort, and is made from aluminum. The bindings and heel straps are quick to fasten and undo, while heel and heavy duty crampons offer effective grip.

Included with the snowshoes is a carry bag, which has shoulder straps as well as side handles, plus built-in pole carriers. 


  • Great value for money 
  • Lightweight yet strong frame 
  • Heavy duty crampons for good grip


  • Design may not appeal to all kids

>> Click here to view this Chinook snowshoe for kids on Amazon

>> Click here to view this Chinook snowshoe for kids on Sport Woot

What are the best snowshoes for beginners?  Frequently Asked Questions 

Which snowshoes are the best? 

Why do you want to buy snowshoes, and how often will you use them? Which are the best snowshoes for you will depend on this – and your budget.
Some snowshoes – such as the traditional types, are suited to long hikes, while others with superior traction are best for trekking up and down hills or on packed ice. 

What kinds of snowshoes are there?

There are snowshoes for kids and adults, and some of the latter are specifically designed for males or females. Then there are traditional snowshoes like those made by Canadian company GV with wooden frames, or modern types made using metals, plastics and fabric. 

What should I look for when choosing the best snowshoes?

Good grip is essential, although how much grip you really need will depend on the type of terrain and intended use. Lightweight snowshoes can help you ‘float’ over deep snow, while footwear that is easy to fit is always a good idea – particularly for kids.

Some snowshoes have added features such as suspension, 3D traction, or a heel riser. Flexibility is useful for rugged or uneven terrain, and some products come with a carry bag. Selected items also include a warranty. 
If you’d prefer more traditional hiking, read my Guide to the Best Microspikes for Hiking.

Which are the best backcountry snowshoes for you? 

Whether you want the best snowshoes for recreational use close to home or even for active trips away, we hope this guide has helped you track down the perfect pair. Owning a pair of the best beginner snowshoes opens up so many winter possibilities, both in our National Parks and elsewhere. 

Happy snowshoeing!  

Do you have any other recommendations for the best entry level snowshoes? I’d love to hear them.  Join my private Facebook group National Parks Collectors and comment and let me know.

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The Best Snowhoes_ For Women, Men and Kids
Find the Best Snowshoes_ Complete Guide for Beginners

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