Zion Shuttle Service Guide

If you have started to plan your trip to Zion National Park, you may already know that the main part of Zion Canyon, called the Scenic Drive, is closed to private vehicles for most of the year.  To venture into this part of Zion Canyon, you need to take a shuttle bus. 

There is a lot to know about the shuttle so you don’t miss out. This guide is designed to answer all your questions about the shuttle. 

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How to Get Tickets for the Zion National Park Shuttle
Tips for Using the Zion Shuttle_ From a National Parks Expert

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How does the shuttle work at Zion National Park? 

Back in the day, Zion Canyon basically turned into a traffic jammed parking lot in the busy season, so in 2000, the main part of the canyon was closed to private vehicular traffic and a free shuttle service was implemented.  

There are two different shuttles. 

(1) In Springdale.  This stops at nine different stops in Springdale starting at Majestic View Lodge and ending at the Zion Canyon Visitor Center at the south entrance to Zion National Park. The first shuttle starts at Stop 9 (Majestic View Lodge) at 8:00 am and the last shuttle leaves the Zion Canyon Village (the stop just outside the park entrance) at 6:00 pm.  

This shuttle runs when the main park shuttle is running on a full (7 days/ week) schedule. It doe not usually ruin when the park shuttle is only running on the weekends.

(2) In the park.  There are also nine stops inside the park, starting at the Visitor Center.

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Guide to the Zion Shuttle

Zion shuttle stops 

There are nine stops on the park shuttle: 

Stop 1: Visitor Center This stop is just north of the park’s South Entrance and connects, via a short walk, with the town shuttle.  You can park your car here and take the shuttle from this stop unless you’re driving somewhere outside the Scenic Drive area or unless you’re staying at Zion Lodge. This is also the trailhead for the Pa’Rus Trail and the Watchman Trail. There are restrooms and a waterfill station. South Campground and Watchman Campground are here, too. 

Shuttle stop at Zion Visitor Center
Shuttle stop at Zion Visitor Center

Stop 2: Zion History Museum The museum, parking and restrooms 

Stop 3: Canyon Junction The end of the Pa’Rus Trail. 

Stop 4: Court of the Patriarchs

Stop 5: Zion Lodge It’s also the trailhead for the Emerald Pools Trails and one end of the Grotto Trail. There are restrooms. 

Stop 6: The Grotto The start of the West Rim Trail, Angels Landing Trail, Kayenta Trail (to/ from Emerald Pools) and the Grotto Trail (to Zion Lodge).  There’s a picnic area, water station and restrooms. 

Stop 7: Weeping Rock The trails here are blocked long term by a rockfall 

Stop 8: Big Bend 

Stop 9: Temple of Sinawava Start of Riverside Walk and The Narrows hike. You have to get off the shuttle when arriving from the Visitor Center and reboard. There are restrooms and water refills. 

Buses run every 10-15 minutes for most of the day.  Let the bus driver know where you get off. 

Zion Shuttle Map   


Zion Shuttle Schedule 

There are no reservations; just line up and take the free shuttle when you want to use it. The shuttle schedule can vary throughout the year. Check the NPS website for the current schedule.

If last shuttle back to the Visitor Center is full and you miss it, you will need to walk to the Zion Lodge (3.6 miles / 70 minutes) and call from there for a taxi to come and collect you! 

Zion Canyon Shuttle FAQs 

Do I have to wear a mask? 

Yes, masks are currently mandated in all national parks, and especially on the shuttle, where social distancing is impossible. 

Can I take a bicycle on the shuttle

Yes, the shuttles have bike racks at the front.  E-bikes and fat tire bikes are not allowed, however. 

Can I take a stroller on the shuttle? 

Yes, you can put it on the bike rack on the front of the shuttle bus. 

Can I take a pet on the shuttle? 

Service animals are permitted, but pets are not. Emotional support/ therapy dogs are considered pets. 

Where can I park for the Zion shuttle? 

The main Zion National Park parking is at the Visitor Center.  However, if the Zion Visitor Center parking lots are full, there are also several parking areas in Springdale.  You can take a town shuttle from there to the park entrance/ Visitor Center. 

How do I get to Zion shuttle? 

Park at the Visitor Center parking area or in Springdale and take the town free shuttle bus to the park entrance/ Visitor Center.

Can you drive your own car through Zion National Park? 

Yes, kind of. The park is open to traffic from the East gate, down the side of Echo Canyon and through part of Zion Canyon to the south gate.  This goes through a long tunnel on the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway and vehicle restrictions do apply.  

After descending to the bottom of Echo Canyon, the road turns on to the main Zion Canyon road at Canyon Junction.  If are coming from the East Gate, the road to the right is the start of the Scenic Drive (the section that is closed to private vehicles and serviced by the shuttle.)  The road to the left goes to the South Gate, the Zion Canyon Visitor Center, and the town of Springdale.  The entire road from the East Gate to the South gate is open to private vehicles.  As is the Kolob Canyons and Kolob Terrace sections of the park.  

The section of the road from Canyon Junction to the Temple of Sinawava at the far end of Zion Canyon is closed to private vehicles with one exception.  If you are staying overnight at Zion Lodge or have a horse back riding reservation with Canyon Trail Rides, you can drive to the lodge and park there.  You can’t drive any further.   

There are a couple of months in winter (typically January and February) when the shuttle does not run and anyone can drive along the Scenic Drive section of the park. 

shuttle bus with red cliffs behind in Zion National Park

Zion shuttle bus tickets  

Tickets are not needed for the free Springdale town shuttle or the free Zion Canyon shuttle.

How can I get Zion National Park shuttle tickets? 

Just line up. 

How much are Zion shuttle tickets? 

The Zion shuttles are free.

How do I get on the Zion scenic drive shuttle? 

Just line up when you are ready.

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Guide to the Zion Shuttle

Read my Guide to Visiting Zion Without Shuttle Tickets for more information about the private shuttles, bicycles and things to do in other sections of the park. 

Have a great trip to Zion! 

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Subscribe to monthly updates with tips for planning, travel inspiration and trip ideas and get instant access to the free PDF of this
Guide to the Zion Shuttle

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How to Get Tickets for the Zion National Park Shuttle
Tips for Using the Zion Shuttle_ From a National Parks Expert

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