How Many Days in Grand Teton National Park?

You’ve decided to go to Grand Teton National Park but aren’t sure how many days to see Grand Teton National Park.  That’s what this guide is for.  We’ll look at what you can realistically see for each of the most popular lengths of stay, so that you can make an informed decision.  

Let’s take a look …

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How Many Days to See Grand Teton A Complete Guide
Find out how many days to spend in Grand Teton National Park

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How Long to Spend in Grand Teton National Park 

How long you choose for your trip the Tetons will depend to some extent on what you’re interested in and how much time you have available.

I recommend at least three days to see all of the main highlights.  There are plenty of options for at least this many days whether you like to hike or prefer to take it easy.  Grand Teton has stunning views, but they are best in the early morning and at sunset, so this amount of time also allows you see the best views at the best time of day.   

Let’s take a more detailed look at what is possible for different lengths of time. 

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How Many Days to Spend in Grand Teton

If you are planning to visit Grand Teton National Park in spring, summer or fall, make your planning easy and stress free with a detailed itinerary. I have 1-, 2-, and 3-day itineraries for Grand Teton that include all the park highlights, give you choices based on your preferred activity level, and take all the stress out of planning your trip. 

Check out the three Grand Teton itinerary options 

1 day in Grand Teton National Park 

In one long day, you can see the main Grand Teton viewpoints along the 42-mile scenic loop drive through the park.  This includes the famous Moulton barns on Mormon Row, Schwabacher Landing, Signal Mountain, Oxbow Bend, and Snake River Overlook.  All five of these locations have amazing views of the Teton Range, from different angles, with different foregrounds, and with various chances of seeing wildlife at the same time. 

You will also be able to squeeze a short hike into the first part of Cascade Canyon (my favorite hike in Grand Teton National Park) – or a cruise on the beautiful Jenny Lake if you prefer not to hike. 

Oxbow Bend

While you will see the highlights in a day, you won’t be able to see all the best views at the best time of day.  It will be a long and busy day to see all of this, and requires careful planning. 

The easiest way to do this is to follow my detailed hour-by-hour Grand Teton itinerary

Two days in Grand Teton National Park  

If you have 2 days in Grand Teton, you can see all that you’ll see in one day, but at a little more leisurely pace.  You’ll be able to spend a little more time in Cascade Canyon, which is amazingly beautiful. 

There are also a few extra things you can see and do in 2 days. Grand Teton is famous not only for views, but also for wildlife.  One of the best chances of seeing animals is the scenic Moose-Wilson drive, best done early in the morning. 

moose wilson road grand teton
Moose-Wilson Drive

The extra time will also give you a chance to do the stunning hike to Taggart Lake and/ or explore the historic settlement of Menor’s Ferry and discover the fascinating history of the area. 

Taggart Lake

You will also have a few hours to relax by Leigh and String Lakes and go for a swim, paddle or easy walk along the lakeshore. And have a picnic lunch.  

Again, that’s a lot you can see and do in two days.  The best way to do this is to use my detailed two-day Grand Teton itinerary with a step-by-step breakdown, some built in flexibility, and timing to have in the best place at the best time of each day. 

Get a two-day itinerary here

Three days in Grand Teton National Park  

Having 3 days in Grand Teton National Park gives you an extra day to explore the more northern Colter Bay area. It’s right on Jackson Lake and has some wonderful easy hikes, boats for rent, and more. 

Jackson Lake

You can also add on a hike to Moose Ponds near Jenny Lake, which, as the name suggests, is a great place to see moose drinking and eating grass in the shallow pond waters.   

Moose Pond Grand teton National park
Moose Pond

This much time also means you will have three sunrises and sunsets, when the mountain views are best, plus three early mornings and dusks to try and see wildlife. 

Plus, of course, the extra time for hiking, enjoying the water and exploring the historical areas in the park, including Menor’s Ferry, Mormon Row and Cunningham Cabin.   

Grab my three-day Teton’s itinerary to maximize your time there to see and do all this. 

Four or more days in Grand Teton National Park 

If you have even more days available to visit the Tetons, you will definitely NOT be bored.  For one thing, there are lots of awesome hikes to do in the park.

And check out my guide on the best things to do in Grand Teton National Park for more ideas. 

How many days in Yellowstone and Grand Teton? 

Yellowstone National Park is only eight miles north of Grand Teton, so it makes sense to visit both parks on the same trip if you have enough time available.  Which raises the question: “How many days to spend in Yellowstone and Grand Teton?”   

Ideally, you’ll have 1 week in Yellowstone and Grand Teton.  Three days in Grand Teton and four days in Yellowstone are best.  This will give you enough time to see all the best bits of each park without needing to rush too much.  

You can combine a four-day Yellowstone itinerary and a three-day Grand Teton itinerary to make an awesome trip.

If you have less time for Yellowstone, read my guide on How Much Time to Spend in Yellowstone to help you decide how many days to go for.

Travel Insurance for Grand Teton National Park 

In addition to deciding how many days to spend in Grand Teton National Park, you will also need to get travel insurance for your trip.  Whether it is for unexpected trip cancelation, emergency repatriation or medical help, or to replace something lost or stolen, having travel insurance will give you piece of mind and help you when you need it.   

A great insurance option is Travelex.  It has coverage for all you’ll need. You can compare Travel Insurance plans here or get a quote right now:

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Enjoy the Tetons! 

How many days did you decide to spend in Grand Teton National Park?  I’d love to hear.  Join my private Facebook group National Parks Collectors and comment and let me know (you can also pick up extra planning tips, share your photos and stories with other national park lovers and more).  

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How Many Days to Spend in Grand Teton

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Find out how many days to spend in Grand Teton National Park
How Many Days to See Grand Teton A Complete Guide

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