The Best Walking Sandals: A Complete Guide

If you’re going walking, it’s so important to find the best walking sandals to fit your feet and requirements. Whether it’s a one day walk or a longer vacation, cool and comfortable feet can really make all the difference.

A selection of the best walking sandals

This guide lists all the best walking sandals we’ve found, including the best men’s walking sandals, the best walking sandals for ladies and the best travel sandals. Covered within the latter category you’ll find the best closed and open toe sandals as well as lightweight, waterproof and sports sandals for males and females.

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The Best Travel Sandals for Walking_ Reviews and Recommendations
Detailed Buyers Guide_ The Best Walking Sandals

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See the best walking sandals for men and women here


It is so difficult to choose just one for males and females – but that’s often what we have to do when heading off traveling or on a walking trip, right? In the men’s category we’ve opted for the Ecco Yucatan, as it’s just so supremely comfortable. It looks good, it feels even better and is such a great all-rounder.

See the men’s Ecco Yucatan walking sandal

Why buy the Ecco Yucatan for men?

Whatever your size, the Ecco Yucatan is not only super comfortable with a light weight footbed, stretchy lining and nubuck leather upper, but it is also stable and gives great support, guaranteeing comfort from beach or trail to bar. 

Plus, it comes in 30 colors, so you are sure to find a color to suit you, and this men’s walking sandal is rugged enough to ensure longevity as well as great grip.

Check prices for the Ecco Yucatan walking sandals for men


The Teva Tirra is our number-one choice in women’s travel sandals overall. Why? It looks good, and can be worn for casual daytime or evening occasions as well as walking trips. You can choose between an impressive 32 color and style options. This product attracts thousands of great reviews, too.

See the Teva Tirra women’s walking sandal

Why buy the Teva Tirra for women?

This sandal’s list of benefits is nothing short of astounding – and the price tag is very reasonable when you work out the cost per wear. There is antibacterial protection for fresh feet, and a stable, cushioned insole for comfort. The upper dries quickly, while the non-slip sole is sturdy enough to take you anywhere.

To top it all, you are sure to find the sandal to suit your style among the 30-plus color options available.

Check prices for the Teva Tirra walking sandals for women

Best Walking Sandals Comparison Guide 

These quick reference tables are here to help you decide between walking sandals. There are separate tables for men’s and women’s footwear, each highlighting key features of each product.

We include the top three walking sandals for males or females, as well as the best sandals in various categories. These include travel, closed and open toe, lightweight, waterproof, sport, comfort and wide fit sandals.

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The Best Men’s Walking Sandals

Ecco Yucatan


Leather &/ fabric 20 options 10.0CHECK NOW
Dockers Newpage


Leather upper 4 neutrals 9.9CHECK NOW
Keen Rialto


Nubuck upper Black or brown 9.8CHECK NOW
Crocs Santa Cruz


Fabric flipflop Black, brown, beige 9.3CHECK NOW
Teva Langdon


Leather & fabric Brown 9.7CHECK NOW
Skechers Gander


Distressed suede Black or brown 9.5CHECK NOW
Saguaro Outdoor


Fabrics Black, brown, blue 9.2CHECK NOW
Reef Anchor


FabricBlack, brown, grey 9.4CHECK NOW
Teva Hurricane


Fabrics Black, grey, blue 9.6CHECK NOW

The Best Women’s Walking Sandals

Teva Tirra


Classic sandal 32 options 10CHECK NOW
Ecco Yucatan


Chunky sandal 17 options 9.9CHECK NOW
Teva Original Universal


Fabric straps Black & White 9.8CHECK NOW
Teva Sirra


Narrow straps 9 options 9.4CHECK NOW
Clark’s Kaydin


Slider + sling 4 options 9.2CHECK NOW
Rockport Ridge


Leather sling 4 neutrals 9.6CHECK NOW
Keen Women’s Whisper


Chunky sandal Black & grey 9.7CHECK NOW
FitFlop Lulu


Flipflop Black, Silver, Nude 9.3CHECK NOW
Viakix Outdoor


Classic sandal 4 options 9.1CHECK NOW
Skechers 600 Sport


Classic sandal Leopard or tiger print 9.5CHECK NOW

Walking Sandals Categories

Best walking sandals for men

If you’re searching for the best men’s walking sandals, look no further. We have carefully researched all the best walking sandals for men before narrowing down the options to the top three picks. These include the Ecco Yucatan, the Dockers Newpage and the Keen Rialto.

Click here to see the best in category Men’s Ecco Yucatan

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Best Walking Sandals for Women

Looking for the best walking sandals? Women’s designs that have made the grade include the Teva Tirra, a great all-rounder that is lightweight and comfortable. We also love the open-toed women’s Ecco Yucatan and another Teva model, the waterproof Original Universal.

Click here to see the best in category Women’s Teva Tirra

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Best Walking Sandals for Travel

The best walking sandals for travel will depend on your precise priorities, but we’ve chosen our top picks based on their all-round performance. When traveling you are unlikely to want to take too much footwear with you, so something that can tick as many boxes as possible makes the most sense. The best dressy walking sandals, for example, can be used for casual evenings out as well as on walking trips.

Click here to see the best in category Docker Newpage

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Click here to see the best in category Women’s Rockport Ridge

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Best in Category Hiking Sandals

This section includes our number one pick for various categories, broken down as the best women’s walking sandals and the mens best walking sandals for each. The chosen categories include the best closed toe sandals, best open toe walking sandals, best wide width walking sandals, the best all day walking sandals, best athletic sandals, the best waterproof walking sandals and best lightweight walking sandals.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Walking Sandals

What shape of sandal should I go for?

It really depends on what you’re planning to do.  If you’re exploring a city, you’ll need something comfortable for all day wear, and a flipflop or classic sandal style should be fine.  If you’re hiking or trekking, then a chunky sandal that’s specially designed for this purpose will probably be a better choice.

How do men’s and women’s sandals differ?

Many male and female styles are very similar, such as the Ecco Yucatan.  Women’s walking sandals do tend to be available in a wider range of styles and colors, however.  This makes them easier to wear with smarter or more feminine clothing without the footwear looking out of place.

How much do I need to spend?

You can spend as much or as little as you like.  Some cheaper sandals will do everything you need them to for your trip, but they may not last as long as those from top footwear brands.  It really depends on your priorities and the projected cost per wear.  Obviously, it’s worth paying more if you plan to wear them more frequently, or for longer periods, than just for the occasional outing.

Why would I need waterproof sandals?

Clearly you may need waterproof footwear if you’re planning to enter water – but it can also be a good idea when at the beach as those waves can take you by surprise!  Even when in a city, waterproof sandals can be great when it rains, as they will dry out more quickly than other types.

Which are the best travel sandals?

Traveling light is always the ideal.  Most travel experts reckon that two to three pairs of shoes should suffice – even for a year’s backpacking.  To save on space and weight, you want a pair of walking sandals that will also do for daily – and ideally evening – wear as well.

Closed or open toe sandals – which is best?

Again, the answer depends on your plans.  If you’re going to partake in sport, then a closed toe sandy will protect your feet.  They are also a little warmer, so if hot weather is expected then an open toe sandal might be the best choice.

Best Walking Sandals for Men (Overall)

Ecco Yucatan

The Ecco Yucatan is a great all rounder.

This open toed men’s walking sandal is one of the best sandals to hike in. The lightweight footbed offers comfort, as does the stretchy neoprene lining that also aids breathability. This stable, reliable sandal comes in a huge range of color options.

The nubuck leather upper is comfortable and robust, while the rubber sole is designed for superior traction.

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Keen Rialto

The Keen Rialto is a closed toe option, and this premium brand sandal offers wearers all sorts of benefits.

The upper is water-resistant and dries really quickly to keep feet dry. A locking bungee system fastens the sandal securely and comfortably into place, while great grip prevents slipping. An expertly molded foot bed offers arch support and cushioning, and the anti-bacterial properties ensure feet stay odor-free all day long.

All Keen walking sandals are also machine washable.

Read additional reviews for the Keen Men’s Rialto walking sandals

Dockers Newpage

Dockers are up there when it comes to the best walking sandals.

The Men’s Newpage sandals are ultra comfortable, yet sporty too. There is a relaxed fit and you can choose from a range of show and width sizes. The memory foam insole guarantees comfort, and if that isn’t enough then the fusion footbed underneath acts as a second shock-absorbing layer when you walk.

These Dockers men’s sandals are sturdy, strong, sporty and comfortable.

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Best Walking Sandals for Women (Overall)

Teva Tirra

You want the best ladies walking sandals? 

The Teva Tirra is a great all-rounder in terms of comfort as well as strength.  To begin with, you can choose between 32 color options. 

Teva’s Tirra sandal for women features odor-proof Microban technology, and can keep feet as dry and comfortable as possible even in wet conditions, as the sandal channels away water rapidly and efficiently.

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Ecco Yucatan

The men’s Ecco Yucatan was our top pick, and the female version is every bit as good.

This open toe sandal features a rubber sole and nubuck leather upper, as well as a supportive, comfortable dual density footbed.

You can really make this pair of sandals your own as there is a choice of great colors, and this footwear allows you to tackle any terrain while enjoying a superb level of comfort.

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Teva Original Universal

Teva make some of the best sandals for hiking and walking, and the Original Universal for women is another prime example. 

For a start, this sandal is waterproof, so it’s ideal for wet weather or even entering the sea, lake or river.  A rugged outsole is designed for a great level of grip, so you should stay steady too. 

Once you’re out in the dry, the fabric straps dry off very quickly so you can be comfortable again without delay.

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Best Walking Sandals for Travel: Men

Crocs Santa Cruz

There are plenty of Crocs fans out there, a brand known for their delightfully comfortable footwear.

Style is perhaps not the first thing the Crocs name brings to mind, however. Well take a look at this pair of great value men’s travel flip flops and you might just change your mind. A relaxed coastal look is complemented by a padded footbed, non-slip grip and generous fit.

They are very slimline too, so they’re easy to squeeze into even the most tightly-packed travel bag.

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Teva Langdon Sandal

Another top-notch travel sandal from Teva.

The Langdon is a durable, comfortable and smart-looking product that is without doubt one of the best adventure sandals out there. The leather upper looks the part, while a molded, cushioned footbed provides day after day of comfortable travel. This footwear is waterproof, robust and as well suited to casual evenings out as it is to exploring all kinds of terrain.

Read additional reviews for the men’s Teva Langdon travel sandal

Dockers Newpage

This men’s travel sandal is the only product to make it into three of this guide’s categories.

It is such an impressive all-rounder, making it ideal for travel as well as walking trips and ensuring all-day comfort. The sporty, outdoor sandal’s leather upper means it looks stylish, while the fusion footbed and memory foam insole ensure a superb level of comfort.

A rugged, rubber sole is durable and you can even get these in wider fittings too.

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Best Walking Sandals for Travel: Women

Rockport Ridge

If you’re looking for a stylish women’s all-purpose sandal then the Rockport Ridge could be just right.

These must be among the best backpacking sandals, as they can effortlessly take you from beach or city by day to the bar or restaurant at night. The cut-out leather detail is elegant, while a tough rubber sole with traction tread and anatomical footbed ensure comfort.

They don’t take up too much space in your rucksack, case or bag, either.

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Teva Sirra

Once again Teva make the grade in the best travel sandals for women category.

The Teva Sirra is another great product that ticks so many boxes. Its streamlined, lightweight design means it is easy to squeeze into even a small backpack or case. This sandal is also smart enough to be worn as day or evening wear, unless you’re going somewhere very formal. It is quick drying, and offers a good level of traction.

There are 9 colors to choose from, too.

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Clark’s Kaydin

These are among the best walking sandals for Europe and her cities, which is apt as Clark’s is a highly respected British footwear manufacturer.

While it’s not really ideal for serious hiking, this sandal makes a great everyday topic for when you’re exploring cities or beaches. All day comfort is a key feature of this product, and it has a cushion soft, ‘cloud stepper’ footbed to ensure happy feet.

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Best in Category Hiking Sandals

Best Closed Toe Sandals: Men

The best closed toe walking sandals for men are the Keen Men’s Rialto sandals.

This rubber-soled sandal has all kinds of great features to keep your feet comfortable all day or week long. The water-resistant upper helps to repel water and is quick-drying. Superior traction is assured by multi-directional, non-slip grips, while a looking bungee system ensures a secure fit. The compression molded foot bed offers enhanced cushioning and arch support, and anti-door properties keep feet fresh.

As with all Keen sandals, these are also machine washable.

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Best Closed Toe Sandals: Women

Our top closed toe women’s walking sandals are also from Keen – the Women’s Whisper.

This polyester, rubber-soled sandal features a bungee lace capture fastening for a snug, secure for and also has the Cleansport NXT system to keep foot odor under control.

The footbed is ergonomically designed to provide a high level of arch support, and as with other Keen sandals you can even pop these into the washing machine.

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Best Open Toe Walking Sandals: Men

Ecco’s Yucatan for men is also one of the best rated walking sandals for men with an open toe.

For starters, there’s a choice of 30 different colors. The sandals have a lightweight footbed that is built to offer great stability and extreme comfort. A stretch neoprene lining helps feet to stay fresh, while the nubuck upper is soft yet sturdy, while the rubber sole is made for superb grip as well as durability.

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Best Open Toe Walking Sandals: Women

The Ecco Yucatan women’s sandal is our top pick in the open toe category.

This high quality sandal has soft, breathable 100% nubuck leather uppers and a rubber sole. The midsole features Ecco Receptor technology and a double density footbed for support and comfort.

Ecco’s Yucatan comes in a choice of colors, and attracts great reviews for satisfied owners.

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Best Walking Sandals for Wide Feet: Men

Skechers don’t only make some of the best fashionable walking sandals around. The Skechers Gander for men is a stylish, relaxed fit sandal with adjustable fastenings for a perfect fit.

A full length memory foam insole also gives walking feet added comfort and support as well as helping to absorb shock. This wider fitting men’s sandal also has a flexible rubber outsole with traction tread for extra grip.

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Best Walking Sandals for Wide Feet: Women

FitFlop sandals really fit the bill when it comes to accommodating wider feet.

They are certainly among the best hiking flip flops money can buy, giving your feet plenty of room to spread out while the ergonomic design provides support. They are great for all but the most demanding walking conditions.

FitFlop fans love the level of comfort provided, especially for anyone prone to joint, muscle or spinal pain. With a simple, elegant style, FitFlops are also among the best stylish walking sandals around.

Read additional reviews for the FitFlop Lulu Women’s flipflop sandal

Best Comfortable Walking Sandals: Men

If you’re a man who wants a pair of the most comfortable walking sandals possible, then take a look at the Dockers Newpage.

This sporty sandal offers a spacious, relaxed fit, and there are two layers of added comfort. The memory foam insole has a fusion footbed beneath for extra cushioning as you walk.

This Dockers mens walking sandal is built to last, as well to ensure that you can last the distance. There is also a choice of width fittings, making this another option for those with wider feet.

Read additional reviews for the Dockers Newpage men’s comfort walking sandal

Best Comfortable Walking Sandals: Women

The best women’s walking sandals in terms of overall comfort has to be the Teva Women’s Tirra.

This great all-rounder comes in an impressive 32 color options too. Teva’s Tirra is one of the top hiking sandals around, offering the user the ultimate in comfort, durability and practicality. The Tirra is treated with Microban technology to prevent odor. It is also designed to keep your feet comfortable even when walking in wet conditions, and is even designed to channel away water as quickly as possible.

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Best Sport Sandals for Walking: Men

Among the best sport sandals we’ve found for men are the great value Saguaro outdoor sports sandals.

This pair of men’s sandals is well suited to sports as the closed toe protects against impact while playing or walking. These sandals are ideal for walking in the wet and outdoor sports as well as walking and hiking.

Read additional reviews for the Saguaro men’s sport sandals

Best Sport Sandals for Walking: Women

For women, the best athletic sandals for walking we’ve found is the Viakix women’s walking sandal.

This footwear comes in a choice of colors and features a simple, neat design. There is a cushioned midsole with added ergonomic arch support plus adjustable front and back straps for the perfect fit.

This great pair of women’s outdoor sandals is quick-drying and lightweight, making them a great all-round option that also offers good value for money.

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Best Waterproof Walking Sandals: Men

If walking in water is your things then you cannot go wrong with Reef – one of the original waterproof sandal brands. An extra padded liner means the Reef Anchor flipflops are as comfortable as they are practical, and there is also anatomical arch support.

This Latin American brand specializes in beach footwear that takes you from sand to surf, and their stylish products are among the best looking walking sandals around.

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Best Waterproof Walking Sandals: Women

Our top waterproof pair of women’s sandals is one of the best Teva walking sandals options – their Original Universal sandal.

This women’s walking sandal is specially designed for use in water, so if you’re planning to walk by the shore it’s ideal. You should even be safe when clambering over rocks in these Teva sandals, as the rugged rubber outsole provides a high level of traction. The strong, water-ready polyester upper straps also dry out very quickly.

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Best Lightweight Walking Sandals: Men

The Teva Men’s Hurricane is among the very best lightweight walking sandals out there.

The fabric strap design means these sandals are less weighty than others, which can be relief when packing as well as when walking. The tough rubber sole is designed to provide traction, support and stability.

This sandal is equally at home on the trail or in water, making it another great all-rounder from Teva.

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Best Lightweight Walking Sandals: Women

When it comes to lightweight footwear the Skechers brand is hard to beat.  Their comfortable on-the-go 600 sport sandal is a great option when you want to carry less weight – both in your pack or case and on your feet when walking.

As always, this Skechers sandal features a stylish, modern design that is smart enough for a casual evening as well as walking the trail.  You can choose between fun leopard and tiger print designs too.  Skechers sure know how to produce the best cute walking sandals.

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Which are the Best Walking Sandals for You?

We have only included the products with the highest ratings here, so whichever you go for you can be sure that these are the best walking sandals your hard-earned dollars can buy. To find out more on each product, simply click on the link to see the latest prices and reviews. Hopefully this guide will help in making your selection.

Take care out there and do enjoy wandering through our wonderful world!

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Detailed Buyers Guide_ The Best Walking Sandals
The Best Travel Sandals for Walking_ Reviews and Recommendations

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