The Best 8 Person Tent: A Complete Guide

A tent has the potential to be a big purchase, as it is something that you could use for many years to come.  Finding the best 8 man tent can be particularly tricky, as larger tents are not quite as easy to find as smaller ones – there just aren’t as many out there. 

Whether you know what sort of 8 people tents are out there or not, this guide aims to make the process of ploughing through the 8 person tent reviews and recommendations much easier.

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A selection of the best 8 person tents

This guide lists all the top 8 person tents, and as ever, only those that have consistently passed my quality tests have been included. There are seven categories covered here – instant, camping, cabin, 4 season, waterproof and 8 – 10 person tents, and those with porch, for more space.

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The Best Eight-Person Camping Tents
The Best 8-Person Tent First Time Buyers Guide

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See the Best Rated 8 Person Tent Here

While it’s difficult to select just one, the Coleman WeatherMaster wins as my top pick 8 person tent. 

This tent is listed in the all season, waterproof and larger tent categories.  It can sleep up to 10 people, so there’s more room for you as well as your belongings.  The cabin-like shape also means there is more room for moving around inside, and with a 6 feet and 8 inch center height more people can stand up straight inside too. 

The tent sets up in around 20 minutes, features the WeatherTec system and even has a hinged entrance door.

>> Click here to see my best rated 8 person tent, the Coleman WeatherMaster

Why buy the Coleman WeatherMaster?

If you want a roomy Coleman 8 person camping tent that you can even stand up in, then the WeatherMaster makes a great choice.  Coleman are one of the most respected brands in the business, and this tent has all sorts of clever features to keep you dry and comfortable. 

There are protected seams and zippers, a waterproof floor and a wind-proof frame.  A hinged door makes entry and exit easier, while angled windows keep extreme weather at bay.  There are even handy storage pockets inside, helping to free up floor space. 

This is a relatively cheap 8 person tent that should provide you with many happy years of camping trips.

>> Check prices for the Coleman Weathermaster 8 person tent here

Best 8 Person Tent Comparison Guide 

This quick reference table aims to help you to decide between 8 man tents.  Key features are highlighted here, so you can see at a glance what each option has to offer.

8 man tent reviews and recommendations are based on various factors, including the shape and size, how easy they are to erect, and whether they are waterproof or suitable for all-season use.  To make things quicker, this table also indicates the price range and score I give each product.  This score is based on overall performance and value for money.

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Set Up






Red Canyon






10YesNoYes9.1CHECK NOW


10YesNoYes9.0CHECK NOW









The Best 8 Person Instant Tent

When you want to get set up on site without delay, an 8-person instant tent could be the answer.  Just throw your selected 8 man tent into the car and go.  Once you arrive at the campground, setting up your temporary home takes just a few minutes. 

UNP 8 Person Easy Setup Tent

As a family tent for 8 persons is larger than other options, it can be tricky to find anything that simply pops up.  Instead, I’ve narrowed down the options to include this easy set up 8 person tent, which takes as little as 5 minutes to pitch. 

The UNP tent also has weatherproof features, divider curtain for creating rooms, good ventilation and mesh storage pockets.


  • Roomy
  • Good value for the money
  • Lightweight for its size


Read additional reviews for the UNP easy setup tent here

NTK Colorado Easy Assembly Tent

This is not strictly speaking an 8 person tent that is instant to put up, but NTK’s innovative pin and ring system makes setup far faster and easier than many models on the market.  This is thus a very close match for those seeking the best 8 person pop up tent.  

The NTK Colorado is also strong, waterproof, sturdy and well ventilated.     


  • Holds up well in rain and wind
  • Good ventilation
  • Good value for money
  • Spacious


Read additional reviews for the NTK Colorado easy assembly tent here

Coleman Montana Tent with Easy SetUp

The Coleman Montana is another great example of an 8 person easy up tent. 

The pin and ring system makes this as close to a Coleman 8 person instant tent as you’ll find.  Setup is made even easier by the snag-free, continuous pole sleeves, meaning you can be on site and set up for the night – or even the week – in minutes.


  • Easy to put up
  • Spacious inside
  • The ‘tub-style’ bottom helps keep the tent clean and the floor dry


Read additional reviews for the Coleman Montana tent here

The Best 8 Person Camping Tent

People seeking the best 8 person tents for camping may want to spend a few nights or even a couple of weeks under canvas.  Camping tents for 8 include some that are specifically designed for longer stays on campsites, giving you more comfort, space and facilities. 

Coleman Red Canyon 8 Man Tent

Another Coleman product makes the grade as one of the best 8 person tents for camping you can find. 

The Red Canyon is the ideal tent to throw in the car and go, and it has an attractive price tag too.  Dividers mean you can create 3 separate rooms if you wish, while Coleman’s WeatherTec system ensures you stay dry.  There are storage bags for the poles, tent and stakes, and the center height is 6 feet.


  • Easy to set up for its size
  • Can be divided into separate rooms
  • Good quality floor


  • Side mesh openings can’t be zipped shut

Read additional reviews for the Coleman Red Canyon tent here

Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent

The Coleman Montana is one of the most popular tents around, and the 8 person camping tent is no exception. 

This 8 person Coleman tent can be put up in around 15 minutes, and comes with a carry bag for storage.  Like other Coleman tents it benefits from a 1-year limited warranty, and includes various storage and weatherproof features for a comfortable camping experience.

Read additional reviews for the Coleman Montana tent here

Coleman Octagon Outdoor Tent

Completing a Coleman clean sweep in this category is the Octagon, a cabin-style tent with lots of headroom and indoor space.  

As well as a whopping 6 feet and 10 inches center height, this tent measures around 13 by 13 feet.  It’s easy to put up in 15 minutes, and features the Coleman WeatherTec system.  There’s even a doormat included.


  • Spacious
  • Easy to set up for its size
  • Good in strong rain and wind


Read additional reviews for the Coleman Octagon tent here

The Best 8-10 Person Tent

If you’re traveling as a group or family, then you might want a tent with extra space.  One simple way to achieve this is to opt for a larger tent than you actually need.  Thus an 8-10 person tent might give you more room for luggage storage, sleeping and moving around inside than one that sleeps up to 8 people. 

NTK Arizona 9 – 10 Person Tent

The NTK Arizona 9-10 Person Tent is ideal for use as an 8 or 10 person tent.  

This deluxe tent is one of the most popular tents available in the US, and is designed for family or group use with 2 rooms and 2 doors.  

For quick setup there is an aluminum pin-and-ring system, while a complete coverage rainfly protects against extreme weather.  A gear loft means there’s plenty of storage overhead, without reducing floor space.


  • Good in lots of rain
  • Good ventilation
  • Spacious


  • The windows can only be opened from the outside

Read additional reviews for the NTK Arizona tent here

Hikergarden 10 Person Tent

Another option in the best 8 to 10 person tent category is the pocket-friendly Hikergarden model.  

There is space for up to 10 people inside, and many can stand up straight in this one too.  This tent also includes a carry bag, and can be divided into 2 separate rooms if you use the built-in curtain.


  • Spacious
  • Easy to set up when you know how (see Cons for help with instructions)
  • Good in strong wind and rain


  • The poles are color coded but the instructions are in black and white. (Brown goes on top across the entire tent. White are the edge arch supports. Blue are the center arch support near the door).

Read additional reviews for the Hikergarden tent here

Coleman WeatherMaster 10 person tent

If you want a Coleman 8 person tent with additional space, why not go for the WeatherMaster?  

As well as offering protection from strong wind and heavy rain, this Coleman product has enough space for 3 Queen air beds and can be divided into 2 rooms if required.  The tent can be set up in around 20 minutes.


  • Lots of head room
  • The self-closing hinged front door makes it really easy to go in and out of
  • Easy to set up for its size


Read additional reviews for the Coleman Weathermaster tent here

The Best 8 Person Cabin Tent

A cabin tent is little more structured than a tunnel or dome tent.  While this type of tent can take little longer to set up, it is worth the effort as you have more space inside in which to move around.  Cabin tents are more likely to allow more of your party to stand up straight inside.

Coleman Octagon 8 Person Outdoor Tent

If you want a roomy tent that you can stand up in, then this Coleman 8 person cabin tent certainly fits the bill.  

The Octagon shape gives plenty of inside space, and with a maximum ceiling height of 6 feet and 10 inches it’s high even for even the tallest people to stand up straight in.  It also has impressive weatherproof features and an easy 15-minute setup.

Read additional reviews for the Coleman Octagon tent here

Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Cabin Tent

This Wenzel tent offers 6.5 feet of headroom, as well as a large front porch.  

The shape of this 8 person family tent means there’s more room to maneuver inside, and two Queen air beds can fit in comfortably.  This tent also offers ‘Weather Armor’ materials for rain and wind resistance, convenient storage pockets and air vents in the rear and roof.


  • Separate rooms inside make it easier to keep sleeping area clean
  • Window covers can be stored in a pocket at the bottom of the window, which is handy
  • Lots of instructions help with setup


Read additional reviews for the Wenzel Klondike tent here

Coleman Montana 8 Man Tent

Once more this is a great value Coleman tent with added headroom.  

This Coleman fast pitch 8 person tent is 6 feet and 2 inches high in the center, enabling the vast majority of people to stand up straight.  Other features include a swing door, weatherproofing, storage pockets and a 15-minute pitching time.

Read additional reviews for the Coleman Montana tent here

The Best 8 Person Tent with Porch

One easy way of ensuring you have extra space for storage is to opt for a tent with porch.  Such a tent will give you one or even two areas in which to store essentials.  This area also acts as an added barrier against wet or windy weather, and provides campers with a place to put any soaked clothing or footwear upon retiring each night.

Coleman Evanston Dome Tent

This Coleman dome tent is an 8 person tent with screen room.  

The separate space measures 10 by 5 feet, so there’s plenty of space for storage.  This extra area helps to keep bugs and extreme weather out, while allowing fresh air in.  On warmer nights, this area is ideal for sleeping in too.


  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Good value for money
  • The main cabin is good in the rain


  • Screen porched area gets wet in the rain
  • Not spacious for eight people

Read additional reviews for the Coleman Evanston tent here

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

This tent is ideal for anyone seeking an 8 person tent with screened porch.  

The Wenzel Klondike includes a big front screen awning that acts as a camping porch.  This offers sun, rain and wind and weather protection.  It also provides campers with an additional space for storage of camping gear and luggage.

Read additional reviews for the Wenzel Klondike tent here

Coleman Red Canyon 3 Room Tent

This Coleman product allows you to create an 8 person tent with vestibule, as you can divide the interior into up to 3 rooms.  This makes it easy to set up an up to 8 person, 2 room tent with a separate porch area for storage.  

As usual, the Coleman Red Canyon features weatherproofing as well as the assurance of a big outdoor brand name.

Read additional reviews for the Coleman Red Canyon tent here

The Best 8 Person 4 Season Tent

A tent for all seasons means there are no limits on when to take camping trips.  A tent that can help to keep you dry and protected even during cold or stormy weather means you can even sleep outdoors during winter – as long as you also take the right sleeping bags and thermals with you. 

Glamcamp All Season Yurt

Investing in a yurt-shaped 4 season 8 person tent is a great way to make sure you can go camping during every month of the year. 

The strong weatherproof canvas is breathable, UV resistant, durable and waterproof.  Even the included storage bag is weatherproof, and there is a rain flap to keep moisture at bay. 

A unique feature of this tent is the zip-off floor, meaning you can use this as a gazebo too. It also has a hole for a tent stove to keep you warm in cold weather.


  • Good in rain, snow and wind
  • Really versatile – form gazebo to winter tent with stove
  • Thick floor is really durable


  • It’s heavy

Read additional reviews for the Glamcamp Yurt tent here

TETON Sports Sierra Bell Tent

Bell tents that are designed a little like a teepee are often the best kind for camping during all seasons.  

While this Teton model is not as affordable as some, investing in it makes year-round camping trips a real possibility.  Fully waterproof canvas keep you dry whatever the season, and a large weather skirt helps to repel rainwater.


  • Easy to set up (it’s easier with a rubber mallet that also has a hook to pull up the tent pegs when you take it down). Get a mallet with a hook here.
  • Good in rain and wind
  • Durable floor


  • Heavy

Read additional reviews for the TETON Sports Sierra tent here

Coleman WeatherMaster All Season Tent

Like some other models, this 8 person tent by Coleman features the outdoor brand’s unique WeatherTec system.  

This is designed to keep bad weather at bay – right where it belongs, outside the tent.  Weatherproof features include taped rainfly and leak-free seams, weather-resistant coated fabric construction, inverted floor seams, welded and strengthened floors, a zipper cuff and windproof frame.  

This tent can sleep up to 10 people too.

Read additional reviews for the Coleman Weathermaster tent here

The Best 8 Person Waterproof Tent

Invest in a tent with superior waterproofing and you’re far more likely to stay dry and warm while camping.  It’s not much fun when you sleep out and fail to stay dry, especially when camping with children. 

TETON Sports Sierra Waterproof Canvas Tent

This 8 man waterproof tent from Teton tent is suitable in all weather, so it is one of the best waterproof 8 person tent options. 

Waterproof canvas is breathable yet keeps those inside completely dry.  A generous skirt has been added for extra protection against water, while the teepee type shape means plenty of inside space – as well as a cool look while camping.

Read additional reviews for the TETON Sports Sierra tent here

NTK Colorado 100% Waterproof Tent

Another great tent from NTK is the Colorado that can sleep up to 9 people.  

The manufacturer states that it is 100% waterproof, and suitable for 3 season use.  A full coverage rainfly with double layers helps to keep water out of the sides, while the floor material is heavy duty, seamless, anti-fungal and designed to prevent leakage.

Read additional reviews for the NTK Colorado easy assembly tent here

Coleman WeatherMaster Outdoor Tent

This all-season Coleman eight person tent is protected by their WeatherTec system.  

Waterproof features include inverted floor seams, a wind-resistant frame, leak-free seams, taped rainfly, zippered cuff, water-resistant coated fabric and strong welded floors.  This tent can also accommodate 10, giving everyone in the group or family a little more space.

Read additional reviews for the Coleman Weathermaster tent here

Frequently Asked Questions about 8 Person Tents


Do you need an instant tent?

Instant tents are by far the easiest type to set up.  Other types, such as cabin tents, do however have their own advantages.  Whatever type of tent you decide to buy, it should be pretty easy to put up once you’ve had a little practice. 

Instant tents are convenient, especially for inexperienced campers, but buying this kind can sometimes mean losing out on other benefits.

How much space do you require? 

With a group of up to 8 there will be a fair few of you camping together, and remember that you all need to store your stuff somewhere.  A large 8 man tent is therefore ideal. 

One way to get more space is to buy a bigger tent than actually need, such as an 8 to 10 person tent.  A tent that can accommodate extra people gives you extra space for storage or to use as living space. 

A 2 room tent could also give you more privacy, while a tent with porch or vestibule would also open up your options.

What will the weather be like?

Investing in a waterproof or all season tent means that the weather forecast doesn’t have to ruin your camping plans.  Some 8 man tents are design for use during very wet, windy or cold weather, so they are suited to year-round use.

What is your budget?

How much can you afford to spend on a tent – and would you pay extra for features that would make your camping trips easier and more enjoyable?  A larger budget gives you more choice, but there are also some good tents among those that are more affordable. 

A basic 8-person tent may not cost very much, for instance, but if you want a reliable waterproof or 4-season tent that could cost significantly more.    

Will you spend much time in the tent?

They type of tent that best suits your needs will depend on the type of trips you plan to take.  If you’re going to be out all day from dawn till dusk, then your tent may simply be a place to sleep. 

On the other hand, if you’re likely to spend hours at the campground with your family or friends, then a tent with more space makes far more sense.

Do you need to carry the tent?

Clearly an 8 person tent will be, on average, much heavier than a smaller one.  If you’re going to be carrying everything, then weight could be a key consideration. 

Conversely, if you’re driving and only have to lift the tent when putting it up and taking it down, then it might not matter so much if it’s heavier.

Which is the Best 8 Person Tent for You?

As always, I have only included the most highly rated products here.  If you’re searching for the best 8 person tent Amazon has to offer, then you’re in the right place as we only list those of the best quality we found.  You can click on each link to read more reviews for each option.

The top tent for you and your family or group will clearly vary according to preferences and price limit, but we aim for this guide to give you a helping hand, saving you time and money in making the right choice of 8 person tent.  Whatever the weather, enjoy your camping trip!

Do you have any other 8-person tent you highly recommend? Join my private Facebook group National Parks Collectors and comment and let me know. 

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The Best 8-Person Tent First Time Buyers Guide
The Best Eight-Person Camping Tents

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