How to Visit Yellowstone in Winter: Complete Guide

Is winter a good time to visit Yellowstone?  

You may be wondering, is it worth visiting Yellowstone in winter?  The answer is yes! With stunning scenery, plentiful wildlife and fun winter activities, Yellowstone is a GREAT destination. 

A common question I get asked is “Can you go to Yellowstone in the winter?” or “Does Yellowstone Park close in the winter?” Again the answer is yes, you can definitely visit Yellowstone during winter (part of the park is open all year).

However, your Yellowstone winter trip will not be as straight forward as your summer one.  Many facilities, accommodations and roads aren’t open, so visiting Yellowstone National Park in winter does take some extra planning. 

This is why I have created this guide to visiting Yellowstone in the winter. Read on for all you need to know to have an amazing Yellowstone Park winter vacation.

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The Complete Yellowstone in Winter Travel Guide
Take a Yellowstone Winter Vacation_ What You Need to Know

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Top Vacation Rentals Near Yellowstone National Park 

I have listed more Yellowstone Park winter lodging options below, but if you are looking for a last-minute vacation rental in West Yellowstone or Gardener, check my list of the best vacation rentals near Yellowstone for availability. 

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How To Visit Yellowstone in Winter

When is it winter in Yellowstone? 

Winter can be broken into three separate periods – two ‘shoulder’ seasons and winter proper.  

Winter at Yellowstone officially starts mid-December and goes through early to mid-March.  This is when roads are open for snow travel and you can take a snowcoach or a snow mobile to Old Faithful or Yellowstone Canyon.  This is also when all of the park’s winter activities are in full swing and my when I recommend visiting.  

It can start snowing as early as the beginning of September in Yellowstone and some facilities close down that early; however, winter really starts in November when most of the roads close to vehicular traffic (see roads section below).    

Yellowstone Winter boardwalk with snow

The second shoulder season is from early to mid-March, when the park closes to snow travel, until mid-April when the roads are plowed and open to regular vehicular traffic. 

These ‘shoulder’ winter seasons, when the park is not fully open for winter activities and snow travel, are not the best time to go. However, the winter months from mid-December to mid-March are great! 

The Best Yellowstone Winter tours   

Although you can use this guide to plan your own winter trip to Yellowstone National Park, winter tours are another option. There are couple of different kinds of Yellowstone tours. 

Winter travel can be tricky, and a tour takes away the difficulty of driving yourself, so a multi-day tour that also includes Grand Teton National Park, is one option.  The other is to take a day tour into the park and arrange the rest yourself.    

This day tour of the northern section of Yellowstone starts in nearby Bozeman. It includes a short stop at the Gardener Visitor Center and there are good chances of seeing bison, elk, wolves, and bighorn sheep. 

You visit the Mammoth Springs area and see these incredible travertine terraces surrounded by snow. The day ends with a soak in natural outdoor hot springs.  Nothing quite beats soaking in hot mineral spring water when it’s freezing cold outside the water! 

Book this VIP one-day northern Yellowstone winter tour here 

This 4-day winter tour includes Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.  It starts in Grand Teton and the National Elk Refuge just north of Jackson, and includes a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the elk refuge. 

The Yellowstone portion is via West Yellowstone.  Winter tours into the park are in a snow coach to see Old Faithful erupting and other geysers and colored pools in the area, plus the Fountain Paint Pots.  

Book this four-day tour of Grand Teton and Yellowstone in winter here 

Yellowstone Winter Old Faithful with snow

How much does it cost to get into Yellowstone? 

The entrance fee to Yellowstone is $35/ week for vehicles, $30/ week for motorbikes or snow mobiles and $20/ week for individuals (hikers/ cyclists/ skiers). When traveling by snowcoach or shuttle, passes admit a signer and up to three additional persons (16 and older) for a total of four people.  

However, if you plan to visit more than a couple of parks in a year (or the same park more than twice), then look at getting the America the Beautiful Pass.    

It gives you unlimited access for a year (from date of purchase) to over 2,000 federal recreation sites including all U.S. national parks plus national forest and BLM lands.  It includes admission for one vehicle or four people (for places that charge per person). 

Buy the America the Beautiful Pass here 

Yellowstone Winter Weather  

It is not only cold, but is also snows a lot in Yellowstone in winter, especially at the higher elevations.  

How cold does Yellowstone get in the winter?  

Yellowstone winter temperatures typically range from 0°F to 20°F (-20°C to -5°C) during the day. Night time and higher elevations temperatures are much colder and the record low temperature is -66°F (-54°C)! 

Yellowstone Winter Yellowstone Canyon and Yellowstone Waterfall frozen

What is the coldest month in Yellowstone? 

December is the coldest month, and January is the snowiest. 

The average temperatures and average snowfalls are: 

  • November: Average temperature 36°F | 15°C. Average snowfall 12.05 inches 
  • December: Average temperature 26°F | 7°C. Average snowfall 18.55 inches 
  • January: Average temperature 27°F | 7° C. Average snowfall 20.05 inches 
  • February: Average temperature 31°F | 8°C.  Average snowfall 14.44 inches 
  • March: Average temperature 40°F | 16°C. Average snowfall 12.2 inches 
  • April: Average temperature 47°F | 22°C. Average snowfall 8.27 inches 

Yellowstone Visitor Center Winter Options  

Yellowstone National Park winter hours vary, though most of them are closed in winter. 

  • West Yellowstone Visitor Information Center (Chamber of Commerce) is open year-round.  From October 2 to May 26, it’s open Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. 
  • West Yellowstone Visitor Information Center (NPS Desk) is open from December 15 to March 15 Monday to Friday from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.  However, it’s closed November 1 – December 14 and March 16 – April 20. 

All of the other visitor centers are closed in winter: 

Yellowstone Winter Road Closures / Openings 

Is Yellowstone open in winter? 

Many people ask “Can you visit Yellowstone in the winter?”  Yes, you can, but Yellowstone winter access is definitely more limited. 

First up, in early November, most roads are closed completely.  However, the northern road from the North Gate near Gardner through the park via Lamar Valley to the Northeast Gate is open to regular traffic year-round.  So, can you drive through Yellowstone in the winter?  Yes, on this route.  

So, you can visit Mammoth Hot Springs and the Lamar Valley by yourself in a regular vehicle every month of the year

Keep in mind, though, that the Beartooth Highway which leads to the Northeast Entrance is closed in winter, so the only way to get to the park (unless you live in Cooke City) is through the North Entrance. 

Yellowstone Winter Mommoth Hot Springs travertine terraces with snowy mountains behind them

For November and the first half of December, this is the only section of Yellowstone that is open. 

Starting in mid-December, when enough snow has accumulated, the rest of the park opens to over snow travel. This lasts until early-mid-March.  

Which Yellowstone entrances are open in winter? 

All of them.  Dates can vary slightly each year, but in 2023, roads will open for over-snow travel (snowmobiles and snow coaches) at 8:00am on December 15, 2023:   

  • West Entrance to Old Faithful  
  • Mammoth to Old Faithful  
  • Old Faithful to West Thumb   
  • South Entrance to Lake   
  • Lake to Canyon  
  • Canyon to Norris  
  • Lake to Lake Butte Overlook  
  • East Entrance to Lake Butte Overlook (Sylvan Pass)  

Roads are scheduled to close to over-snow travel at 9:00pm:  

  • March 3, 2024: Mammoth to Norris  
  • March 5, 2024: Norris to Madison; Norris to Canyon  
  • March 10, 2024: Canyon to Fishing Bridge  
  • March 15, 2024: All remaining groomed roads  

The park is then closed again (other than the northern corridor) for all traffic while roads are plowed.  The roads then open back up for regular vehicular traffic at 8:00am:

  • April 21, 2024 (TBC): West Entrance to Madison Junction, Mammoth to Old Faithful, Norris to Canyon
  • May 5, 2024 (TBC): East Entrance to Lake Village (Sylvan Pass), Canyon to Lake
  • May 12, 2024 (TBC): South Entrance to West Thumb, Lake Village to West Thumb, West Thumb to Old Faithful (Craig Pass), Tower Junction to Tower Fall
  • May 26, 2024 (TBC): Tower Fall to Canyon Junction (Dunraven Pass), Beartooth Highway
  • TBD: Cooke City to Chief Joseph Scenic Byway

Roads will close to regular vehicular traffic:

  • October 10, 2023: Beartooth Highway between Red Lodge, MN and Cooke City
  • November 1, 2023: All remaining roads except the road between North Entrance and northeast Entrance
  • NOTE: the road east from Cooke City to Chief Joseph Scenic Byway is usually possible until early November (depending on winter conditions)

Over Snow Travel

What’s Over Snow Travel? 

Yellowstone Winter snowcoach

There are four options for over snow travel in Yellowstone. 

1. Snowmobile Tours (day tours) 

Operator / Website Phone Number Gate Operates from Tour Options 
Backcountry Adventures 800-924-7669 West Old Faithful 
Grand Canyon 
Yellowstone Expeditions800-728-9333 West Old Faithful 
Grand Canyon 
See Yellowstone Alpen Guides 800-221-1151 West Old Faithful 
Grand Canyon 
Yellowstone Vacation Tours 800-426-7669 West and North Old Faithful 
Grand Canyon  
Gary Fales Outfitting 307-587-3970 East 
Old Faithful Snowmobile Tours 800-253-7130 South Old Faithful  
Scenic Safaris 307-734-8898 SouthOld Faithful 
Grand Canyon 

* Also operates the Yellowstone Yurt Camp near the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River (see Yellowstone National Park winter lodging below) 

2. Snowcoach Tours (day tours) 

Operator / Website Phone Number Gate Operates from Tour Options 
Backcountry Adventures 800-924-7669 West Old Faithful 
Grand Canyon 
See Yellowstone Alpen Guides 800-221-1151 West Old Faithful 
Grand Canyon 
Yellowstone Vacation Tours 800-426-7669 West  Old Faithful 
Grand Canyon 
Scenic Safaris 307-734-8898 SouthOld Faithful  

3. Old Faithful Snowcoach Shuttle 

Operator / Website Phone Number Gate Operates from 
Backcountry Adventures 800-924-7669 West 
Scenic Safaris 307-734-8898 South
Yellowstone Expeditions800-728-9333 West 
Yellowstone National Park Lodges 307-344-7311 North 

4. Your own snowmobile

You can do this as part of the non-commercially guided snowmobile program

Winter travel hours are 7:00 am to 9:00 pm except for the East Entrance Road and South Entrance Road which open at 8:00 am.  

Yellowstone Winter Old Faithful sign and lots of snow

Getting to Yellowstone in Winter  

There are a few options for driving to Yellowstone in winter.   

If you’re trying to decide how to get to Yellowstone in winter, the two main access points are Gardener in the northwest and West Yellowstone in the West.  Although the Northeast Entrance is open, you can’t get there from further points east.  The other option is to head up from Jackson in the south and take an over snow tour from the south entrance. 

Some common questions are: 

“Can you drive to Old Faithful in the winter?” 

No, but you can take a snow coach shuttle if you’re staying there, or a day tour by snow coach or snow mobile. 

“Can you drive to Mammoth Hot Springs in the winter?” 

Yes, you can drive down from Bozeman via Gardner.  The road is open to regular vehicles all year. The rangers do sometimes close roads temporarily after heavy snow until the road is plowed, so be prepared to be a little flexible with your plans.  

“Can you drive from Jackson Hole to Yellowstone in winter?” 

You can only drive to the South Entrance or West Entrance.  From there, you will need to take an over snow tour.

“Can You Drive to the Northeast Entrance of Yellowstone in winter?” 

Yes, you can drive from Cooke City through this entrance and into the park.  The road is plowed all the way through the Lamar Valley to Mammoth Hot Springs and through the North Entrance to Gardner and beyond. 

However, access is blocked east of Cooke City, since the Beartooth Pass is closed.  So, you can’t actually access the park from this direction unless you are only coming from Cooke City. 

“Can You Drive to the Southeast Entrance of Yellowstone in winter?” 

Yes, but this requires going over the Sylvan Pass.  This is closed if there is a danger of an avalanche, so always check current conditions.  The road into the park from this entrance is closed, however, so you need to take over the snow transport from the entrance into the park. 

Yellowstone Winter Lamar Valley and bison

Where to Stay in Yellowstone in Winter 

Where should I stay for Yellowstone in winter? When visiting Yellowstone in winter, lodging is more limited, but there are a couple of options inside the park as well as accommodations in Gardner just outside the north entrance and West Yellowstone just outside the west gate.  West Yellowstone is the most popular Yellowstone winter lodging option. 

Is it better to stay in Yellowstone or outside? 

Both have pros and cons, as with most things in life. There is nothing quite like being inside the park, and it gives you a chance to more fully explore the area.  However, it is not cheap to stay inside the park and there are areas in the park, notably the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone area, that has only very limited accommodations options and is mostly commonly visited as a day trip.      

Where to stay inside Yellowstone National Park in winter  

There are four Yellowstone winter lodging options.  There are two Yellowstone lodges/ hotels open in winter and two camping options. 

Note that when staying in Yellowstone in winter, you’ll also need to make sure that you have your transportation sorted out.  

Yellowstone Winter Lodge / Hotel Options 

There are two lodges open inside the park in winter.  Both are open from mid-December to the beginning of March.  

Because options are limited and extremely popular, I strongly recommend booking as far in advance as possible.  If everything inside the park is booked out, there are still options outside the park (see below). 

Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel & Cabins 

Located in the north region of the park that you can drive to, the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel along with its dining room, gift shop, ski shop, and day tour operations, is open in winter.  They have deluxe hotel rooms, suites and four cabins with private hot tubs inside each of them. 

Check Prices and Availability for Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel 

Old Faithful Snow Lodge and Cabins 

Located near the Old Faithful geyser and the Upper Geyser Basin, the Old Faithful Snow Lodge and cabins and its restaurant the Geyser Grill and Bear Den Gift Shop are open through winter.

You can rent skis in the Bear Den Ski Shop and there is an outdoor skating rink with free skate rentals.  The lodge is super cozy, with large fireplaces throughout. They offer deluxe lodge rooms, spacious Western Cabins and more basic Frontier Cabins.  

The only way to get there is by over snow travel.  For information on how to get to Old Faithful Snow Lodge in winter, see the Over Snow Travel section above.  

Check Prices and Availability for Old Faithful Snow Lodge 

Yellowstone Winter Camping Options 

There are also two camping options, including one that is available even in the shoulder season. 

Mammoth Campground  

This NPS campground is the only campground in the national park that is open all year.  From mid-October to the beginning of May, there are fewer sites available and there are no reservations taken.  The campground is open to RVs and tents. 

Nights in winter are almost always below zero (Fahrenheit!), so if you plan to camp in winter, you will need to be prepared.  Check my Guide to the Best Tent Heaters and Guide to the Best Generator for Tent Camping and Best Generators for RVs.  You will need them! 

Canyon Yurt Camp 

The yurt camp is the only place to stay on the Canyon region of the park.  Located just half a mile from the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and the Yellowstone Falls, it is ideal for cross-country skiers and snowshoers.  Read my Guide to the Best Snowshoes if you want to buy some before you go.

The camp has two large heated yurts that are communal areas for dining and gathering.  There are also small individual cabin huts with propane heaters for sleeping, as well as shower facilities and even a sauna! 

The yurt camp is operated by Yellowstone Expeditions and you can check availability and prices.  

Read my Yellowstone Camping Guide for more information about camping in Yellowstone

Where to stay near Yellowstone National Park in winter  

There are also plenty of accommodations available outside the park, but nearby. These include Bozeman and Gardner in the north and West Yellowstone, which is just outside the park’s west entrance. 

West Yellowstone Winter Lodging Options 

Luxury Option: 1872 Inn 

This adults-only boutique hotel is stylish and comfortable.  Each room has a gas fireplace and is decorated with simple wood finishes.  There is a sauna and fitness center and a continental breakfast is included.  

Check Availability for 1872 Inn 

Mid-Range Option: Clubhouse Inn 

This comfortable mid-range hotel has an indoor pool and hot tub.  Each room has a private bathroom, fridge, microwave and coffee-making facilities.  Continental breakfast is included. 

Check Availability at Clubhouse Inn 

Budget Option: Al’s Westward Ho Motel 

Located right next to the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, this motel has basic but comfortable rooms with private bathrooms. 

Check Availability at Al’s Westward Ho Motel 

Vacation Rentals/ Airbnbs in West Yellowstone   

My top pick is this awesome four-bedroom cabin in the woods. With stunning mountain views, modern luxury and cozy comfort, this is an ideal place to stay in winter. 

Check out my Guide to the Best Vacation Rentals Near Yellowstone for more options. 

Dining Options in Yellowstone in Winter 

In the Mammoth area, your dining options are the Mammoth General Store and the Mammoth Terrace Grill 

In the Old Faithful area, your dining options are the Old Faithful Snow Lodge Geyser Grill and the Old Faithful Snow Lodge Dining Room.  

In the Canyon area, the yurt camp has a dining room for guests. 

What to Wear in Yellowstone National Park in Winter  

The most important thing to keep in mind when packing for Yellowstone National Park during winter is layers – and lots of them. Winters are COLD and you will need to dress appropriately.  Some essential items are: 

A jacket for extreme cold weather 

A really good jacket is essential in Grand Teton in winter because it can get very cold.  Check out my Guide To The Best Winter Jackets For Extreme Cold for detailed information on exactly what to look for, as well as reviews and recommendations.  

Check prices and additional reviews for my top picks for women, the Colombia Heavenly Hooded Jacket and check out my recommended winter jacket for men, the North Face Altier Triclimate Jacket 


You will definitely need a really good pair of warm winter gloves for your winter trip to the Tetons.  For men’s gloves for extreme cold, check out these Kingsbom unisex gloves 

For women’s winter gloves for extreme cold weather, take a look at these Tough unisex gloves

Good winter boots 

Nothing can make you more miserable than cold feet in winter!  So much so, that I have written detailed guides to help you choose the best ones. 

Read my Guide To The Best Men’s Winter Boots.  If you want to cut to the chase and get my top pick, you can buy the Salomon X Ultra men’s winter hiking boot here 

For women, read my Guide To The Best Winter Boots For Women.  Check out my top pick, the Sorel Winter Carnival for women here 


The best socks for extreme cold weather that I’ve found are these ALS wool socks for women and these Dickies thermal socks for men

A warm hat 

I love this soft Botack beanie that is ideal for skiing, hiking or just being outside in the area in winter.  Check out the color options on Amazon. 

Thermal underwear 

Thermal underwear is your friend in winter!  If you need to get some, check out Thermajohn thermal underwear for men and Thermajane women’s thermal long johns set

Read my Guide to Packing for Winter Travel with Essential Packing List for Winter Vacation Trips to make sure you have everything you need. 

Winter Photography 

Although the days are short in winter, the sun is low in the sky all day, which makes nice for photos. Here are some tips for photography in the snow

Cold weather can drain your batteries very quickly, so take some extra batteries for your camera with you.  Try to keep them warm by putting them in a pocket rather than leaving them in a camera bag. 

Yellowstone Winter bison and snow and river

Winter Safety in Yellowstone National Park 

Winter is cold, snowy and slippery, so you will need to be prepared.  Pay careful attention to the What to Wear section above. 

Stay Hydrated 

Because Yellowstone is actually at a high elevation, and this is exacerbated by cold temperatures, it is easy to get dehydrated.  So, be sure you take extra drinking water (and keep it warm enough so that it doesn’t freeze).

Because it can be so cold outside, you will need to take some measures to prevent your water from freezing.  Two tricks are

  1. keep it inside your jacket; and
  2. have an insulated water bottle or tumbler. 

You can get a Yeti insulated tumbler here if you need one. 

Driving Dangers 

When driving either on the northern road inside the park or on roads nearby, make sure you have winter tires and/ or chains on your tires and always check current conditions daily.  If you want to pull over to view wildlife, make sure that you only use plowed pullouts, or you may find yourself stranded in a drift of snow.  

Winter Hiking/ Walking Tips 

When hiking/ walking on boardwalks and trails, always have traction on your feet.  The best way to do this is to wear Microspikes.  These are spiked chains that slip over the bottom of your hiking boots.  I LOVE these – they really do make a huge difference when hiking in winter. 

Read my Guide to the Best Microspikes for more information about what to look for or pick up the ones that I wear and love, the Kahtoola MICROspikes here.  

If you’re going to be doing any hiking, check out my Winter Day Hike Essentials list to make sure you have everything you need.  If you head out off the main groomed trails, be very mindful of winter weather and conditions. 

Avalanche Safety 

Avalanches do occur in and around Yellowstone. Always check current conditions and practice basic avalanche safety if you are heading out alone anywhere. 

Travel Insurance 

Finally, winter is not the time to skip travel insurance.  With icy and snowy conditions, there’s an increased chance of accidents, flight cancellations, etc., so I strongly recommend making sure you have some form of travel insurance for all Yellowstone winter trips.   

A great insurance option is Travelex.  It has coverage for all you’ll need. You can swap this link for  either compare Travel Insurance plans here or get a quote right now:

728x90 Get Quote

Yellowstone Winter Activities 

What is there to do in Yellowstone in the winter? Turns out, plenty.  Read my Guide to The Best Things to Do in Yellowstone in Winter for all the details (coming soon). 

Read more: Guide to the Lamar Valley Drive

Have an amazing Yellowstone winter vacation! 

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Take a Yellowstone Winter Vacation_ What You Need to Know
The Complete Yellowstone in Winter Travel Guide

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