Where do you start when you want to find the best tent for beach camping? Well that depends on how many of you there are, as well as what you plan to do.  

Camp out all day at the beach in a simple, lightweight pop up tent that provides shade and sun protection, or invest in a bigger tent from a leading camping brand for overnight stays. All of the products included let you do both, but it’s a question of how much space you want. As well as the weather. 

From an easy pop up tent to a cabana without walls or a wind and waterproof product, all the best tents for camping can be found here. First, though, why not take a brief look at our top pick and quick reference table

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The Best Beach Camping Tent FAQs and Reviews
The Best Tents for Beach Camping

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See The Best Tent For Camping On The Beach Here 

The best tent for beach camping overall is the Coleman cabin tent. 

Why buy the Coleman cabin beach tent? 

The Coleman family-sized cabin tent offers more space, is simple to set up and has great weatherproofing. It also comes from an established outdoor brand, and can be used on grass or sand. As with all Coleman tents, it also comes with a one-year warranty. 

>> Click here to see the Coleman family cabin tent for beach camping 

Best Camping Tent For Beach Comparison Table 

Do you want see all of the beach camping tent options together for easy comparison? Use this quick reference table. 

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NameImageTypeSleepsKey FeaturesRating (/10)Price
AbcoPop up tent2Easy set-up, good ventilation, use day or night 9.4CHECK PRICE HERE
OutdoorMasterPop up tent2Removable skylight, spacious, fast set-up 9.5CHECK PRICE HERE
Easthills Dark ShelterSun shelter 2Dark interior, integral sandbags, spacious 9.8CHECK PRICE HERE
Pacific BreezeCanopy tent2Pockets & hooks, extending floor, 1 year warranty 9.9CHECK PRICE HERE
NesoSun shelter canopy 220 colors, water resistant, sandbags built in 9.0CHECK PRICE HERE
Sun NinjaSun shelter canopy 2 or 42 sizes & 4 colors, integral sandbags, SPF 50+ 8.9CHECK PRICE HERE
GorichSun shelter cabana 2Good size, SPF 50+, sandbags & stakes included 9.7CHECK PRICE HERE
OileusSun shelter 2Pops up, weatherproof, lightweight 9.6CHECK PRICE HERE
Columbia Mammoth CreekCabin tent6 - 10Leading brand, 3 sizes, good headroom 9.3CHECK PRICE HERE
Coleman Darkroom SkydomeFamily dome tent4 - 8Pre-inserted poles, darkroom tech, 3 sizes 9.2CHECK PRICE HERE
Kazoo Mercury 4Wind-resistant tent dome tent2 - 4Weatherproofing, multi-purpose, 2 year warranty 9.1CHECK PRICE HERE
Coleman Darkroom Instant Cabin Cabin tent4Wind & water proof, top brand, easy set up 10CHECK PRICE HERE
Orange Screw sand stakes--Tent stakes for sand -CHECK PRICE HERE

Best Tent For Beach Camping Categories 

Easy pop up beach tent 

This kind is the easiest beach tent to put up, leaving you with more time to relax. It should take mere seconds to set up. 

Best beach canopy tent 

A canopy shaped tent is ideal for daytime use, and those we’ve listed are also large enough to stay in overnight. 

Top portable beach cabana tent 

These are sun shelters rather than tents. Ideal for camping under the stars with a roof over your head.  

Best portable beach tent 

Our picks in this category have been selected as they are some of the lightest and most portable tents around. 

Top family size beach tent 

If you need the best large beach tent for a number of people, check out the choices included in this category. 

Best wind resistant beach tent 

Superior weatherproofing is offered by the two tents detailed here, so they’re better able to cope with wet or windy conditions. 

Best tent stakes for beach camping 

Regular tent stakes aren’t the best for camping on sand, so we’ve included the details of a highly rated set of these. 

Choosing the best beach tent for camping – Frequently Asked Questions 

What’s the difference between a beach camping tent and a regular tent?  

Beach tent vs camping tent – why does it matter? There are several features that make a tent more suitable for beach use.  

Sand is less stable than grass, so a specially designed beach tent may have sand pockets to help anchor it down. 

You may also require protection from sea spray, or want to be able to look out over the ocean, so beach tents are always made from water-resistant, but often less-durable fabrics than regular camping tents. This is especially true of the floor, so that you stay dry. 

Because beach tents tend to be made of less durable fabric, if you’re traveling with a large family and have lots of gear with you, you may prefer to go with a regular tent instead. 

It’s also windier by the coast, so a beach camping tent is designed with these features in mind. 

Most importantly, beach tents are designed to protect you from the sun and have UV protection. Camping tents tend not to have as much UV protection. Beach tents keep you cool in the shade in the sun, whereas regular camping tents may bake you instead. 

If you decide to use a regular tent, read reviews of other tent types: 

How do you secure a beach tent for camping? 

If you do use a regular tent, a set of sand stakes is a must. We’ve listed a product right at the bottom of this guide for that purpose.  

It’s a good idea to add these, even if your chosen tent comes with sandbags. You could also fill the sand pockets with stones, but beware the risk of tearing, especially if the stones are sharp. 

If you’re going beach camping, get your free downloadable beach camping checklist!

The Best Tents for the Beach 

Here are the top picks in each of the categories listed above:

Abco pop up beach tent for 2 

This Abco product is ideal for anyone seeking a super easy beach tent to put up. With enough sleeping space inside for two, this could also double up as a cabana tent for daytime use.  

There are double doors to both sides so you can make the most of the soothing sights and sounds of the ocean. Two roll-up mesh windows also provide additional ventilation. 

It comes complete with a carry bag and other accessories such as stakes, though for overnight camping we recommend investing in proper beach stakes – you can find out more about these both above and below. 


  • Suitable for day or night use 
  • Automatic set-up 
  • Great ventilation


  • Not the sturdiest option

>> Click here to view the Abco 2 person pop up beach tent

OutdoorMaster pop up beach tent for 2 -4

If you want the easiest pop up beach tent to put up but are also searching for a large beach pop up tent, this one fits the bill on both counts. 

This type is the simplest to set up, and it also comes complete with all the sandbags, ropes and stakes you need. There’s a removable skylight, plus three windows for superior ventilation. 

The tent is 95 by 52 inches, so there’s adequate space for a couple of adults, plus perhaps a small child or two. Or a pet. A carry bag is included and OutdoorMaster also offer the back-up of a 6-month warranty.


  • Removable skylight & 3 windows 
  • More spacious than most 
  • Sets up in seconds


  • Not the most weatherproof

>> Click here to see the OutdoorMaster pop up beach tent

Best Canopy Tent For Beach Camping

Easthills canopy beach tent for 2-4 

If you want a beach canopy tent with sand pockets built in, then you should take a look at the Easthills canopy beach tent. Accommodating four seated and two for sleeping, it’s another of those beach tents that does for day or overnight use. 

It offers integral sand bags for holding it down, plus stakes and guy ropes. Storage pockets can be found on the inside, and it comes complete with a carry bag. 

This easy to erect beach tent has a dark interior, which offers improved sun protection by day and blocks out the light that could wake you up at night. It also has great ventilation to keep you cool. 


  • Light and UV blocking dark interior 
  • Sand bags built in  
  • Spacious for 2


  • Not for heavy rain

>> Click here to see the Easthills 2 – 4 person canopy beach tent

Pacific Breeze canopy beach tent for 2 – 4

This Pacific Breeze beach tent is a canopy style shelter that’s ideal for beach camping during fine weather. It’s easy to set up and offers SPF 50+ UV protection. 
Inside, there are handy hooks for hanging up items as well as internal pockets for storage. 5 sand pockets also come supplied for pinning it down. 
A 1-year warranty is provided, and there are three big windows for improved ventilation. The extending floor is also useful by day, and doubles up as a zippered wall by night.


  • Hooks and pockets for storage 
  • Extending floor for day use 
  • 1-year warranty


  • Not ideal for wet or windy weather

>> Click here to view this Pacific Breeze 2 person canopy tent

Best Beach Cabana Tent 

Neso Grande cabana beach tent for 2 

This is not really a tent, more of a sunshade. That said, it makes the ideal canopy for those who want to camp out on the sand beneath the stars, but with the benefit of a little protection against the weather. 

If you want daytime shelter, this large canopy is 7 feet high, so you can stand up when under it.  Should you wish to curl up beneath the canopy at night, its 9 by 9 feet size gives enough space for two. 

This cabana is lightweight, very portable, water repellent and offers sun protection. It also comes with corner bags for stones or sand to keep it in place. 20 colors or patterns are also available. 


  • 20 colors 
  • Water repellent 
  • Built in sandbags


  • Limited shelter

Sun Ninja sun shelter in various sizes

Again, our second cabana pick is a sun canopy rather than a tent, so it’s perfect for those who want to sleep out in the open air during summer. 
It comes in 4 shades of sea blues and greens, and you can also pick a 7.5 by 7.5 foot option or a larger one measuring 10 by 10 feet.  
The water-resistant fabric offers SPF 50+ as well as some protection from light rain showers. It’s also simple to set up, with poles and sand pockets for stability.


  • 2 sizes & 4 colors 
  • Water and UV resistant 
  • Integral sand pockets


  • Provides roof only

>> Click here to see the Sun Ninja beach cabana

Best Portable Beach Tent 

Gorich portable beach tent for 2 – 4 

Looking for the best lightweight beach tent? Then this one should suit you well, as it weighs just 3.5 lbs. It is also more spacious than other small beach tents on the market. 

Like our other picks, this one offers excellent ventilation and is easy to set up for the day or night. It also offers SPF 50+ sun protection. 

The package also includes sand pockets, guy ropes, sand anchors and accessories and carrying bags. 


  • Silver coated for SPF 50+ 
  • Sandbags, ropes & anchors included 
  • Generous size


  • Cannot close side windows 

>> Click here to see the Gorich lightweight beach tent

Oileus portable beach tent for 2 – 4

As this lightweight beach tent also pops up, we could have listed it under the first category. The weight, however, decided it – at just 4 lbs, this is one of the most portable beach tents around. 
Available in sunny orange or aqua blue, this pop up beach tent is roomy and well-ventilated enough for sleeping in. With breathable 210T fabric and a 3,000mm waterproof rating, it’s also one of the more weather resistant options. 

The awning provides more shade from the sun, while two windows allow for free air flow. As well as steel pegs, this one also comes with sand pockets.


  • Impressive weatherproofing 
  • Very lightweight 
  • Pop up design


  • Limited storage

>> Click here to view the Oileus lightweight beach tent

Best Family Beach Tent 

Columbia Mammoth Creek cabin tent for 6, 8 or 10 

If you want a pop up beach tent in a large size, this is the next best thing. While it’s not, strictly speaking, a pop up tent, it is easy to put up.

Another great selling point for this Colombia family tent is that it comes in a 6, 8 or 10 person size. Straight walls and pull-our windows also mean there’s much more headroom for everyone. 

With an Omni-Shield coating, this Columbia tent provides far better water repellency than the average beach tent. It’s a great bet from one of the top outdoor brands around. 


  • 3 large sizes 
  • Lots of headroom 
  • Reliable weatherproofing


  • Higher price range

>> Click here to see these Columbia family beach tents for 6-10

Coleman family dome tent for 4, 6 or 8

If you want something more compact than the Columbia model detailed above, this Coleman tent is lighter and smaller. With darkroom technology, it’s ideal for shading you from the sun by day and from unwanted light by night. 
A strong frame, inverted seams, rainfly and welded corners protect the family from wind and rain, and Coleman offer their usual 1-year warranty backup.  
This Coleman tent also comes in 4, 6 or 8 person sizes, and can be set up in just 5 minutes due to the fact that the poles are pre-inserted.


  • Pre-attached poles for easy pitch 
  • 4, 6 or 8 person sizes 
  • Darkroom technology


  • Less ventilation than some

>> Click here to view this Coleman Skydome family tent for 4 – 8 on Amazon

>> Check the price of the 8-person Coleman Skydome tent on REI

Best Beach Tent For Wind 

Kazoo wind-resistant beach tent for 2 – 4 

This tent is a little sturdier and more waterproof than the average beach tent, so it’s a good option for windy or wet weather.  

Made from 210T ripstop polyester, the rainproof rating on this exceeds 3,000mm and it has waterproof seams and a full rainfly. It’s designed for fishing, beach, hiking and camping use. 

 There are dual zippered doors plus two windows and ceiling vents for improved ventilation. It also has useful interior storage pockets.  


  • 2-year warranty 
  • Wind, rain & sun protection 
  • Multi-purpose beach or camping tent


  • On the smaller side

>> Click here to see the Kazoo 4 person beach camping tent

Coleman weatherproof beach & camping tent for 4

If want to buy one tent that you can use for camping on sand or grass, the ever-popular Coleman cabin tent is a great choice.  
Sleeping up to four, it’s a little larger than other tents listed in this guide, yet is ideal for setting up on the beach. Sand isn’t the easiest surface to erect a tent on, but the instant set up of this makes the job much easier. 
For weatherproofing, it has a rainfly, inverted seams, welded corners and a double thick fabric outer. Coleman also provide a 1-year limited warranty.


  • Top outdoor brand 
  • Great weatherproofing 
  • Sleeps up to 4


  • Not beach-specific

>> Click here to view the Coleman 4 person cabin tent

Best Tent Stakes For Beach Camping 

Orange Screw tent stakes for sand 

Another item you may need – particularly with the larger family and more weatherproof tents – is a set of tent stakes that are designed for sand.  

 As you might imagine, it’s not as easy to secure a tent in sand as it is on grass. While most of the tents listed here have sandbags, some don’t. Adding these also provides extra protection, especially for very lightweight tents.  

 We’ve chosen the Orange Screw, US made anchors as our recommended product. Users love the reliability of these, which can cope with even a large beach camping tent.  

Which is the best beach camping tent for you? 

Whether you wanted a luxury beach tent for daytime use as a couple or a large family tent for beach camping, we hope this guide has been helpful. If you are staying overnight, don’t forget to take some tent stakes that can cope with sand, such as our recommended pick listed immediately above.  

Happy camping!    

Do you have another pick for the best beach camping tent?  I’d love to know what it is.   Join my private Facebook group National Parks Collectors and comment and let me know. (you can also pick up extra planning tips, share your photos and stories with other national park lovers and more).   

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The Best Tents for Beach Camping
The Best Beach Camping Tent FAQs and Reviews

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