It may be your bucket list ambition to visit all the national parks in the United States, or maybe you are just curious to see a checklist of national parks in the country. Well, read on.

Here is an American national parks list in alphabetical order and another organized by state, as well as a list of all national parks in America by the date they were created, and a checklist of US national parks that you can download.

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How many national parks are there in the United States? 

The short answer is 63.  The long answer? Well, it’s actually a little more complicated. 

The US National Park Service, which was created back in 1916 by President Woodrow Wilson, actually manages 423 properties. To make things confusing, these properties are often called “parks”, so some people say there are 423 national parks (lower case), but 63 National Parks (capitalized).  I generally say there are 423 properties managed by the National Park Service, but 63 national parks, but we are talking technicalities here. 

There are 19 main different types of properties (one of which are technically National Parks = the 63), plus a random additional 11 properties.  These are: 

  1. National Parks (63) 
  2. National Monuments (84) 
  3. National Parkways (4) 
  4. National Preserves (19) 
  5. National Reserves (2) 
  6. National Recreational Areas (18) 
  7. National Rivers (4) 
  8. National Wild and Scenic Rivers and Riverways (10) 
  9. National Scenic Trails (3) 
  10. National Seashores (10) 
  11. National Lakeshores (3) 
  12. National Historical Parks (61) 
  13. National Historic Sites (74) 
  14. International Historic Sites (1) 
  15. National Battlefields (11) 
  16. National Battlefield Parks (4) 
  17. National Battlefield Sites (1) 
  18. National Military Parks (9) 
  19. National Memorials (31) 
  20. Other Designations (11) 

The latest national park is New River Gorge National Park and Preserve in West Virginia. It was upgraded from a National River in December, 2020.

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US National Parks Checklist

Whether you want a quick downloadable; or you just want to see a list of the parks, where they are and when they were established; or you are looking for a more permanent souvenir, here are all the national parks in the USA:

Printable National Park Checklist

Get a printable list of national parks in the US right here.

Alphabetical List of National Parks 

National Park Name State Year Est. Order Est. 
Acadia Maine 1919 13th 
American Samoa American Samoa 1988 50th 
Arches Utah 1971 35th 
Badlands South Dakota 1978 38th 
Big Bend Texas 1944 27th 
Biscayne Florida 1980 41st 
Black Canyon of the Gunnison Colorado 1999 55th 
Bryce Canyon Utah 1928 17th 
Canyonlands Utah 1964 31st 
Capitol Reef Utah 1971 36th 
Carlsbad Caverns New Mexico 1930 19th 
Channel Islands California 1980 40th 
Congaree South Carolina 2003 57th 
Crater Lake Oregon 1902 5th 
Cuyahoga Valley Ohia 2000 56th 
Death Valley California 1994 53rd 
Denali Alaska 1917 12th 
Dry Tortugas Florida 1992 51st 
Everglades Florida 1934 20th 
Gates of the Arctic Alaska 1980 42nd 
Gateway Arch Missouri 2018 60th 
Glacier Montana 1910 8th 
Glacier Bay Alaska 1980 43rd 
Grand Canyon Arizona 1919 14th 
Grand Teton Wyoming 1929 18th 
Great Basin Nevada 1986 49th 
Great Sand Dunes Colorado 2004 58th 
Great Smoky Mountains Tennessee 1934 21st 
Guadalupe Mountains Texas 1966 32nd 
Haleakala Hawaii 1961 29th 
Hawaii Volcanoes Hawaii 1916 10th 
Hot Springs Arkansas 1921 16th 
Indiana Dunes Indiana 2019 61st 
Isle Royale Michigan 1940 25th 
Joshua Tree California 1994 54th 
Katmai Alaska 1980 44th 
Kenai Fjords Alaska 1980 45th 
Kings Canyon California 1940 24th 
Kobuk Valley Alaska 1980 46th 
Lake Clark Alaska 1980 47th 
Lassen Volcanic California 1916 11th 
Mammoth Cave Kentucky 1941 26th 
Mesa Verde Colorado 1906 7th 
Mount Rainier Washington 1899 4th 
New River Gorge West Virginia 2020 63rd 
North Cascades Washington 1968 33rd 
Olympic Washington 1938 23rd 
Petrified Forest Arizona 1962 30th 
Pinnacles California 2013 59th 
Redwood California 1968 34th 
Rocky Mountain Colorado 1915 9th 
Saguaro Arizona 1994 52nd 
Sequoia California 1890 2nd 
Shenandoah Virginia 1935 22nd 
Theodore Roosevelt North Dakota 1978 39th 
Virgin Islands US Virgin Islands 1956 28th 
Voyageurs Minnesota 1975 37th 
White Sands New Mexico 2019 62nd 
Wind Cave South Dakota 1903 6th 
Wrangell – St. Elias Alaska 1980 48th 
Yellowstone Wyoming, Montana, Idaho 1872 1st 
Yosemite California 1890 3rd 
Zion Utah 1919 15th 
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All National Parks in the US in the Order They Were Established

Order Est. Year Est. National Park Name State 
1st March 1, 1872 Yellowstone Wyoming, Montana, Idaho 
2nd  September 25, 1890 Sequoia California 
3rd October 1, 1890 Yosemite California 
4th March 2, 1899 Mount Rainier Washington 
5th May 22, 1902 Crater Lake Oregon 
6th January 9, 1903 Wind Cave South Dakota 
7th June 29, 1906 Mesa Verde Colorado 
8th May 11, 1910 Glacier Montana 
9th January 26, 1915 Rocky Mountain Colorado 
10th  August 1, 1916 Hawaii Volcanoes Hawaii 
11th August 9, 1916 Lassen Volcanic California 
12th February 26, 1917 Denali Alaska 
13th February 26, 1919 Acadia Maine 
 14th  February 26, 1919 Grand Canyon Arizona 
15th November 19, 1919 Zion Utah 
16th March 4, 1921 Hot Springs Arkansas 
17th February 25, 1928 Bryce Canyon Utah 
18th February 26, 1929 Grand Teton Wyoming 
19th May 14, 1930 Carlsbad Caverns New Mexico 
20th May 30, 1934 Everglades Florida 
21st June 15, 1934 Great Smoky Mountains Tennessee 
22nd December 26, 1935 Shenandoah Virginia 
23rd June 29, 1938 Olympic Washington 
24th March 4, 1940 Kings Canyon California 
25th April 3, 1940 Isle Royale Michigan 
26th July 1, 1941 Mammoth Cave Kentucky 
27th June 12, 1944 Big Bend Texas 
28th August 2, 1956 Virgin Islands US Virgin Islands 
29th July 1, 1961 Haleakala Hawaii 
30th December 9 , 1962 Petrified Forest Arizona 
31st September 12, 1964 Canyonlands Utah 
32nd October 15, 1966 Guadalupe Mountains Texas 
33rd October 2, 1968 Redwood California 
 34th October 2, 1968North Cascades Washington 
35th November 12, 1971 Arches Utah 
36th December 18, 1971 Capitol Reef Utah 
37th April 8, 1975 Voyageurs Minnesota 
38th November 10, 1978 Theodore Roosevelt North Dakota 
 39th  November 10, 1978Badlands South Dakota 
40th March 5, 1980 Channel Islands California 
41st June 28, 1980 Biscayne Florida 
42nd  December 2, 1980 Gates of the Arctic Alaska 
 43rdDecember 2, 1980Glacier Bay Alaska 
 44thDecember 2, 1980Katmai Alaska 
 45thDecember 2, 1980Kenai Fjords Alaska 
 46thDecember 2, 1980Kobuk Valley Alaska 
 47thDecember 2, 1980Lake Clark Alaska 
 48thDecember 2, 1980Wrangell – St. Elias Alaska 
49th October 27, 1986 Great Basin Nevada 
50th October 31, 1988 American Samoa American Samoa 
51st October 26, 1992 Dry Tortugas Florida 
52nd October 14, 1994 Saguaro Arizona 
53rdOctober 31, 1994 Death Valley California 
54th  October 31, 1994Joshua Tree California 
55th October 21, 1999 Black Canyon of the Gunnison Colorado 
56th October 11, 2000 Cuyahoga Valley Ohia 
57th November 10, 2003 Congaree South Carolina 
58th September 13, 2004 Great Sand Dunes Colorado 
59th January 15, 2013 Pinnacles California 
60th February 22, 2018 Gateway Arch Missouri 
61st February 15, 2019 Indiana Dunes Indiana 
62nd December 20, 2019 White Sands New Mexico 
63rd December 27, 2020 New River Gorge West Virginia 
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U.S. National Park List by State

State National Park Name Year Est. 
Alaska Denali 1917 
 Gates of the Arctic 1980 
 Glacier Bay 1980 
 Katmai 1980 
 Kenai Fjords 1980 
 Kobuk Valley 1980 
 Lake Clark 1980 
 Wrangell – St. Elias 1980 
American Samoa American Samoa 1988 
Arizona Grand Canyon 1919 
 Petrified Forest 1962 
 Saguaro 1994 
Arkansas Hot Springs 1921 
California Channel Islands 1980 
 Death Valley 1994 
 Joshua Tree 1994 
 Kings Canyon 1940 
 Lassen Volcanic 1916 
 Pinnacles 2013 
 Redwood 1968 
 Sequoia 1890 
 Yosemite 1890 
Colorado Black Canyon of the Gunnison 1999 
 Great Sand Dunes 2004 
 Mesa Verde 1906 
 Rocky Mountain 1915 
Florida Biscayne 1980 
 Dry Tortugas 1992 
 Everglades 1934 
Hawaii Haleakala 1961 
 Hawaii Volcanoes 1916 
Wyoming, Montana, Idaho Yellowstone 1872 
Indiana Indiana Dunes 2019 
Kentucky Mammoth Cave 1941 
Maine Acadia 1919 
Michigan Isle Royale 1940 
Minnesota Voyageurs 1971 
Missouri Gateway Arch 2018 
Montana Glacier 1910 
 Yellowstone 1872 
Nevada Great Basin 1986 
New Mexico Carlsbad Caverns 1930 
 White Sands 2019 
North Dakota Theodore Roosevelt 1978 
Ohia Cuyahoga Valley 2000 
Oregon Crater Lake 1902 
South Carolina Congaree 2003 
South Dakota Badlands 1978 
 Wind Cave 1903 
Tennessee Great Smoky Mountains 1934 
Texas Big Bend 1944 
 Guadalupe Mountains 1966 
US Virgin Islands Virgin Islands 1956 
Utah Arches 1971 
 Bryce Canyon 1928 
 Canyonlands 1964 
 Capitol Reef 1971 
 Zion 1919 
Virginia Shenandoah 1935 
Washington Mount Rainier 1899 
 North Cascades 1968 
 Olympic 1938 
West Virginia New River Gorge 2020 
Wyoming Grand Teton 1929 
 Yellowstone 1872 
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National Parks Checklist Poster

I have provided a free downloadable of all US national parks for you to use to track your national parks adventures. However, if you prefer a large national park checklist poster, then you can pick one up online.

<q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B08Y2D61QZ&Format= SL800 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=parkscollecting 20&language=en USir?t=parkscollecting 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B08Y2D61QZ

The national parks of the USA checklist poster comes in 12×18 inches, 16×24 inches, 24×36 inches, or 27×40 inches and you can get it unframed or framed (which is printed on canvas). These make a great gift (for someone else or for yourself – no judgment!)

National Parks Checklist Map

A really fun way to keep track of your visits the national parks is a scratch off map. This 24 x 17-inch national parks map checklist comes on professional grade quality cardstock paper. There are golden trees placed for each park, and as you visit the park, you scratch off the tree, to reveal a colorful picture of the park. The trees are all numbered for easy reference. This national park map checklist also makes a great gift.

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National Park Checklist Book

If you prefer something more portable, you can get a journal for your national parks check off list. This has the added advantage that you can record your favorite memories from each of your trips.

National Parks Checklist T Shirt

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07VH32WGQ&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=parkscollecting 20&language=en USir?t=parkscollecting 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07VH32WGQ

For a national park check off list with a difference, check out this cool T-shirt.

It has an all national parks map, with a key code and a complete list of all the national parks in the US.


Enjoy the national parks!

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Discover all the National Parks in USA_Downloadable Checklist
Free Downloadable US National Parks Checklist

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