The Best Tent Heater for Camping: A Complete Guide

How do you begin when choosing between portable tent heaters for camping? What’s the best way to heat a tent when camping?  

This handy guide should help you decide. A range of tent warmers for camping are featured, so whether you want a winter camping tent heater or a small propane heater for a tent, this guide will help you narrow down the options.

Various features – such as auto shut off when low oxygen levels are detected or if the heater is tipped over – are included on safe camping heaters for tents. This means you can easily stay safe while remaining warm and dry. Read on to find your ideal safe tent heater for camping.

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The Best Heaters for Tent Camping_ Reviews and Recommendations
Heat Your Tent While Camping_ The Best Camping Heaters

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Our pick for the best camping heater for a tent

Our number one pick overall is the Campy Gear 2 in 1, propane fueled heater that also doubles as a camping stove.

Why buy the Campy Gear 2 in 1 Heater and Stove?

Although some of the electric heaters featured here are great, we wanted to feature something more portable. This Campy Gear heater can also be used to cook dinner – and having a hot meal inside you can also help to keep you warm 😉 . It also saves you carrying an extra item around.

>> See the Campy Gear 2 in 1 Stove and Heater

Best Heater for Tent Camping Comparison Guide

To make it easier to find the best heater for a tent, this comparison chart lists all of the top pick heaters for camping tents, so you can see them all together.  We have included the type of heater (by fuel), as well as price categories and ratings.

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NameImageFuel TypeRatingPrice
Campy Gear 2 in 1 Propane10.0CHECK NOW
Mr Heater Little Buddy Propane9.8CHECK NOW
Honeywell Surround Heater Electric 9.3CHECK NOW
Minetom Ceramic Heater Electric 8.9CHECK NOW
Honeywell Tower HeaterElectric 9.6CHECK NOW
Vsanstar Backpacking Heater Gas Stove 9.0CHECK NOW
Texsport Sportsmate Propane9.2CHECK NOW
Mr Heater Radiant Heater Propane9.9CHECK NOW
12V Diesel Air Heater Diesel 9.1CHECK NOW
Convection Kerosene Wick Heater Kerosene 9.7CHECK NOW
Stanbroil Wood Burning Heater Wood 9.5CHECK NOW

Best Tent Heaters for Camping Categories 

Best heaters for tents – general 

A selection of the best camping heaters for tents includes some propane heater camping options, as well as several that require electricity. One is even designed to double as a cooking stove. 

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Best propane heater for tent camping 

Although we feature propane camping heaters in the general section, this one contains our top pick for that category. A Mr Heater tent heater is our favorite portable gas heater for camping. 

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Best electric camping heater 

Our number one electric tent heater for camping is made by Stanley – a brand well known for its robust, heavy products often preferred by tradespersons.  

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Best diesel heater for tent 

A portable diesel heater is another option when it comes to fueling your tent heater. This one is both powerful and energy efficient. 

Jump straight to best diesel-powered in tent heater

Best kerosene tent heater 

Kerosene is another alternative for those who cannot access mains power when camping. Our chosen product is effective as well as portable. 

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Best tent wood stove heater 

If you like the idea of a wood burning tent heater, then takes a look at this category. The item featured can even be used for backyard cooking too. 

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Finding the Best Portable Heater for Camping – Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best heater for camping? 

The answer to this question can depend on available power sources. Electric heaters are affordable, safe and efficient, but they also require that power. Other alternatives include propane, kerosene, diesel and even wood. Take a look at our top picks in each category to see what might suit your needs best.  

Is a tent heater safe? 

Most space heaters are actually packed with safety features. The majority will switch off automatically if they detect low levels of oxygen, overheat or are tipped over. They may also have a programmable off function. So yes, they are built very much with user safety in mind.

What about a winter tent heater? 

A good tent heater can help to make winter camping trips a realistic option. Combine a source of heat with thermal clothing and a good sleeping bag and you can stay toasty all night long – even when it’s freezing outside. 

Can I cook on my heater? 

A couple of the options featured here can also be used as a small camping stove, or for backyard cooking when at home.  

The Best Camping Tent Heaters – General 

Mr Heater Little Buddy propane heater 

If you want a highly portable propane heater for camping, take a look at Mr Heater’s Little Buddy. It’s ideal for heating a tent with up to 95 square feet of inside space.

This one also has double auto shut offs for safety in the event of it tipping over or low oxygen levels. A key selling point of this one is how light and easy to carry it is.

>> See this tent safe propane heater on Amazon

>> See this tent safe propane heater on Walmart

Honeywell 360-degree fan forced heater 

This Honeywell surround heat tent heater uses fan forced technology to provide energy efficient space heating. For safety, it has an auto-off timer option, tip over switch, double overheat protection and a cool touch handle.

This also makes it highly portable. If you have mains power access when camping, then this Honeywell heater is ideal. 

>> See this portable electric heater for camping on Amazon

>> See this portable electric heater for camping on Walmart

Minetom ceramic space seater 

Like some other electric tent heaters for camping, this Minetom space heater puts ceramic technology to good use.

This very affordable option is also energy efficient, so it’s great if you can access mains power or have your own source. It also has a carry handle, plus that all important tip over shut off and overheat protection. 

>> See this portable tent heater for camping on Amazon

>> See this portable tent heater for camping on Alibaba

Campy Gear 2 in 1 propane heater 

Our first pick in the general category is this small propane tent heater that doubles as a cooking stove.

It’s designed to heat your tent space during chilly periods – and to help you prepare a hot meal.

With dual safety controls and an adjustable cooking flame, it is designed to keep you warm even in the coldest weather conditions. 

>> See this propane camp heater and stove on Amazon

>> See this propane camp heater and stove on Walmart

Honeywell digital ceramic tower heater 

If you have a large tent space to heat, then this larger Honeywell heater will do the job.

It offers a 1500 watt output and 2 heat settings. It even has a built-in dust filter and is energy efficient.

For safety there is also overheat and tip-over protection plus a programmable thermostat and auto-off option. The oscillating heat should ensure every corner of the tent stays cozy. 

>> See this portable heater for your tent on Amazon

>> See this portable heater for your tent on Walmart

Vsanstar mini camping heater 

This is the most compact heater we feature here.

You will need to use it conjunction with a camping stove. If you already have one of those – or are buying one anyway – then this is ideal for generating heat both indoors and out.

This durable little heater has a handle, and even a carry bag to store and transport it in. 

>> See this backpacking tent heater  

TexsportSportsmate portable propane heater 

The portability of this model makes it one of the best propane tent heaters for camping. It is also highly rated and very versatile.

The burner is fully adjustable and it has a strong, sturdy and stable paddle foot base. If the flame goes out, this propane heater will shut off automatically.

This product is great for use when camping both indoors and out.  

>> See this tent propane heater on Amazon

>> See this tent propane heater on Walmart

Best Propane Heater for Camping 

The top propane camping heater is this highly rated, heavy duty Mr Heater product.

This safe propane tent heater is approved for indoor and outdoor use, so it’s ideal for use during chilly evenings outside too. A clean burning heater, it gives out radiant heat for tents with up to 225 square feet of interior space.

There is also a handle plus tip-over and overheat protection. 

>> See this tent heater that uses propane on Amazon

>> See this tent heater that uses propane on Walmart

Best Electric Tent Heater 

To power the electricity, pick up a generator for camping.

Our choice for best electric camping heater is the robust and portable Stanley space heater.

Using electricity, it’s suitable for those who have a power source of their own or access to mains. It heats up very quickly and offers a choice of two heat settings.

Like other heaters we feature, safety is assured by the auto-off switch that operates if it is knocked over.  

>> See this inside tent heater on Amazon

>> See this inside tent heater on Vevor

Best Diesel Tent Heater 

This No. 32 portable diesel air heater attracts great reviews and is suitable for on-the-go use.

It has low fuel consumption but is capable of heating a space rapidly. A powerful source of heat, this includes a muffler to reduce noise.

It can be permanently installed inside an RV, van, motorhome or boat, or used as a portable heat source inside a tent or room. 

>> See this diesel outdoor tent heater 

Best Tent Kerosene Heater 

Want a kerosene heater in your tent? Our top pick in this category is this World Marketing of America compact kerosene wick heater.

This offers another alternative to propane tent heaters, where mains power is not available. The fuel tank can hold over a gallon and it provides radiant heat for up to 450 square feet of tent space.

Its compact size makes it ideal for taking away on camping trips.  

>> See this tent camping heater on Amazon

>> See this tent camping heater on Walmart

Best Tent Wood Heater 

A portable wood stove tent heater provides another alternative to mains or propane power. This Stanbroil wood burning stove is very versatile, and can be used for backyard cooking as well as camping.

As it’s simple to transport and to assemble it can easily be used both at home and when away.

You can save money as the large fuel chamber can make use of foraged branches, twigs or even pine cones, and the fume output is low.   

>> See this wood burning tent stove heater on Amazon

>> See this wood burning tent stove heater on Dessertcart

Which is the best portable camping heater for your tent? 

All the best safe tent heaters for camping are listed here – which you choose is down to your needs. Whether you want a small camping heater for solo travels or are considering heaters for tents for winter camping trips, we hope you find just what you want to help you stay warm.  

Happy camping!   

Do you have another pick for the best camping tent heater?  I’d love to know what it is.  Join my private Facebook group National Parks Collectors and comment and let me know.  

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Heat Your Tent While Camping_ The Best Camping Heaters
The Best Heaters for Tent Camping_ Reviews and Recommendations

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