The Best 6 Person Tent: A Complete Guide

Whether you know what kind of tent for 6 people you want, or you’re looking to find out what the best rated 6-person tents are, this post will guide you through the process of choosing the most appropriate six-man tent for your needs.

I list all the top 6-person tents, including instant, dome, cheap, family, vestibule, camping and four season six-berth tents. There are also some 6-person tent reviews and recommendations to help you make up your mind. I’ve tried out many tents, and every 6-people tent included here has passed my quality tests.

The Best 6-Person Tent Reviews

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The Best 6-Person Tent_Complete Buyers Guide

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See the top rated 6-person tent here 

Do you want to cut right to the chase and check out my top-rated 6-person tent before reading about the other options listed?

There were several contenders in this case, and I’ve included several tents in three or more categories each. While the Ayamaya pop up tent and the Mobihome instant are packed with features at a great price, the Coleman Evanston swings it based on overall quality you expect from Coleman combined with the backing of a one-year limited warranty.

You can find out more about this best buy tent by reading on, or click the link immediately below to see additional reviews and the tent’s current price for yourself.

>> Click here to see my best overall 6-person tent, the Coleman Evanston

Why buy the Coleman Evanston?

You can find out more about features of the Coleman Evanston in the categories below, but in case you’re in hurry, here is the lowdown on this 6-berth tent’s key features.

Firstly, this tent has a separate vestibule area, and I find this super useful. It creates a barrier between sleeping occupants the weather, and bugs, for a start. It can also act as a storage area – or somewhere for the dog to sleep.

Even if you don’t need it for any of those reasons, it’s also somewhere to leave wet weather gear and shoes when coming in from the rain. Speaking of which, this tent is rain and windproof, with welded corners, rainfly and inverted seams.

The tent can be put up in 15 minutes, has a carry bag and is also backed by the Coleman one-year limited warranty.

>> Check the current price of the Coleman Evanston 4 person tent here

Best 6-Man Tent Comparison Guide 

To make it easier to decide between tents, the following table lists each product’s key features, so you can see at a glance the main benefits of each.

6-person tents offer different amounts of space, and vary in terms of how easy they are to put up and whether or not they are suitable for year-round use. The chart also gives you some idea of the price range and our overall score.

NameImageDomeVestibulePop Up Price
Coleman EvanstonYesYesNoCHECK NOW
Coleman Red CanyonYesNoNoCHECK NOW
Vidalido TeepeeNoNoNoCHECK NOW
MobihomeYesYesYesCHECK NOW
Ayamaya Pop UpYesYesYesCHECK NOW
Coleman SundomeYesNoNoCHECK NOW
Coleman DomeYesYesNoCHECK NOW
Hikergarden NoNoNoCHECK NOW
Coleman MontanaYesNoNoCHECK NOW

Types of 6-Berth Tent Options

This guide is divided into. These have been broken down according to the key features they offer. People looking for the best six-person tent their money can buy, are looking for tents in these categories:

Skip straight to the section you need for detailed 6 person tent reviews or read on for information about top tents in all categories and a buyer’s guide to help you make the best decision. Sometimes a tent that sleeps 6 will be listed under more than one of these.

The Best 6-Person Camping Tent

If your trips are all about sleeping under canvas for several nights while the stars shine over the campground, then choosing from the specifically designed 6-person camping tents on the market might be your best bet.

Camping tents for families or groups include the first of the Coleman tents for 6-persons we list. There is also an easy 6 person pop up tent in the form of the Mobihome instant tent. Or if you fancy a change, why not have a look at the Vidalido Teepee tent?

Click here to see the best overall Camping Tent, the Coleman Red Canyon

Read more options and detailed reviews here

The Best 6-Person Instant Tent

When you’re all about spontaneity – yet you want a tent for 6-person camping trips – then a 6-person pop up tent could be just the job. 

Once you’ve invested in the right instant 6-person tent, then it’s easy to get set up super fast once you arrive at your chosen campground. Models include the Mobihome instant tent and the Core and Ayamaya pop up tents.

Click here to see the best six person pop up tent, the Core Pop Up Tent

Read more options and detailed reviews here

The Best 6-Person Dome Tent

A 6-man dome tent is a convenient and comfortable way to camp, as dome tents are often the simplest type to erect.

The design of a dome tent 6-person model is often compact, saving storage space and making this type of tent lighter to carry. My chosen tents in this category include three Coleman models: the Sundome, the Evanston and the Dome.

Click here to see the best Dome Tent, the Coleman Sundome

Read more options and detailed reviews here

The Best 6-Person 4-Season Tent

There’s no reason why your camping trips should stop just because it’s winter.

If you love the great outdoors, then spending time outside all-year-round is simply a matter of having just the right kit. Arm yourself with a great 4-season 6-person tent and you can get away whenever the mood takes you. The best tents in this category include the Vidalido Teepee, the Ayamaya all weather tent and the Hikergarden weatherproof tent.

Click here to see the best 4-Season Tent, the Hikergarden weatherproof tent

Read more options and detailed reviews here

The Best 6-Person Tent with Vestibule

Buy a tent with one or more vestibules and you effectively have a 6-person tent with screen room.

This added space at one or both ends of the tent acts as a barrier between slumbering people and the elements. This extra area can also provide you with a handy place for storing all your kit. One good option in this category is again the Coleman Evanston; another is the Ayamaya Pop Up and the third is the Coleman Dome.

Click here to see the best 6 person 2 room tent, the Coleman Evanston

Read more options and detailed reviews here

The Best 6-Person Family Tent

The best tent for a 6-person family may be a 5-6-person tent, or it may be that you’d prefer more space.

In this case, you might find that the best 6-8-person tent is actually a great option for sleeping 6, giving everyone additional space for the storage of luggage. The Coleman Montana 8-person tent is one such option, while the Qomotop tent is really quick to pitch. The Hikergarden tent is made for 6, and has some great features to maximise space and weatherproofing.

Click here to see the best Family camping tent, the Coleman Montana

Read more options and detailed reviews here

The Best Cheap 6-Person Tent

Sometimes we all just want to spend as little as possible, buying something functional that does just what we need it to do. If this is the case, then take a look at the tents we list in this category. These include the Core Dome, the Coleman Evanston and the Mobihome instant tent.

Click here to see the best in category Cheap Tent, the Mobihome Instant

Read more options and detailed reviews here

Frequently Asked Questions about 6 Person Tents


There are several factors that will affect what the best six people tent is for you. Here are some key things to consider when choosing a tent for 6 persons:

What kind of trips do you want to take?

A lightweight tent can make all the difference when you have to carry that and all your other kit around with you. Bigger tents and those with fixed frames tend to be heavier, which is fine if you will be driving – but what if you’re not?

Family camping trips are likely to mean you need a larger tent, perhaps one that has added storage areas and standing room. In this case it may be worth looking past a 4-6-person tent in favor of a larger, 6-8-man tent.

How much do you want to spend?

Cash is one of the primary considerations. How much do you want to spend? Would you be willing to stretch the budget for certain, desirable features? A bigger budget will mean you have more choice, but there are also plenty of cheap 6-man tent options too.

A basic, lightweight 6-person tent, for example, might not cost too much, while if you require a 6-person 3-season tent that may cost you more.       

How often will the tent be used?

If you’re planning regular camping trips, then maybe you could calculate the tent’s cost per use when considering a higher price tag. Features such as a pop up or lightweight design, or 6-person waterproof tent, may be worth investing in to ensure you make the most of your precious vacation time.

Would a pop up tent be best for you?

A pop up tent will be the easiest to erect. However other types can have their own distinct advantages. Remember that if camp regularly, you should soon be able to put your tent up really quickly as you gain experience. Pop up tents are very convenient, but insisting upon one could mean losing out on other useful features.

How much space do you need? 

If a family or group of 6 is going camping, that does not restrict you only to 5-6-man tents. A larger tent that could sleep more people might give you extra space you could use for storage or daytime living space.

A 6-person 2 room tent, for instance, would also give you added privacy, while any tent with one or more vestibules would give you more storage options.

Do you want a tent you can use all year round?

If you don’t want the weather to stop your camping trips, then perhaps you need to look out for a 4-season tent. 6-person tents that can be used during fall and winter, as well as spring and summer, are ideal for year-round use. As long as you invest in some warm sleeping bags and thermal clothing too, of course.

The Best 6-Person Camping Tent

Coleman Red Canyon Camping Tent

The first great value Coleman camping tent 6-person model listed in this guide, it is far from the last.

This Red Canyon tent is perfect for car camping trips, and as it sleeps up to 8 you have more space for all your camping kit. Whether that means toys, clothes or campfire cooking equipment.

A key feature of this 6 person tent for camping is the fact that it can be split into up to three rooms. This makes it ideal for families or groups who want to enjoy added privacy as they sleep. Three bags come with the tent for the fabric, poles and stakes. Inside, there is a 6-foot ceiling height in the center of the large room measuring 17 by 10 feet.


  • Detachable welcome ‘mud’ mat for easy cleaning
  • Detachable wall dividers to create extra living spaces
  • Easy to set up


  • Side windows don’t zip shut

Read additional reviews for the Coleman Red Canyon camping tent here

Vidalido ‘Teepee’ Tent

This Vidalido teepee is a 6-man camping tent with a difference. It’s definitely one for those who want to stand out on the campsite. Once removed from the included carry bag, this tent is easy to put up in as little as 5 minutes.

The conical shape of this tent increases the interior height, so you can stand up fully. A large front flap can be lifted up and secured with a pole, providing a shady spot in which to enjoy picnics or playing board games.

This teepee-style tent is designed to last, with anti-rust steel poles and super-strong, tear-resistant fabric.


  • Kids love it
  • Easy to set up
  • Mosquito net


  • Quite heavy
  • On the small side
  • Poor instructions

Read additional reviews for the Vidalido Teepee camping tent here

Mobihome 6 Person Tent

If quick set up is more of a priority when you arrive at the campground, then this pop up Mobihome model might be the best 6-person camping tent for you. All you need to do is roll out the walls and poles, pull on the drawstring and the tent pops up instantly.

This compact family tent also features water repellent fabric, a fully taped rainfly and heat sealed seams. The spacious design gives plenty of room for a family or group to sleep comfortably while benefiting from the breathable micro mesh roof.

If you are looking at camping tents for 6 persons, this great value Mobihome could be just what you need.


  • Tarp floor goes up sides 4 inches for good water resistance
  • Mesh at top gives views of the stars on clear days
  • Easy to set up for a tent of this size


  • On the small side for 6 people
  • Water can get in the front door between the zippers

Read additional reviews for the Mobihome camping tent here

The Best 6-Person Instant Tent

CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent

If taking a short camping trip means setting up camp as quickly as possible, then the Core 6-man pop up tent certainly checks that box.

This roomy six person instant cabin tent can be put up in around two minutes – so you can then get on with enjoying the rest of your weekend or vacation. This instant 6-person tent is made to ensure you stay dry and cool, and there is a useful lantern hook and large wall organizer to keep items neat and off the tent floor.


  • Wall organizer
  • Tall, so you can stand up easily
  • Easy to set up


  • A little tricky to pack up

Read additional reviews for the CORE pop up tent here

Ayamaya Pop Up Tent

The Ayamaya pop up 6-man tent has added storage space inside, so it’s as simple to stash your kit as it is to erect the tent. To put the tent up you just open up the carry bag, unfold the tent with its pre-assembled poles and it pops up easily.

This tent features 4 zipped mesh windows, which have double panels so that one or both sides can be left completely open if desired. One panel is mesh, so you can keep out bugs while allowing fresh, cool air in. The roll-up door also has a double-sided zipper so you can close it securely while inside the tent.

Clever features also increase airflow as well as waterproofing and wind resistance.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Front ‘porch’ to keep muddy shoes separate


  • Not the best in heavy rain

Read additional reviews for the Ayamaya pop up tent here

Mobihome Instant Tent

If a speedy set up is key for you, then the instant Mobihome pop up 6-person tent is ideal. To set this tent up, you pull the walls and poles from the central core before pulling on the drawstring. The tent then simply pops up into place, ready to sleep up to six.

A fully tape rainfly plus water repellent materials and heat sealed seams keep out water and wind, while a breathable micro mesh roof as well as 3 windows assist with ventilation. The Mobihome tent is one of the best value pop up tents around.

Read additional reviews for the Mobihome instant tent here

The Best 6-Person Dome Tent

Coleman Sundome Tent

The Coleman 6-person Sundome tent is a huge seller – and with good reason. This dome tent is from one of the best brands in the camping business.

The affordable Coleman Sundome 6-person tent boasts a spacious interior, and as it reaches up to 6 feet in height many people can stand up and move around more freely inside.

Coleman’s ‘WeatherTec’ System features inverted seams and welded floors to sure water stays out, while this dome style tent with continuous pole sleeves is quick and easy to set up in about 10 minutes. Large windows and a floor vent ensure good ventilation, and there is a rainfly awning offering protection from sun, wind and rain. Inside there are storage pockets for all your gear.

Like all Coleman tents, this dome tent 6 person model comes with a limited one-year warranty.


  • Easy to set up
  • Very waterproof
  • Carry bag


Read additional reviews for the Coleman Sundome tent here

Coleman Evanston Tent

The Coleman Evanston screened 6 six-person tent includes a separate porch section. This is useful for weather protection as well as providing extra storage space. This additional 10 by 5 foot room also helps to keep unwanted bugs at bay.

The main room measures 10 feet by 9, and with a height of 5 feet 8 inches some people can stand up fully in the center. Once more, this 6-person Coleman tent is designed to be fully weatherproof, with welded corners, rainfly and inverted seams. The conventional pitch set up can be completed in around 15 minutes.

A carry bag comes with the tent for easy transportation and storage, and again this Coleman 6-person tent benefits from their 12-month limited warranty.


  • Good value for money
  • Easy to set up
  • Screen porch for shoes, etc.


  • Screen porch often gets wet in rain

Read additional reviews for the Coleman Evanston tent here

Coleman Dome Tent

This third Coleman 6-man tent in this category comes in your choice of two styles. You can opt for the simpler ‘Classic Dome’ model, or if you prefer there is a 6-person dome tent with vestibule option (if you pay a little extra for the version with added screen room).

A unique feature of this 6-man Coleman tent is the ‘dark room’ technology. This allows campers to sleep in beyond sunrise – definitely a bonus in summer. 90% of sunlight is blocked out (as compared to a conventional Coleman tent). This feature also helps to reduce heat, which once more is useful during the warmer months.

The tent can be erected in around 15 minutes, comes with the one-year Coleman limited warranty and is also weatherproofed by means of a rainfly, welded corners, a strong frame and inverted seams.


  • Dark room
  • Easy to set up
  • Good size


  • The front door is kind of narrow
  • Front porch room gets wet in the rain

Read additional reviews for the Coleman Dome tent here

The Best 6-Person 4-Season Tent

Hikergarden Weatherproof Tent

Hikergarden’s range of good value tents include this waterproof model.

This is one of the best 6 person cabin tent options. The manufacturer has taken great care to make sure this tent keeps out water and resists wind. The sturdy cabin-style frame and water resistant fabric structure has been thoroughly tested, and 1000mm water resistance is guaranteed.

No matter how much rain falls, it’s promised this tent will never leak, remaining dry inside. The upper rainfly is secured with strong hooks and cannot be blown away.


  • Easy to set up
  • Tall, so you can stand up
  • Good in rain and wind


  • A little tight for 6 people

Read additional reviews for the Hikergarden weatherproof tent here

Vidalido All Season Tent

This Vidalido teepee not only looks cool on the campsite – it might also be the best six-man tent for you if you want to camp out in all weather conditions.

This is one sturdy tent, with anti-rust poles that can withstand even the wettest weather. Ultra strong tear-proof fabric ensures it can also withstand strong winds.

Inside, the added height makes it easier to move around and adds to a feeling of space – ideal when you need to huddle inside away from a storm. The teepee tent comes in a carry bag and can be put up in as little as five minutes.

Read additional reviews for the Vidalido all season tent here

Ayamaya Double Layer Tent

The Ayamaya pop up tent also has a double layered design, making it able to stand up to extreme weather better than your average model.

This 6-person waterproof tent can be put up really easily, while storage compartments inside provide a place for everything. The windows and doors are double layered with secure zip fastenings.

This weatherproof tent features a 4000mm PU-coated groundsheet and 3000mm PU-coated roof. Heat sealed seams prevent water leakage, as does the integrated rainfly.

Read additional reviews for the Ayamaya double layer tent here

The Best 6-Person Tent with Vestibule

Coleman Evanston Tent

Once more the Coleman Evanston comes up a winner.

This Coleman six-man tent has a separate vestibule, which acts to keep out wind, rain and noise. It also makes a handy storage facility.

The vestibule on this tent measures 10 by 5 feet, and this area also helps to keep bugs out. The main room has height of 5 foot 8 inches, so some people can stand up inside. The main room measures 10 feet by 9, praising plenty of sleeping space.

This tent is designed to offer weatherproofing, and can be erected in around 15 minutes. There is a carry bag included, as well as the usual Coleman 12-month limited warranty.

Read additional reviews for the Coleman Evanston tent here

Ayamaya Pop Up Tent

The Ayamaya 6-person tent with porch is a convenient pop up model with the added storage and weatherproofing of a tent with a vestibule.

This tent is really easy to put up – all it takes is opening the bag, unfolding the tent – which incorporates pre-assembled poles – and you can pop it up easily. There are 4 zipped windows with double panels and a roll-up door with a double-sided zipper.

The tent also has waterproofing and windproofing.

Read additional reviews for the Ayamaya double layer tent here

Coleman Dome Tent

The Coleman Dome is a 6-man tent with porch (if you order the 6-person model with an added screen room).

This Coleman six man tent features unique ‘dark room’ technology, blocking out up to 90% more light so campers can sleep in after the sun comes up. Heat is also reduced by this feature, making it a great choice for warmer climates or during summer.

It takes around 15 minutes to put up this tent and it also comes with the 12-month limited warranty offered by Coleman.

This 6-man tunnel tent with porch also has weatherproof features like a rainfly, inverted seams, strong frame and welded corners.

Read additional reviews for the Coleman Dome tent here

The Best 6-Person Family Tent

Coleman Montana Tent

If you’re looking for the best tent for family of 6, then the Coleman Montana gives you lots of space.

The Coleman Montana six-person tent we list here can actually sleep up to 8, giving you that all-important extra storage space that a family needs. It also gives you more living space, which is particularly useful during inclement weather.

There is a hinged door on this tent, which is easier for young children to operate than an unfamiliar tent flap. The Coleman 6-8 person tent has a spacious interior with enough floor area for three queen-sized air beds, making it one of the best tents for families.

It also comes with a handy carry bag. Inside storage pockets provide plenty of space for clothes, toiletries, toys, books and other daily essentials.


  • Very sturdy
  • Easy to set up
  • Roomy for 6 people
  • Good for tall people


  • Stakes are not the best
  • the front door ‘mat’ is small

Read additional reviews for the Coleman Montana tent here

Hikergarden 6 Person Tent

Hikergarden tent reviews highlight great value tents that are packed with features, and this model is no exception.

Care has been taken to ensure this tent is completely waterproof and windproof, thanks not least to the strong and sturdy frame.

This Hikergarden 6-man family tent is taller than most, so you can move around inside with less restriction and most adults can stand up straight at its peak height. The tent can accommodate 6 sleeping bags or 2 queen-sized air mattresses.

Great ventilation is assured by a large mesh door as well as 4 mesh windows. This allows fresh air to flow through while keeping out bugs and reducing the build-up of condensation.

Read additional reviews for the Hikergarden weatherproof tent here

CORE 6 person pop up tent

Sometimes when taking a family camping trip your priority is to set up camp and start having fun in no time. If, after asking “Are we there yet?”, the kids’ next question is whether they can play inside the tent, then one that’s easy to set up surely has to be a bonus.

This CORE equipment 6 person tent is perhaps the best 6-person family tent for you if instant set up is a priority. This tent can be set up in just a couple of minutes, leaving you free to get on and enjoy your family vacation.

Ventilation and waterproofing features ensure you stay dry, cool and comfortable, while useful storage pockets in the sides ensure practicality.

Read additional reviews for the 6 person CORE tent here

The Best Cheap 6-Person Tent

Mobihome Instant Tent

It’s hard not to love what the Mobihome tent offers – and a low price tag is all part of the deal.

This 6-person tent is one of the cheapest tents for 6 people, but it is not short on features. Not least a very appealing pop up design that means you can be set up in seconds. Other reassuring design additions include a watertight floor, a breathable micro mesh roof, water repellant materials, taped rain fly and heat sealed seams.

This durable tent also has a strong frame that is made to last.

Read additional reviews for the Mobihome tent here

Core Dome Tent

If cheap and cheerful is where it’s at then you cannot go far wrong with this bargain buy. This is a  6-person tent. Cheap? Yes.

It also has some excellent storage areas, including a gear loft with pockets and even a lantern hook. There are side mesh pockets too. This keeps items off the tent floor and out of your way, leaving space for up to two inflated, queen sized air beds.

Coleman 6 man tents tend to be great value, and this is no exception.

Read additional reviews for the Coleman Dome tent here

Coleman Evanston Tent

The Coleman Evanston not only has a separate vestibule area, it is also one of best value for money tents around. The vestibule area provides weather protection plus additional storage space too, making this lightweight 6-man tent a very good buy. The vestibule measures 10 by 5 feet, and it also acts a a barrier between the inside and the outdoors.

This Coleman 6-person dome tent also has welded corners, a rainfly and inverted seams. Its set up can be completed in about 15 minutes too. There is a carry bag for easy storage, and this is another

Coleman six-person tent that benefits from the company’s one-year limited warranty.

Read additional reviews for the Coleman Evanston tent here

Which is the Best 6 Person Tent for You?

We rate all the tents listed here very highly – as do numerous satisfied owners. To read more reviews, click on the links below each product listing. What the best tent for you is will depend on factors such as your family or group size, your budget and your preferences.

Whether you’re just planning one camping trip or intend to use your tent for may happy years of outdoor living, I hope this guide makes the selection process a little simpler and faster. Get out there and explore – and enjoy the special experience of sleeping under canvas.

Happy camping!

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