Visiting Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park: Complete Guide

Hurricane Ridge is one of the most popular areas in Olympic National Park.  With snow-capped peaks, wildflower-filled meadows, and panoramic views, it is easy to see why.  

However, with hiking trails to choose, viewpoints to find, summer and winter activities to do, and logistics to arrange, it can be difficult to plan your trip to Hurricane Ridge if you’ve never been there before. 

That’s what this guide to Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park is for. It has all the information you need to have an amazing trip there.

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Three photos: above is a photo of a minor road surrounded by trees; and below are pictures of a minor road surrounded by trees and grasses and a mountain of trees, with the text that says HURRICANE RIDGE WHAAT TO VISIT AND HOW Olympic National Park
Two photos: Mountains surrounded by trees and below is a photo of wooden signage in the middle of grasses, trees, and mountains with the text in the middle that says HOW TO VISIT HURRICANE RIDGE Olympic National Park

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Hurricane Ridge Visitor Guide

Contents of this Guide to Visiting Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park

The Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center and essential infrastructure were destroyed in a fire in May 2023. The Hurricane Ridge area is open with some limitations:

  • Access to Hurricane Ridge Road is limited from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm only.
  • Only 345 vehicles are allowed each day!  Once capacity is reached for the day, the road is closed to private vehicles. So get there early!
  • As an alternative, you can use the Clallam Transit Shuttle to avoid long lines at the Heart O’ the Hills entrance station. The shuttle runs several times a day and operates even if the road closes to private vehicles.  Read How To Get to Olympic National Park for more information.
  • There aren’t any indoor spaces to protect visitors from inclement weather.
  • Portable toilets are available. 
  • Hurricane Hill Road, a 1.5-mile road beyond the Hurricane Ridge parking area, is open. Portable toilets are available at Picnic Areas A and B.  
  • Obstruction Point Road is also open to vehicles (within the 345-vehicle daily limit). 
  • Cyclists can use Hurricane Ridge Road. Portable toilets are available at mileposts 9 and 12.    
  • The fire remains under investigation. Additional road closures are likely once the investigation is complete, and the clean-up process begins.

Hurricane Ridge Tour Options

If you only have time for a day trip from Seattle, then this private tour includes pick up and drop off at your hotel.  You’ll have a knowledgeable guide and spend about three hours at Hurricane Ridge.


Long road in the middle of mountains surrounded by trees in Hurricane Ridge Olympic National Park

Tips for Visiting Hurricane Ridge

Hurricane Ridge is high in the mountains, so there are some things to think about before heading there.  These include:

  1. Check the webcam.  Conditions can be different at Hurricane Ridge than Port Angeles below.  One way to see what the current conditions are is to check the NPS webcams.  See the Hurricane Ridge Webcam section below for more info.  You can also check the current Hurricane Ridge, WA weather report online.
  2. Check road conditions. Hurricane Ridge Road can be closed if conditions aren’t safe.  This mostly happens in winter, but can happen any time of the year.  Check with the NPS for current road conditions here.
  3. Check avalanche conditions if you’re traveling in winter, before heading up the mountain. Check current avalanche conditions here.
  4. Be prepared.  See my list of gear and wear I recommend for Hurricane Ridge below.
    If you’re traveling in winter, you will need tire chains, even if you have a 4WD vehicle.;
  5. Have trail descriptions and maps in advance.  See my list of Best Hikes at Hurricane Ridge for trail descriptions and details.  You can also buy a National Geographic topographical hiking map for Olympic National Park, which I recommend.  Get the NatGeo map of Olympic National Park hiking trails here.
  6. Get there early or late. Especially in summer, the parking lots fills early and then all traffic is held at the national park entrance station at the bottom of the hill.  The light is particularly beautiful in the late afternoon – and days are long in summer.  Though early morning is a lovely time to hike, too. 
  7. Purchase entrance fee in advance.  See the Entrance Fee section below for full details.
  8. Turn your cell phone on Airplane Mode. You are much more likely to get Canadian cell service than US service at Hurricane Ridge.  You can inadvertently rack up international charges.  To avoid this, turn your phone on to Airplane Mode. 
  9. Plan your meals.  There are some food options at the Mountain View Café at the Visitor Center, but the options are limited, uninspiring, and expensive.  Use them at a pinch, but you’re better off bringing a picnic with you.
Aerial photo of mountains filled with trees in Hurricane Ridge.

What to Take/ Wear to Hurricane Ridge

  1. Layers. This area is named “Hurricane Ridge” because of the strong winds that blow here most of the time.  The wind can be chilly even in summer.  Layers are key, so you can adjust as the day warms up – or cools down.  I strongly recommend taking a wind breaker. If you need one, I like this Columbia windbreaker for men and this Little Donkey Andy windbreaker for women.
  2. Water. If you’re doing any hiking, you will want to make sure you stay well-hydrated.  And if you’re traveling in winter, you should plan just in case you get stranded on the road up or down.  So always go up with a full water bottle.  You can then fill up your water bottle at the Visitor Center if you need more water.  I love this hydroflask.  It’s easy to carry, keeps temperatures well, and comes in multiple colors.
  3. Binoculars. There are often birds soaring around and animals on the meadows and amongst the trees.  I recommend taking binoculars so you can see them up close.  If you’re looking for some, read my guide to The Best Binoculars for the Money or get my top pick here.
  4. Power bank. If you’re like me, you use your phone as a camera, at least some of the time. The last thing you want to do is to have your battery run out.  I like this Loveledi one.  It has 2 USB ports and is compatible with most devices. 
  5. Hiking Poles. Some of the trails in the area are paved, but others aren’t.  Many of them have at least some steep sections.  Hiking poles can help.   I have these Foxelli trekking poles – they are really light weight, adjustable, have several tips and grippy handles.  Get them here.
  6. Bear spray. It’s possible that you may encounter black bears at Hurricane Ridge, especially in early summer and fall.  Be bear aware and carry bear spray or a bear bell just in case.
  7. Sun protection. Hurricane Ridge is at high elevation and a lot of the area has minimal shade.  Be sure to wear sunscreen, a good sun hat and sunglasses.
  8. Day Hike Essentials. Check my list of essential things to take and wear on a day hike to make sure you have everything you need if you’re doing any hiking.

Where is Hurricane Ridge, WA?

Hurricane Ridge is one of the key areas in Olympic National Park.  It lies in the northeast corner of the Olympic Peninsula.  

It is the major section of Olympic National Park that is closest to Seattle, so it is a popular day trip from Seattle.  It’s just over a three-hour drive from downtown Seattle.

Hurricane Ridge is located at the end of the 17-mile Hurricane Ridge Road, reached from Port Angeles

 Hurricane Ridge Road, Olympic National Park

Long road in the middle of mountains surrounded by trees in Hurricane Ridge Olympic National Park

Can you drive to the top of Hurricane Ridge?

Yes. Hurricane Ridge Road is a winding road that goes from Port Angeles to Hurricane Ridge. 

How long is the road up to Hurricane Ridge? 

Hurricane Ridge Road is 17 miles.

How long does it take to get to the top of Hurricane Ridge? 

It takes about 40 minutes for the Hurricane drive straight up, but allow an hour in summer to account for slower traffic and to ensure you’re driving safely. 

There are spectacular views on clear days along the way. 

Hurricane Ridge Road in Winter

During the winter season, the road is scheduled to be open to uphill traffic from 9:00AM to 4:00PM Friday through Sunday and holiday Mondays, weather and road conditions permitting, and closed all other days.  However, the road can open as early as 8:00AM or as late as 12:00PM depending on road conditions. Winter storms can close or delay opening of Hurricane Ridge Road; high winds and blizzard conditions are not uncommon.

All vehicles, including 4-wheel-drive vehicles, are required to carry tire chains when traveling above the Heart O’ the Hills entrance station November 1 through April 1.  You must be below the Heart O’ the Hills entrance station by 5:00PM during the winter season.

Hurricane Ridge Road may be closed at any time due to weather-related conditions. Call 360-565-3131 (a recorded message) for the current road status.

Driving Directions to Hurricane Ridge

If you wondering how to get to Hurricane Ridge, here are basic Hurricane Ridge driving directions from Seattle and Port Angeles:

Driving from Seattle to Hurricane Ridge

There are three basic routes – all take about 2.5 hours (without traffic delays).  

You can drive Tacoma and avoid a ferry by heading south on I-5S, then in Tacoma take WA-16 West. From there, take WA-3 North and connect via WA-104W. When you reach WA-101 North, this leads you to Port Angeles.  In Port Angeles, turn left on S Race Street. At the fork just after the Olympic National Park Visitor Center, veer right and this turns into Hurricane Ridge Road.

The other two options involve a ferry.  From downtown Seattle, take the ferry to Bainbridge Island. Continue on WA-305N then WA-3N.  Then follow the same directions as above.

The third alternative is to take I-5N to WA-104W.  Then follow the directions above.

Driving from Port Angeles to Hurricane Ridge

It’s easy to get from Port Angeles – Hurricane Ridge.  If you’re coming from the east, turn left onto S Race Road.  if you’re coming from the west, turn right onto S Race Road.  At the fork just after the Olympic National Park Visitor Center, veer right and this turns into Hurricane Ridge Road.

How to Get to Olympic National Park
Best Airports for Olympic National Park

Hurricane Ridge Entrance Fee

Entrance fees are collected at the Heart O’ the Hills entrance station whenever Hurricane Ridge Road is open. 

Check the NPS website for the current fee.  To get through the entrance more quickly, I recommend buying the pass online before you go (and print it out). 

Alternatively, if you are planning to visit more than just the Olympic National Park this year (Mount Rainier National Park and North Cascades National Park are both close), it can be great value to purchase an America The Beautiful pass.   

The one-year pass includes standard entrance at all sites managed by the National Park Service, Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, and Army Corps of Engineers. The pass covers the entrance fee for a driver and all passengers in a personal vehicle or up to 4 adults at sites that charge per person. 

Get an America The Beautiful pass here

Hurricane Ridge Parking

A photo of mountains and below are cars parked on a bent road, and beside is a building surrounded by trees in Hurricane Ridge Olympic National Park

The main parking lot is in front of the former Visitor Center.  The parking lot is fairly large, but nonetheless, it fills early, especially in summer.  When it’s full, the park rangers will hold traffic at the Heart O’ The Hills entrance station at the bottom of the mountain, which can cause long lines to get in. 

There is another much smaller parking lot at Hurricane Hill, at the end of Hurricane Ridge Road.  To get there, continue through the main parking lot and keep going for another 1.5 miles.  There are only about 30 parking spots here, which is mostly for the Hurricane Hill Trail

There are also small parking lots at Picnic Areas A and B, which are along the road between the Visitor Center and the Hurricane Hill Trailhead.  These serve as overflow parking for the Hurricane Hill Trail, so will usually be full by lunch time.   In summer, if you want to have a picnic and already have a parking spot somewhere, I’d recommend walking to the picnic area rather than risking trying to find a spot at the Picnic Area and losing the spot you already have. 

You can also take the narrow, winding, dirt road from Hurricane Ridge Road a short distance before you get to the Visitor Center area to Obstruction Point.  This ends at another small parking lot.  Several trails start here.

Hurricane Ridge Webcam

Conditions at Hurricane Ridge are often very different from those below in Port Angeles.  It can be cloudy in Port Angeles, but Hurricane Ridge can be above the clouds.  Or it can be lovely in Port Angeles, but shrouded in fog or super windy at Hurricane Ridge.

One way to see what the weather is like is to check one or both of the webcams that the National Park Service has set up at the top of the mountain.  Check the Hurricane Ridge webcams here.

Hurricane Ridge Open Hours 

Is Hurricane Ridge open all year?

Yes, Hurricane Ridge is open all year, though the Hurricane Ridge hours are different in summer and winter. 

When can you visit Hurricane Ridge?

From April to October, the Hurricane Ridge Road is open 7 days/ week, 24 hours/ day. 

From November to March, the Hurricane Ridge Road is scheduled to be open to uphill traffic from 9:00AM to 4:00PM Friday through Sunday and holiday Mondays only.

A photo of mountains filled with trees in Hurricane Ridge.

Hurricane Ridge Visitors Center

** UPDATE: The visitor center at Hurricane Ridge was completely destroyed by a fire in May 2023 and needs to be rebuilt ***

The Hurricane Ridge ranger station was originally built in 1952 as a ski lodge.  It’s been renovated and expanded twice since, in 1983 and 2000.

Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center has restrooms, a gift shop, a café, exhibits, and an orientation movie about Olympic National Park.  Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center hours vary throughout the season.  A warming area and restrooms in the lobby are open year-round. The information desk is staff daily in summer and weekends from late December to late March.    

Hurricane Ridge Gift Shop

The Olympic National Park Hurricane Ridge gift shop is open daily mid-May to early fall and on weekends mid-December to late March.  They sell a basic range of the usual souvenirs and sweatshirts.  Nothing too inspiring.  There’s also a small snack bar. 

In winter, the gift shop has snowshoe and ski rentals.

Where to eat at Hurricane Ridge

Snack foods are on the table, and behind are the freezer and soft drinks vending machine and other food container stuff in Mountain View Cafe Hurricane Ridge Olympic National Park

The only options to buy food at Hurricane Ridge are the Mountain View Café and a small snack stand at the gift shop.  Both are located inside the Hurricane Ride Visitor Center/ Day Lodge. 

The only other alternative is to bring your own food.  You can either have a picnic lunch on a hiking trail or at a picnic bench in the Hurricane Ridge area.  

Hurricane Ridge Picnic Areas

There are a few picnic tables at the lower terrace of the Visitor Center.  There are also two designated Picnic Areas A and B one mile beyond the Visitor Center on the road to Hurricane Hill.  They are open in summer only.  There are restrooms, water and paved trails to tables.  Picnic Area B has lovely panoramic views.   

In winter, you can picnic upstairs in the Visitor Center.

The Best Time to Visit Hurricane Ridge

Aerial photo of trees, mountains, and oceans in Hurricane Ridge.

For hiking, the best months to go are July to September.  Many of the trails are covered in snow well into June.  Of course, winter brings its own fun, though the area is only open on the weekend and the road may be closed at any time due to weather and/ or road conditions.

In summer, however, the area gets very busy.   I strongly recommend getting there before 10:00Am (or even earlier) or after 2:00PM (or even later), especially on weekends and holidays. 

Is Hurricane Ridge better in the morning or afternoon?

Late afternoon is better for photography.  There is beautiful light and it doesn’t get dark until around 9:00PM in summer.  However, for hiking, I like early mornings, when the weather is cool and the clouds may not have rolled in yet.  

Hurricane Ridge Map

Here is the official Hurricane Ridge Olympic National Park map:

Map of hurricane ridge

Hurricane Ridge Weather

One thing that can really impact how much you enjoy your trip is the weather.  Hurricane Ridge, WA is a completely different ecosystem and has very different weather from the nearby coastal areas.  So knowing the current weather conditions is key.  Summers can be warm, but also chilly – especially when the namesake winds blow.  Winters bury the area under many feet of snow.  

Check the current weather at Hurricane Ridge before you set out.

Another way to check the current Hurricane Ridge – Olympic National Park – weather is the check the Clear Sky Chart which gives hour-by-hour information on how clear the skies are, how windy it is and the temperature. 

Hurricane Ridge Winter Travel

snow-capped mountains and trees in Hurricane Ridge Olympic National Park

Hurricane Ridge is a hotspot for winter fun.  You can go cross country skiing and snowshoeing, downhill skiing and snowboarding, winter hiking and tubing.  However, the weather can be severe and unpredictable so visiting Hurricane Ridge in winter requires some planning.

Is Hurricane Ridge open in winter?

Yes, Hurricane Ridge Road is open Friday through Sunday plus holiday Mondays during the winter season.  See the Hurricane Ridge Road section above for more details.  However, the weather can close the road at any time. See Tips for Visiting Hurricane Ridge and Hurricane Ridge Weather for details and links.

Hurricane Ridge Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing

There are almost 20 routes that are ideal for cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Hurricane Ridge has flat meadows above the Visitor Center that are ideal for beginners, plus many more advanced areas in the slopes and bowls around the area.  None of the Hurricane Ridge snowshoe and cross-country skiing trails are groomed, but there are two routes along unplowed routes that are easy to use. 

It’s also possible to hike these routes if you wear microspikes.

Buyers Guide to the Best Microspikes for Hiking
Buyers Guide to the Best Snowshoes for Beginners

Before heading out on any trip, sign in at the registration box in the foyer of the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center.

A phot of the Map of Hurricane Ridge in Winter

Hurricane Ridge Skiing, Snowboarding & Tubing

The Hurricane Ridge Ski and Snowboard Area is a small, family-oriented ski area operated by the Hurricane Ridge Winter Sports Club. The Hurricane Ridge ski area includes two rope tows, a poma lift, and a tubing park.

You can ski Hurricane Ridge on weekends, from early December to late March 10:00AM to 4:00PM plus MLK Day and Presidents Day.

Children ages eight and under can go tubing/ sliding for free at the Small Children’s Snowplay Area west of the Visitor Center and parking lot. You need to bring your own tube or sled; sleds with runners are not allowed. 

Anyone over the age of eight can only go tubing/ sliding at the Tubing Park within the Ski Area. Only tubes supplied by the Ski Area are allowed. 

Visit the Hurricane Ridge Ski and Snowboard Area website for additional information.

Things to Do at Hurricane Ridge

Are you trying to decide what to do at Hurricane Ridge?  Here are my top 5 things to do in Hurricane Ridge:

  1. Admiring the views.  See the Where to Find the Best Hurricane Ridge View section for details
  2. Hiking. See the Hurricane Ridge Trails section for details
  3. Winter activities. See the Hurricane Ridge Winter Travel section for details
  4. Backcountry camping. See the Hurricane Ridge Camping section for details
  5. Ranger programs. See the Hurricane Ridge Ranger Programs section for details

Hurricane Ridge Ranger Programs

Ranger programs are offered at Hurricane Ridge in summer from late June to September.  Check the NPS website for the calendar of events. 

In winter, you can snowshoe with a ranger.  Sign up starts at the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center front desk at 1:00PM and the 1.5-hour guided snowshoe walk starts at 1:30PM on Saturdays in season.  Snowshoes and instruction are provided.

Hurricane Ridge Trails

A photo of a deer and beside is a signage that says Please Stay Behind Wall, and behind are mountains filled with trees in Hurricane Ridge Olympic National Park

There are plenty of wonderful hiking trails for all levels of fitness at and near Hurricane Ridge. 

Read my guide to the 10 Best Hurricane Ridge Hikes for trail descriptions, details, highlights and insider tips.  But here is a quick summary of my top picks:

TrailDescriptionMilesElevation Change
Hurricane HillPaved trail climbs to a panoramic view of mountains and saltwater.1.6 one way+700 feet
High Ridge + Sunrise PointPartially paved loop climbs to 360° views and a 0.1-mile dead end spur trail to Sunrise Point.0.5 loop+220 feet
Cirque RimEasy paved trail with views of Port Angeles and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Wheelchair accessible with assistance.0.5 one wayUnder 50 feet
Big MeadowEasy paved trail crosses open meadows with views of the Olympics. Wheelchair accessible with assistance. 0.25 one wayUnder 50 feet
Klahhane RidgeThe first 2.8 miles of this trail is on a ridge to a junction with the Klahhane Switchback trail. An additional mile on the Switchback Trail climbs 800 ft. to Klahhane Ridge. 3.8 one way+250 feet first 2.8 miles
Little RiverDirt trail descends 8 miles to the Little River Road. 8.0 one way-4,073 feet
Wolf CreekDirt trail descends 8 miles to Whiskey Bend in the Elwha Valley. 8.0 one way-3,772 feet
Obstruction Point to Deer ParkDirt Trail descends to forest and Deer Park Road trailhead6.95 miles one way-3,244 feet
PJ LakeSteep dirt trail to waterfall and subalpine lake.0.9 miles one way-825 feet

Where to Find the Best Hurricane Ridge View

Field of grass, and behind are mountains surrounded by clouds in Hurricane Ridge Olympic National Park

The most accessible Hurricane Ridge viewpoint is at the Hurricane Ridge Olympic National Park Visitor Center.  The view from the lower terrace is stunning.  There are also nice views at Picnic Area B.  

Otherwise, to find the best views, you’ll need to hit the trails. 

A wheelchair accessible (with some assistance) view is Cirque Rim Viewpoint on the Cirque Rim and Big Meadow Trails

Other great views are available on the Hurricane Hill Trail and at Sunrise Point

Lodging Near Hurricane Ridge

If you’re wondering where to stay near Hurricane Ridge, well, your only options other than back country camping are back down the mountain. There are plenty of places to stay near Hurricane Ridge in and around Port Angeles. 

Some top picks of Port Angeles/ Hurricane Ridge hotels are:

BUDGET: Aircrest Motel

A nice motel with free WiFi, parking and tea/ coffee-makers in all rooms.  Rooms with one or two Queen sized beds or a King sized bed.

Check availability and the latest prices here

MID-RANGE: Olympic Lodge by Ayres

A lovely lodge with a landscaped garden with a waterfall, plus an outdoor swimming pool, whirlpool and fitness center. Free WiFi and parking. Breakfast is included in the rates. Rooms have two Queens or one King sized bed.

Check availability and the latest prices here

LUXURY: Treehouse on the Water.

Let’s call this ‘rustic luxury’.  A rustic feel with all wood interiors, this tree house is a wonderfully unique place to stay – 20 feet high in the air. The two-bedroom options come with kitchen, air conditioning and have lovely views.  Recommend as long as you are OK climbing stairs. 

Check availability and the latest prices here

Check out more hotels near Hurricane Ridge here

Hurricane Ridge Camping

There is no camping at Hurricane Ridge.  The only campgrounds near Hurricane Ridge that you can drive to are the NPS Heart O’ The Hills Campground 12 miles downhill, and commercial campgrounds in and near Port Angeles.

The Heart O’ The Hills Campground is open year-round, though it’s walk-in only when there’s heavy snowfall. There are 105 sites and it’s first-come, first-served.  There are RV sites for 21 feet and a few for 35 feet. No dump station.

NOTE: The Heart O’ the Hills Campground will be closed from March 1 to May 12, 2023, during rehabilitation of water and wastewater systems

If you want to go camping near Hurricane Ridge, then you’ll need to go back country camping.  To do that, you’ll need to get a wilderness camping permit, which is available at the Wilderness Information Center, which is inside the main Olympic National Park Visitor Center in Port Angeles.  Check with them to find a Hurricane Ridge campground where you’re planning to hike. 

Part O’ the Hills Glamping

Go glamping in Port Angeles and stay in a dome tent with a Queen sized bed. Has an attached bathroom, an outdoor patio and BBQ area and is fully heated in winter.

Check availability and latest prices here

FAQS about Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park

When do the Hurricane Ridge wildflowers bloom?

Spring flowers start to bloom late June when the snow melts, though July and August are when most wildflowers ae in bloom at Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park. 

What’s the Hurricane Ridge Elevation?

The Hurricane Ridge altitude is 5,242 feet at the Visitor Center.

Can you see Canada from Hurricane Ridge?

Yes, you can see the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Canada from many of the trails at Hurricane Ridge on clear days.

Is Hurricane Ridge worth the drive?

Yes.  Absolutely!  Hurricane Ridge is a highlight of any trip to Olympic National Park.

Travel Insurance for Hurricane Ridge, Washington State

Before you leave for your tip to Olympic National Park / Hurricane Ridge, you should definitely get travel insurance.  This can protect you not only against medical and emergency repatriation, but can also cover things like trip cancellation, loss and/ or theft of property, etc. 

A great insurance option is Travelex.  It has coverage for all you’ll need. You can choose the best travel insurance plan for your trip here or get a quote right now:

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Enjoy your visit to Hurricane Ridge, Olympic Peninsula?

Do you have any questions about Hurricane Ridge in Washington State that weren’t answered here?  or perhaps some other tips to share. I’d love to hear about them.  Join my private Facebook group National Parks Collectors and comment and let me know (you can also pick up extra planning tips, share your photos and stories with other national park lovers and more).

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Two photos: Mountains surrounded by trees and below is a photo of wooden signage in the middle of grasses, trees, and mountains with the text in the middle that says HOW TO VISIT HURRICANE RIDGE Olympic National Park
Three photos: above is a photo of a minor road surrounded by trees; and below are pictures of a minor road surrounded by trees and grasses and a mountain of trees, with the text that says HURRICANE RIDGE WHAAT TO VISIT AND HOW Olympic National Park

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