The Best 6 Person Tent in 2024: A Complete Guide

Whether you know what kind of tent for 6 people you want, or you’re looking to find out what the best rated 6-person tents are, this post will guide you through the process of choosing the most appropriate six-man tent for your needs.

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Method Used 

In order to make a list that can actually be considered ‘best’, I did a comprehensive review of the top 6-person tents on the market, including those for sale on Amazon, REI and other major sellers.  I looked at all the features and read all the reviews.  Using my expertise and experience, I applied a system of review using the key things to look for when choosing a 6-berth tent (see the Buying Guide section below the 6 person tent reviews for more details on these).  

Based on those, I narrowed my list of 6-people tents down to a top ten.  

I then took each of these on a weekend camping trip and paid special attention to each of the key things that go into making a tent that sleeps 6 the best 6-person camping tent on the market.  Where the trip didn’t give me a chance to asses everything, e.g., if it didn’t rain, I did a test at home so I could fully assess all tents equally. I gave each of these considerations a rating based on my personal experience.  

Not all of the 6-person camping tents on my initial top ten list made the cut.  I’ve only included the top 7 tents because these are the ones that rose to the top and are worthy of including here.   

A note about updating: I check every year for new tents on the market and updated models so this list stays up-to-date. 

How to use this buying guide for the best six-person tent  

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⛺ Below you’ll find 6-person tent reviews of my shortlist so you have some choices.   

❓ I’ve also included more information about major things to consider when making your decision. 

See the top rated 6-person tent here 

Do you want to cut right to the chase and check out my top-rated 6-person tent before reading about the other options listed?

1. The North Face Wawona 6 Person Tent

Item Weight20 lbs 15 oz 
Size (packed up)25” x 13.5” x 11”  
Size (set up)96”W x 120”L (main cabin) + 45” (main part of vestibule) + 36” second part of vestibule) 
HeightH: 76” top of dome | 74” top of vestibule | 64” lower part of vestibule  
Floor Area86.11 Square Feet 
StyleDome + Vestibule 
Seasons4 Season 
Number of rooms
Occupant Capacity
PriceCheck current price on Amazon

Why buy The North Face Wawona six people tent?

The North Face Wawona 6 is similar to the Wawona 4, but with a much larger vestibule. The main tent is easy to put up with color coded poles, pole sleeve and grommets.  I found the poles snagged going through the pockets – you need to unsnag them then continue to push them through gently.  It can take a bit of strength to fit the poles into the grommets – it can help to unpeg the base temporarily if this happens.

The rainfly creates a large vestibule and is a little confusing at first, but take note of the shape from the picture – this helps a lot.  

The main downside of the tent is that although you can technically fit 6 people, it’s a tight fit and there is very little space left over for gear or to move around.  It’s much more comfortable for 4 people and can take a queen and a double or a queen and two single air mattresses.   

One thing that does help create more space is the fact that the front wall is vertical and the front section has a more or less flat ceiling, which extends the inside space. The vestibule is really big and creates a really comfortable additional living space. 

north face wawona 6P vestibule
The large awning on The North Face Wawona 6P tent

There is plenty of storage with 9 storage pockets – 4 on the back wall, 3 on the small back door and two on the side near the front. There are also 5 loops for hanging things inside plus another 3 loops in the vestibule.  

I love that it has two doors, so you can get out easily in the middle of the night without climbing over everyone. However, the two doors are not equal. The front door is in a flat front door and has an easy to sue single zip. The back door doubles as a widow and has two layers – mesh, with 3 storage pockets, and a sold outside layer.

The downside is that to roll the door away, you need to roll up each separately, as they share a toggle that gets hidden in between them if you try to roll them up together. 

The tent has great ventilation. There is a mesh ceiling plus a mostly mesh front door.  The vestibule has two side doors, which roll up completely.  The back door has two layers, so the sold layer can be rolled up leaving a mesh window.  There are two small ventilation sections in the side near the front plus two side windows.  The side windows can be guyed out to create some space and increase ventilation even when it’s raining. 

ventilation panel on side of The North Face Wawona tent
The North Face Wawona tent has great ventilation [photo: James Ian from Parks Collecting]

The one downside to these side windows is that you can’t roll them up or down from the inside.  So, if starts to rain, you need to go outside to roll them down. 

The tent has double stitched seams that are all sealed where not covered by the rain fly.  It rained heavily the weekend I took this for a spin and even after hours and hours of very heavy rain and some wind, the entire inside of the tent stayed completely dry with no dampness at all. Of course, the vestibule doesn’t have a floor and the sides don’t go fully down to the ground, so this is not a place to hang out in heavy rain.  

There is a footprint (sold separately) that I recommend using to prolong the life of your tent. Get the footprint for the North Face Wawona 6P tent on Amazon here or on REI here




  • The large vestibule creates a lot of additional living space. 
  • It has 9 storage pockets so there is plenty of space to keep your gear off the floor. 
  • It has great ventilation, with most of the front wall being mesh, plus a mesh ceiling, two side doors on the vestibule, two additional vents and the possibility to guy the side windows out to create more airflow even in the rain. 
  • It stays dry even in strong rain and wind. 


  • Although this is rated as a 4-season 6-person tent, with so much mesh, it’s not great in really cold weather. 
  • While the vestibule is big, the main cabin is small for 6 people.  It’s much better for 4 people. 
  • The windows can only be rolled down from the outside – not great if you’re inside when it starts raining. 
  • If you want to roll the back door up, you need to roll the mesh and the main cover separately. 


Consideration  Rating (/5) 
Ease of set up 4.5 
Weather resistance 4.7 
Durability 4.5 
Value for Money 4.5 
TOTAL 18.2 / 20  
north face wawona 6P on lawn

What makes this my number one choice

This tent is a great all-rounder.  With a huge vestibule and great ventilation, it’s a great tent to hang out in.  And if you’re caught in bad weather, you’ll stay dry and protected even in lots of heavy rain.

The North Face Wawona 6P tent is best for … 

.. a family or group of 3 or 4 people who might camp in the rain but want plenty of outdoor/ indoor living space. 

Best 6-Man Tent Comparison Guide 

To make it easier to decide between tents, the following table lists each product’s key features, so you can see at a glance the main benefits of each.

6-person tents offer different amounts of space, and vary in terms of how easy they are to put up and whether or not they are suitable for year-round use. The chart also gives you some idea of the price range and our overall score.

NameImageTypeNo. of RoomsRating (/20)Price
Ayamaya Pop Up


Dome with vestibule Popup216.5CHECK NOW
Coleman Skydome Darkroom


Dome117.2CHECK NOW
Coleman Evanston


Dome with vestibule217.3CHECK NOW
Coleman Montana


Dome116.4CHECK NOW
Coleman Dome


Dome216.7CHECK NOW
CORE Instant


Cabin Instant116.7CHECK NOW
The North Face Wawona 6P


Dome with vestibule218.2CHECK NOW

The other top contenders for best 6-person tent reviews

When looking for a tent for 6-person camping trips, although The North Face Wawona is my top pick, there are several others that made my shortlist and might be more suitable for your budget, your group or family and the types of trips you’ll take. here are my other top picks: 

2. Coleman Evanston Tent

Item Weight 8.82 lbs 
Size (packed up) 28 x 10.25 x 9 inches 
Size (set up) 120″L x 108″W + screen room is 120″ L x 60″W 
Height  71″ 
Floor Area 140 Square Feet 
Style  Dome 
Seasons  4 Season 
Number of rooms  
Occupant Capacity
PriceCheck price on Amazon

OK, technically the Coleman Evanston is a 6-person tent (they also have an 8-person model), but if you’re looking for a 4-person tent with vestibule, this is a great option. 

First and foremost, it comes with a vestibule that is screened in and has a floor.  Most vestibules are just an extra space created by the rainfly, but this is actually a second room in the tent.  This is great if you want to sit in a screened area and escape the bugs. This is my favorite feature of this tent. 

However, that’s not all I loved about it. It has plenty of space for 4 people (you can fit 6, but you’d be tight). You can fit a queen and a double air mattress plus two single sleeping pads and still have some room for storing your gear.  

There are only two small pockets for personal items, but there is also a loop at the top to hang a lantern. 

The main tent is easy to put up, with two poles color-coded that slip through sleeves.  There’s an additional (grey) pole for the vestibule, but it was pretty straightforward.  The rainfly can be a little confusing – the green part is over the screen room and the white part is over the main body. The pole with the rounded edges goes at the front of the rain fly. It took me about 20minutes to put up by myself and less than 15 minutes to pack away. 

The screen room is my favorite feature, but also the biggest downside. The rainfly doesn’t cover most of the screen room, so it gets totally wet when it rains, and the water is a pain to get out again. Take something you can use to wipe the water out after the rain.  

The body the tent is good in light rain, helped by the bathtub floor. However, because not all the seams are taped, it leaked a little after a heavy rain test I did.  

The highest part of the ceiling is just under 6 feet, so I couldn’t stand up straight (you could if you’re shorter, obviously). And because it’s a dome, the rest is even lower. This was OK, but I do love a tent I don’t need to stoop in. 

Ventilation is good. There are windows on three sides, plus a small ventilation window at the top that you can keep open in the rain.  



  • The tent is very roomy for four people and can fit a queen-size and a double air bed with ample space to move around.  
  • The full-floor screen room keeps bugs out and provides a great space for lounging.  
  • It’s great value for money with a low price and good quality. 
  • The tent is pretty easy to set up and comes with a carry bag for convenient storage. 


  • The rainfly doesn’t cover the entire tent, so the screen room gets totally drenched in rain and it’s hard to get all the water out. 
  • The packed-up size is bigger than many similar sized tents. 
  • Not all the seams are taped, so it can leak a little after extended heavy rain. 


ConsiderationRating (/5)
Ease of set up 4.5 
Weather resistance 4.1 
Durability 4.0 
Value for Money 4.1 
TOTAL 16.6 / 20  

How to Erect the Coleman Evanston 6 Person Tent

Follow this video of me setting up the Coleman Evanston 6-person tent:

A great budget 6-person tent with vestibule

What makes this special

Overall, this is a great tent for the price. It’s got plenty of space, with a roomy interior and a good-sized bug-free screen room so you can hang out without dealing with bugs. It’s easy to set up and take down, making for an easy and comfortable camping experience.

The Coleman Evanston tent is best for … 

… budget-conscious campers in drier climates who want protection from the bugs, plenty of space and ease of setup.  

3. Coleman Skydome Darkroom Tent

Item Weight16.5 lbs
Size (packed up)‎‎‎‎24 x 8.2 x 7.9 inches
Size (set up)120″L x 102″W
Height 72″
Floor Area83.75 Square Feet
Style Dome
Seasons 4 Season
Number of rooms 1
Occupant Capacity6

The Coleman Skydome darkroom tent is a new model of the Coleman Sundome tent. It’s even easier to put up, with pre-attached poles at the back of the tent that are pre-bent. they slip easily into pockets at the front and then clip to attach along the length of the poles. it’s described as a 5-minute setup, which is a little optimistic, but it took me just over 10 minutes by myself.  

The darkroom technology is my favorite feature. The fabric really does cut out most light. This is good if you home to sleep in, but for me, the best thing about it is that it cuts down the heat. I took this on a hot weekend and the tent stayed much cooler than other tents I’ve been in in similar weather. 

There is one main storage pocket (small) for personal items, plus another that is mainly to stash the door if you want it open. There is another gear loft at the ceiling.  

Ventilation is pretty good, with mesh walls and windows. The door is pretty big but the rain guard o the door is kind of annoying. It changes sides half way down, so the zipper snags really easily.  

The main downside, however, is its performance in bad weather. The seals are taped, and there is a bathtub floor and it was fine in light rain. However, I did a heavy rain test at home and the seam where the bathtub floor meets the wall of the tent started to leak when exposed to constant heavy ‘rain’ for half an hour. Definitely seal all the seams!  

It’s also not great in strong wind. There are 6 guy ropes, but they only attach to the rain fly. It does not stand up to very strong wind. 

However, in decent weather conditions, especially in the heat, it’s a great tent.

It can fit 6 sleeping pads, but this is tight. It fits a queen and a double mattress easily, so is ideal for 4 people.  

It’s best used with a separate ground tarp to prolong its life.




  • Super easy to set up with pre-attached, pre-bent poles, and clips instead of sleeves. 
  • The darkroom technology not only blocks out light so you can sleep in, it also keeps the tent cooler. 
  • Great value for money.


  • It isn’t great in strong wind and heavy rains.  
  • It’s also not great in very cold weather, despite being listed as one of the four season six-berth tents in Coleman’s range.  It’s best for warmer weather. 
  • Not much storage is provided. 


ConsiderationRating (/5)
Ease of set up 4.6 
Weather resistance 3.9 
Durability 4.4 
Value for Money 4.3 
TOTAL 17.2/ 20  

What makes this special

The darkroom technology not only blocks out light, it also blocks heat, keeping the inside of the tent cool in summer. With this technology and decent ventilation, this is a great summer tent that’s quick and easy to set up and pack up.

The Coleman Skydome darkroom 6P tent is best for … 

… a family or group of four people wo are camping in warm, windless weather.

4. Coleman Carlsbad Dome Tent

Item Weight 21.33 lbs 
Size (packed up) ‎27.6 x 10.8 x 9.8 inches 
Size (set up) 120″L x 68″W 
Height  108” 
Floor Area 90 Square Feet 
Style  Dome 
Seasons  1 Season 
Number of rooms  
Occupant Capacity 
PriceCheck current price on Amazon

There are several Coleman tents for 6-persons and this is good option. The tent is easy to set up – connect poles to a sprocket at the top center and attach the tent with clips. The front pole for the screen room also has a center sprocket. It took me about 12 minutes to set it up. The poles aren’t color coded. The shorter pole with the black ends is for the rain fly – the pole goes horizontally from side to side.  

The tent comes with Colemen’s dark room technology. However, the lower part of the tent has a light fabric, so more light gets int than other tents with the darkroom technology. While it doesn’t, therefore, block out 90% of light as claimed, it does still help block heat and keeps the tent cool

The tent has a screen room with a floor, which is a mixed bag. Ot’s nice to sit outside behind a screen, btu there are two sections at the bottom that are open, so bugs can still creep in. Plus, the screen room isn’t covered with the rain fly, so it gets soaked when it rains. There’s a mesh strip in the floor near the main body of the tent for drainage, but it it’s still a bit of a pain to wipe all the water out.  

Ventilation is good, with three windows and a ventilation panel at the back.  

The tent has bathtub floor and some of the seams not covered by the rainfly are inverted, and it was fine in light rain. However, when I tested it out in heavy rain, there was some leakage along the seam of the floor and the main body of the tent. You’ll need to seal the seams before setting out on your first camping trip.



  • Dark room technology helps keep it cool. 
  • Fairly easy to set up, despite no color coding. 
  • It’s an OK size, though still more comfortable for four people.  
  • Good ventilation, with three windows with awnings and a ventilation panel.


  • The front screen room gets wet in the rain. 
  • Not suitable for very heavy rain.


ConsiderationRating (/5)
Ease of set up 4.3 
Weather resistance 4.0 
Durability 4.2 
Value for Money 4.2 
TOTAL 16.7/ 20  

What makes this special

This is a good budget tent if you’re looking for a tent that will stay cool in warm weather. Good ventilation and the darkroom technology keep the tent cooler than most. the screen room provides some protection form bugs (though not the rain).

This Coleman Carlsbad dome tent is best for … 

… summer camping trips where you want some protection from the heat and bugs. It’s ideal for people on a budget looking for an easy tent to set up and pack away.

5. CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Best 6-Person Instant Tent

Item Weight 14.15 Pounds 
Size (packed up) 47 x 9.05 x 9.05 inches 
Size (set up) 132″L x 108″Ws 
Height  72″ 
Floor Area ‎99 Square Feet 
Style  Square 
Seasons  3 Season 
Number of rooms  
Occupant Capacity 
Price Check price on Amazon

This isn’t a popup tent, but is an “Instant” tent with a very short setup time. It took me just about 5 minutes to put up. The poles are built in – you lay the tent out, then extend the telescoping legs, stake it down and you’re done. There are some guy ropes for additional stability.  

The guys at the side also pull the sides out from the mesh walls to create some ventilation. (These do allow some dust and wind in in windy conditions, though, as the inner walls are mesh and can’t be closed up. Additional ventilation is provided in the side windows. 

A tip for the rain fly – the “Core” log is at the center front. 

There’s a e-port flap with a Velcro cover so you feed an extension cord into the tent if you’re at a campground with hookups.  

The take down is also pretty easy. You push a button on each leg to retract the telescoping legs, then fold the legs into each other, then pull them into the center, tucking it all away.  

The downside of this is that it’s pretty big all packed away. It has a carry bag, but this is bigger than most 6-person tents. 

One of the things I like is that it’s a cabin tent, so the walls are pretty vertical. It’s 6 feet tall, which I am too, so I can stand up in it. This helps create more space and also means that I can walk around in it without bending over. 

Like almost all 6-perosn tents, to fit 6 people is really tight. It’s much more comfortable for 3 or 4 people. It does have a large gear oft on the side where you can store a reasonable amount of stuff off the floor.  

I did a light rain test and there were no leaks. However, in a heavy rain test, there was some leakage at the seams where the walls meet the floor. It’s not a bathtub floor and the seams are inverted but not taped. I recommend sealing these seams before heading out if you’re going to be in heavy rain. One small thing, too, is that the front door mat gets soaked in the rain and because it’s attached, you can’t hang it out to dry.  



  • Very quick and easy to set up. 
  • It’s tall (and has a similar height the whole tent), so I could stand up in the whole tent. 
  • The poles are steel, which is more durable than fiberglass. 
  • Good sized gear locker for storage. 
  • Decent ventilation. 


  • Some leakage in heavy rain – the floor isn’t a bathtub style and the floor/ wall seams aren’t sealed. 
  • The ground-level vents allowed dust inside in windy conditions. 
  • Big pack size.


ConsiderationRating (/5)
Ease of set up4.7 
Weather resistance 3.9 
Durability 4.2 
Value for Money 3.9 
TOTAL 16.7/ 20  

Overall, this is a very easy cabin-style tent to set up and pack up. It is comfortable for 3 – 4 people.

What makes this special

This Core Instant Cabin 6-person tent is best for … 

… people looking for a quick and easy setup who’ll be car camping in good weather and want a tent they can stand up in. 

6. Ayamaya Pop Up Tent

An easy 6 person pop up tent

Item Weight 10 Pounds 
Size (packed up) 36.25 x 36 x 2.5 inches 
Size (set up) 150″L x 102″W 
Height  51″ 
Floor Area 106.25 Square Feet 
Style  Dome 
Seasons  4 Season 
Number of rooms  
Occupant Capacity 
Price Check price on Amazon 

Despite its size, this is a true popup tent, so it’s extremely easy to set up.  The poles are built in, so you just remove the attached strap and it pops up.  You can throw it into the air to pop it up, though this puts some stress on the poles, so I prefer to put it on the ground and gently nudge it out into position.  Then you stake it at front and back and it’s ready to use.  There are eight guy ropes, with stakes included, which I recommend unless there is no wind at all. 

It’s also easy to take down.  You fold it into a big circle, then fold that into a figure eight to make a smaller circle, loop over the attached strap and put it into the carry bag. 

The carry bag has a handle at the top and also two straps that you can use to carry it like a backpack. The circle is mostly flat and can be cinched tighter with the two backpack straps for storage, but does have a 3-feet diameter so it’s not tiny. 

A nice feature is the vestibule and awning.  There is a small vestibule with a floor. The front door of the vestibule opens up and with two poles and guy ropes (included), it creates an awning that provides additional shade.  However, the floor of the vestibule is clipped, with some space, so the front wall, so water can get in and on the floor when it rains. There is a zippered e-port so you can run an extension cord into the main cabin. 

The main cabin has two layers, which provides some ventilation and helps prevent condensation.  There are two smallish windows on the sides.  One of them has a zipper, so you can reach through and roll up the outside flap (Velcro at the bottom half and a zipper at the top half) from the inside, but the other window doesn’t have a zipper on the mesh screen, so you can only roll/ unroll it from the outside. 

There is also a small ventilation flap at the back that you can prop open. In general, the ventilation is OK, but not that great.  However, the back wall of the inside layer is mesh and it’s possible to unclip the outside layer at the back and roll it up, which then creates much more airflow. 

One thing – the tent is very small for 6 people – it’s much more suitable for 4 people.  Especially with rounded ends, which creates a small space at the end that can’t fit a mattress. 

There are two small pockets on the sides where you can store small personal items.  There’s a loop at the top for a lantern. 

Despite the manufacturer’s claims of being waterproof (it features a 4000mm PU-coated groundsheet and 3000mm PU-coated roof plus heat sealed seams), and it supposedly being a 4-season tent, this is not a good tent if you’ll be in heavy rain or wind.  It stayed dry in a light rain test, but when I tested it for heavy rain, there was some leakage.  And despite the guy ropes, it does not stand up well in strong wind.  



  • It’s very portable – it’s lightweight for a 6-perosn tent and has a carry handle and backpack-type straps on the pouch. 
  • It’s super easy to set up and easy to take down. 
  • The front door opens up to create a shade awning. 
  • It has a zippered e-port.


  • It’s not ideal for heavy rain or wind 
  • The ventilation is average and the tent can get hot – unclip and roll up the back wall.  
  • It’s very small for 6 people – it’s much better for four. 


ConsiderationRating (/5)
Ease of set up 4.8 
Weather resistance 3.8 
Durability 3.9 
Value for Money 4.0 
TOTAL 16.5/ 20  

What makes this special

This is one of the few 6-person pop up tent options – most are smaller. It’s very easy to set up and pack away, and comes with carry case with backpack straps, so it’s very portable.  

The Ayamaya double layer popup 6 person tent is best for … 

… a group or family or 4 who don’t want the hassle of a complicated setup and will be camping in fairly good weather. 

7. Coleman Montana tent

A top contender for the best tent for a family of 4

Item Weight 20.6 Pounds 
Size (packed up) 26.3 x 8.6 x 8.4 inches 
Size (set up) 144″L x 85″W 
Height  68″ 
Floor Area 112 Square Feet 
Style  Dome 
Seasons  3 Season 
Number of rooms  
Occupant Capacity6  
PriceCheck price on Amazon

The Coleman Montana can actually sleep up to 6 people, but is on the smaller end of 6-person tents so is really ideal for 4 people. It fits two queen-sized airbeds easily, plus two single sleeping pads.  

The tent is fairly easy to put up, though it does have 5 poles, so takes about 15 minutes. It was a little confusing the first time around – I recommend setting it up at home for the first time before heading out on a camping trip.  Put up the two main poles (through sleeves), then the two sides and then the front awning. 

The wide arched front awning with flared sides is my favorite feature. It creates a nice protected area so you can shelter from the sun and wind and provides additional protection in rain.  

It has a WeatherTec system, a bathtub floor, wide door awning and angled windows, so I was expecting it to hold up well in bad weather and I wasn’t disappointed. I tested this out in wind and rain and it stood up really well and didn’t leak at all.  

The angled windows, together with side windows and a mesh ceiling, help create good ventilation.  

There are two small pockets for keeping personal items, which was great, though it would have been nicer to have a little more off-the-floor storage. 

I’m 6 feet tall and couldn’t stand up straight, which was a shame, but if you’re a bit shorter, you’ll be fine. 

A great feature if you’re camping at campsites with electric hookups is the E-powerport, so you can feed a cord into the tent to power electric items.  



  • The tent is a good size for 4 people and can comfortably fit 2 queen size air beds.  
  • The extended door awning keeps shoes and gear dry, which is a great feature when camping in wet conditions, as well as providing additional shelter from the sun and/ or wind. 
  • The e-powerport so you can put an electric cord into the tent through the bottom corner is super convenient if you’re somewhere with electric hookups.   


  • The tent is quite heavy at 20.55 pounds, so it’s best suited for families who are camping near their vehicle.  
  • Tall people can’t stand up fully. 
  • It’s not ideal for cold weather camping – stick to warmer weather.  


ConsiderationRating (/5)
Ease of set up 3.9 
Weather resistance 4.2 
Durability 4.2 
Value for Money 4.1 
TOTAL 16.4 / 20  

What makes this special

Overall, the Coleman Montana Camping Tent is an excellent choice for families or small groups of 4 looking for a little more space. The awning over the front door creates a great space for sheltering from the sun and wind, extending living space into the outdoors comfortably.  

The Coleman Montana 6P tent is best for … 

… budget-conscious small groups or families of up to four who’ll be camping in warm – cool (not very cold) weather who want a little more space.

6 Person Tents Buying Guide: Key Considerations


There are several factors that will affect what the best six people tent is for you. Here are some key things to consider when choosing a tent for 6 persons:

What kind of trips do you want to take?

A lightweight tent can make all the difference when you have to carry that and all your other kit around with you. Bigger tents and those with fixed frames tend to be heavier, which is fine if you will be driving – but what if you’re not?

Family camping trips are likely to mean you need a larger tent, perhaps one that has added storage areas and standing room. In this case it may be worth looking past a 4-6-person tent in favor of a larger, 6-8-man tent.

How much do you want to spend?

Cash is one of the primary considerations. How much do you want to spend? Would you be willing to stretch the budget for certain, desirable features? A bigger budget will mean you have more choice, but there are also plenty of cheap 6-man tent options too.

A basic, lightweight 6-person tent, for example, might not cost too much, while if you require a 6-person 3-season tent that may cost you more.       

How often will the tent be used?

If you’re planning regular camping trips, then maybe you could calculate the tent’s cost per use when considering a higher price tag. Features such as a pop up or lightweight design, or 6-person waterproof tent, may be worth investing in to ensure you make the most of your precious vacation time.

Would a pop up tent be best for you?

A pop up tent will be the easiest to erect. However other types can have their own distinct advantages. Remember that if camp regularly, you should soon be able to put your tent up really quickly as you gain experience. Pop up tents are very convenient, but insisting upon one could mean losing out on other useful features.

How much space do you need? 

If a family or group of 6 is going camping, that does not restrict you only to 5-6-man tents. A larger tent that could sleep more people might give you extra space you could use for storage or daytime living space.

A 6-person 2 room tent, for instance, would also give you added privacy, while any tent with one or more vestibules would give you more storage options.

Do you want a tent you can use all year round?

If you don’t want the weather to stop your camping trips, then perhaps you need to look out for a 4-season tent. 6-person tents that can be used during fall and winter, as well as spring and summer, are ideal for year-round use. As long as you invest in some warm sleeping bags and thermal clothing too, of course.

Which is the Best 6 Person Tent for You?

We rate all the tents listed here very highly – as do numerous satisfied owners. To read more reviews, click on the links below each product listing. What the best tent for you is will depend on factors such as your family or group size, your budget and your preferences.

Whether you’re just planning one camping trip or intend to use your tent for may happy years of outdoor living, I hope this guide makes the selection process a little simpler and faster. Get out there and explore – and enjoy the special experience of sleeping under canvas.

Happy camping!

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